The State of Things

- A while back I predicted that attacks on the Truth movement, which at the time were coming from the Left, but now are coming from the Right, would increase. This has come to pass and is increasing daily. It is for the most part disinformation. We need to organize to combat these attacks. Alex Jones was right, it's an INFOWAR and we need to mobilize. Hearts and Minds must be won if the Truth is to win.

- On that same note, there appears to be a growing number those out there that want to thwart our efforts. To me this seems insane. I can't imagine anyone wanting to stand in the way of finding the Truth out about the event... the crime of the century... that has changed all of our lives and the lives of our children FOREVER. No plausible explanation exists for these people other than being disinformation operatives or mentally deficient. However, they do exist, as many who have traversed this series of tubes can attest. Thus far, each of us has been responding to these 'people' in their own way as they encounter them... which is alright, but I think perhaps we could unify and produce a response which addressess all of their 'talking points' and thereby all of us could make use of it, when this subject comes up.

- As a side note, many of the attacks on the Truth Movement seem to originate from Neocon partisans who think this is a Left-Right struggle. This needs to be addressed and it needs to be pointed out that most of the founding participants of the Truth Movement are Right WIngers, as well as the fact that Conservatism embraces small government, fiscal responsibility and individual rights - which is the absolute opposite of what Necons embrace, (i.e. being anti-Bush or anti-Neocon is not liberal, it is conservative!)

- Rosie O'Donnell has stepped up to the plate for us. Personally, I wish she would have been less specific in her claims, but what's said is done. I think we need to step up to the plate for her now. Not just in saying, but in doing. A lot of the propaganda response to Rosie has been aimed directly at her advertisers. We can aim right back at their advertisers. It's time to show our numbers and write in, in protest. Not just to ABC to support Rosie, but also to the other stations attempting to tear her down. Imagine where Bill O'Reilly, Joe Scarborough or Glenn Beck would be when millions of calls, e-mails, lettters and telegrams came in - not to them directly, but to their sponsors - avowing to never use their products again, unless they scrubbed their anti-free speech rhetoric. This is exactly what THEY are trying to pull... people like those I mentioned above and Michelle Malkin.... They are trying to play hard ball to shut down free speech, but we can turn that around on them. WE have the numbers and we can make a difference... we just need to get organized and speak with one voice, and more importantly, consume with one wallet.

- In general, I think we should all put our differences aside and seize this moment, while it lasts. It's unknown what the future may hold, things could go against us. It's time to stand together, shoulder to shoulder and demand a new investigation. No theories, no 'facts' already known or 'proven', just a simple theme - demanding a free, completely unfettered and independent investigation.

- Get 'er done! Perhaps we've reached too far. I'll suggest this now... that we concentrate on a new and temporary objective... to get congress to en panel a body to investigate not 9/11 but whether 9/11 is worthy of being investigated. I think that will be enough. This is a small step, a baby step, towards official truth, but it is one in the right direction in my opinion and one we can achieve. How? Simplicity itself. We only need a website to track 9/11 patriots. Two simple declarations are needed there...

1) I am a registered voter and I pledge to vote for anyone who supports a new investigation into 9/11 AND agaisnt anyone who obstructs such an investigation.


2) I plan to register to vote before the next election and I pledge to vote for anyone who supports a new investigation into 9/11 AND agaisnt anyone who obstructs such an investigation.

You could add weight by tacking on a checkbox with "and I plan to donate money to such candidates"


We rally something like that and we're wielding political power... as it stands, we're diffuse and directionless... and, thanks to debunkers, losing our momentum!

The time is NOW. Seize it!