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The following letters are in response to this Johan Goldberg editorial entitled "Rosie's Rants Aren't Worthy of TV Airing".

Reasonable people can question 9/11

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 3:33 AM

Columnist Jonah Goldberg claimed that we shouldn't have to argue with crazy people, but in addressing his Thursday Forum column, "Rosie's rants aren't worthy of TV airing," that is exactly what I must do.

Goldberg said those who question the 9/11 Commission Report are crazy, but like many across the country, I do question it. By doing so, I demonstrate I am a reasonable and thinking person. It would be certifiable to blindly believe any version of truth supported by this secretive and lying administration. has contacted countless universities, architectural firms, firemen and engineers in the search for even one 9/11 Commission Report "believer" who will stand up and defend the report's conclusions. We seek a 9/11 debate to help both sides understand each other. Unfortunately, it seems that people who are qualified to speak on the subject are on the side of the argument that Goldberg has labeled and libeled as "crazy."

If there is anyone who is willing to publicly defend the 9/11 Commission Report, please contact


Web-only letters to the editor

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 8:17 AM

9/11 questions

Jonah Goldberg says that “Rosie's rants aren't worthy of TV airing”. I thought the media was the 5th estate, responsible for asking questions of our government. Evidently Jonah thinks he should decide what is worthy.

Jonah, I have questions! Time Magazine reported in it's Sept 2006 issue that 36% of American's believe that our government knew that a terrorist attack was about to occur, and allowed it to happen. Evidently, Rosie and I are not the only ones with questions. Jonah refers to Building #7 as the grassy knoll of 9/11, which simply reminds me that 86% of Americans...and every serious scholar... believes that the Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy, not the work of a lone nut named Oswald.

Yes, I do have questions about the collapse of WTC #7. Jonah says that fire does melt steel, and indeed, fire will melt steel under certain conditions. The question is whether these conditions existed when Building #7 was “pulled”, according to Larry Silverstein on 60 minutes. To condense this issue to one simple question, why did the NSIT report on the collapse of the towers NOT address Building #7, and why did “The 9/11 Commission Report” also fail to explain this collapse?

I have more questions. The Pentagon had five year's warning that they were the potential target of such an attack and prepared themselves for it with reinforcements, exercises and building defenses, but not a thing was done that day to protect themselves when the attack actually materialized. Similarly, why the ineffective response of our air defenses?

I also wonder how these 19 alleged hijackers (alleged, because I am not sure the identities as reported are accurate) all lived as lone nuts. Why were their friends and associates not arrested? Who financed them if not the Saudi's who were flown out of America during the time that flights were grounded?

Jonah, the Jersey Girls report that 75% of their questions went unanswered by the 9/11 commission. It is your job to ask the questions, not decide what question is appropriate. America's citizens turn to the internet because Jonah Goldberg's press is self censored. I have many more questions, but I won't expect Jonah Goldberg to ask them on my behalf.

Pete Johnson, Columbus


Why were none of the 19 "hijackers" friends, associates, etc.,

not interrogated/arrested? Why were Saudis flown out of the country when all flights were grounded? Why did Omission Commission ignore WTC-7?

Great questions!