Huff It

Huffington Post, which I've just discovered is an even more popular left gatekeeper website than Daily Kos, has a new "Huff It" feature, similar to Buzzflash's "Buzz It" feature.

This allows 9/11 stories to get on the front page which otherwise wouldn't (like Buzzflash, the stories are only on the front page for a couple of hours or days, but its enough to reach alot of newbies).

All Roads Lead to Dick Cheney is currently on the front page, since someone named Snow "Huffed" it.

*UPDATE: We kicked tail and took names -- on the front page all day. Please look at the more recent 911blogger blog entitled "Huffy" and take action there instead.*

Unlike Digg, which censors 9/11 stories, I think its smart to use Huff it, Buzz it, and Netscape to get 9/11 truth past the 9/11 gatekeepers!