Evidence of Inside Job in Your Community?

There isn’t much of a 9/11 truth movement in my hometown of Hutchinson, Kansas so my wife and I were surfing the web looking for something in the state of Kansas to join or become a part of. While surfing, my wife found a site where there are 9/11 Memorials in every town across the USA. I had forgotten that after 9/11, some of the steel in the twin towers had been cut down and given to communities to make their own memorials with.
Of course, as you know, most of the steel was sent overseas to China before a thorough investigation could be conducted on the steel. “Mayor” Rudolph Giuliani sent the steel away.
It makes me wonder, how much of this steel still has demolition evidence on it. Some of the pictures I’ve seen on the memorial sites show metal that is twisted and bent, and had been torched down to size. I wonder if there still is residue of thermate on some of these pieces. Surely someone with a scientific background could study these pieces and maybe find more damning evidence. The steel is right under our eyes. Hidden in plain view.
Check your local community to see if there is a piece of the twin towers in your area. It could be a piece of the puzzle that someone is looking for to totally convince the world that 9/11 was an inside job.




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