RadicalPragmatist Interviews Jon Gold At The 9/11 Accountability Conference

Thank you to Damon (RP) for getting this together. The focus of this interview was the 9/11 family members.

yes, 9/11 was first of all

yes, 9/11 was first of all about the induviduals who died and their surviving relatives, but as soon as Bush got on the screen and said that America was attacked by apparent foreign terrorists, the issue shifted from an individual to a collective victimization and I honestly think the media forgot the individuals and only focused on the politics of the government.
The only time we see victims of 9/11 now is when the media uses some of them to attack 9/11-truthers and most of the time it's clear that they are not aware of the movement's questions 0f 9/11. I'm thinking in particular of the fireman who was on Mancow Show, the interview with Kevin Smith from Infowars.
I also think , that people who have been looking for the truth, have looked for evidence and witnesses and most of the 9/11 relatives were not direct witnesses, so they got over looked.
Now, as a foreigner in this country, I notice that there are things Americans talk openly about and then there's alot of avoiding painful or embarrassing issues, something very different from Danish culture where people often are not afraid to say things that might be unpleasant to others present.
So I wonder, what are the taboos? Are the family members a taboo? It seems the whole 9/11 thing is a taboo to many here and I also think alot of politicians and media journalists know or have an idea what went on, but some probably choose to uphold the taboo fearing the truth would create much worse problems for this nation!?