Pulling the daisies

In the spirit of international communication I'm submitting this entry in english, even though it is of limited (read: no) practical usefulness if you happen to dwell outside the german linguasphere. As european solidarity with 9/11 Truth still manifests mostly in ways invisible from inside the bubble, I think this spring marks the perfect time to tap the vast resources of malinformed germans still living under the spell of our conformistic mass media.

For this, I put together eight A3 PDFs intended for a 2x2x2 movable wall assembly, presenting what I deem the strongest evidence, in the best way I could (for now). They are attached below -- feel free to criticize, copy and edit whatever you like. If you feel they represent your thoughts, all it takes is an A3 capable color printer, a simple framework and some spare time to get going!

No, wait -- at least where I am, it also takes a permit from the "Amt für öffentliche Ordnung". Here in Stuttgart, they restrict ordinary citizens from exercising free speech through any physical installation (gross, isn't it?), but I found a little loophole in the form of citizen's initiatives, which are not legally defined, yet permitted to use public space for information dissemination beyond mere speech. By the way, I christened my initiative "the white daisy", in commemoration of rebellious flora of the past and because the daisies are sprawling everywhere right now. I feel "das weisse Gänseblümchen" has a nice ring to it -- of peace, of history and of proliferation. Perfect :-)

Let me know what you think! Thanks!

[Attached english versions now. Again, feel free to use according to copyleft standards.]
[Edited again because I was too lazy to proofread...silly me! Will have to edit again once more because of 10mb limit...]
[Phew...should be A-Ok now! Sorry reprehensor and dz for the repeteated submissions.]

1-WTC7.pdf482.84 KB
2-BBC.pdf481.46 KB
3-Galileo Newton.pdf605.34 KB
4-Thermite.pdf795 KB
5-Squibs.pdf440.4 KB
6-Pyro.pdf727.35 KB
7-History.pdf203.96 KB
8-Motive.pdf108.08 KB

These are excellent.

I'm sure I'm not the only American here who finds the idea of international solidarity around 9/11 Truth eye-moistening. It really was an attack on the psyches of all human beings, but it can be easily shunted aside as just another American problem when that fact is not recognized.

I'd like to know how your distribution efforts go. Are you saying that you would not be allowed to publically display these on private property, with permission from the owner (for example, the bulletin board in a cafe) without government authorization?

I also think these would have some usefulness here for those of us who spend time on University campuses with German departments -- I know if I ran across the same thing in French I would be very intrigued, even if I wasn't a Truther.

Thank you!

I consider myself cosmopolitan, and I think there is no other way to be unless you embrace ignorance -- willingly or unwillingly. Anyway, a brief glimpse should suffice to see that the military juggernaut unleashed by 9/11 affects the entire world. A longer glimpse then shows that the power structures are far from what we were being told -- speaking of money and the media, especially. And from there it becomes crystal clear.

I gotta run right now, I'll get back to your other points later!

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Great job! Love the Newton

Great job! Love the Newton one. Can't read it but I think I get the gist.
You should consider translating these into English as well.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Vote this up

if you seriously consider putting a translated version of this to good use.

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If it comes out in english...

I would seriously consider translating it in french. I really like what you've done here and I'd put it to good use.

I would definitely

use English versions of these.

Ok, I'm on it.

should be done by tomorrow.

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"Dude, where's my core"

Good one.


about the distribution: I was suspecting that one might need a permit to pull this one off -- after all you need a permit for just about anything short of accomodating your basic vital functions here -- so I went to the temple of the bureaucrats. One sent me to another, which in turn sent me back to the first, so I started asking questions and elaborating on my intent.

I was told that for a demonstration, I'd need at least 3 people, to which I responded that, no problem m'am, I'll get two wingmen. But no, that wasn't how this was supposed to work, or so I was told. I reminded them of my favorite article in our ("temporary") constitution -- that which grants citizens the right to resist should freedom and democracy be threatened and should legal avenues be foreclosed -- and went from Pontius to Pilate. Pilate told me that I'm perfectly entitled to exercise free speech, as long as it remains speech in its literal sense only, or I'd need to represent a party, union, or similar legal construct deemed beneficial to "the common good". He said the municipal council had issued a decree in that vein, and that I should apply for a permit which he then would deny after which I might address the municipal council. Bureaucracy...

Anyway, as fortune would have it, I know a somewhat renegade member of that council (who's never gotten any proposal through, btw), and found out that so called "citizen initiatives" were the loophole I would just fit through, so it's now Bureaucracy 0, Bruce 1.

After the initial refusal, I contacted some private entities near the preferred spot (cafés, essentially), and even though I was polite and diplomatic in my requests, never heard back from them. Same goes for regional so-called independent newspapers -- it's not like you invented the gatekeeper ;-)

You have to realize that we are several steps behind here. So far, there's has been close to zero activism, and the dam is still steadfast. But this summer, it will change.

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Bruce, your graphic / editing

skills are great!

Why, thanks!

Just a couple of boxes and stuff. Glad that it's pleasing to your eyes.

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Obama / Hillary

Obama said he would not run behind Hillary as the VP

If Hillary does run as Obamas VP and they win.... somehow...

Obama better watch himself...... If he were to get popped by this cartel..... it would be Hillary / Pelosi in the White House

Hillary basicly said that she wants to nuke Iran and end this war like they did Japan
Together in Truth!

Aktion Gänseblümchen

Hi bruce1337 -

Absolut grossartig ist Deine Zusammenstellung. Genau das, was uns fehlt, um auch Offline-Menschen zu überzeugen (und nicht nur die).

Eine sehr gute Arbeit - faktenbezogen und sachlich.

Wir werden den deutschen Sprachraum damit überziehen :-)


PS: Das Gänseblümchen gehört zur typischen Ruderalvegetation, die sich vor allem durch ihre Dynamik auszeichnet - eine kluge Wahl!


freut mich zu hören.

Mir sind Gänseblümchen auch lieber als Rosen :-)

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these look facinating i

these look facinating i would love a translation but as they are they remind me that americans have hope from outside their treasous government officials
they look concice and dense with info please please some one translate and reconstruct

Well, translated version is up.

1-800-howsmytranslation ?

Anything edgy, anything bumpy, anything that needs to be revamped? I'm always eager to improve, and I'm quite certain my english is far from perfect, so don't hesitate to fire away!

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yer friendly local English nitpicker will take a closer look tomorrow -- but you know, Bruce, that your English is really first-rate. The one thing I noticed is a punctuation issue -- in English, quotation marks go in that elevated position both at the beginning and the end -- like "this".

True that

the punctuation was set to german by default -- I noticed, but left it as is, lazily. It should be no big deal to alter the PDFs accordingly, but the updating of the attachments is a hassle, somewhat. I propose you skim over the texts, I fix the punctuation, and then upload the finalized set in another blog entry. I'm sure there's plenty of room for refinements.

I know my english is not bad -- I said it was far from perfect. Perfection is quite the high standard, after all -- but when is it ever wrong to set yourself ambitious goals? :-)

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I started skimming them. Do you have Word? If so, you will be able to track the changes that I make (as I copied and pasted text into a Word doc.)


just email me the .docs

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Hervorragende Arbeit!!!