Is The Suggestion of an Attack in Montreal Worse Than 9/11 Genuine or Fabricated?

Are Quebecers being psychologically "prepared" to blame Muslim immigrant groups, for an even worst attack in Montreal than 9/11, in relation to the World Trade Center in the United States?

The Quebec political Establishment often makes public utterances on their professed interests to "stand-up for Quebec". However, the Quebec Political Establishment has substantively tied itself to the commercially profitable and military expansionist pro-war agenda of Anglo-American based political-military-industrial complex. This is most evident in the backroom support of the elite driven Quebec Political Establishment for the North American Union (NAU) agenda. Ken Hernandez provides the following detailed account of investigative research which he has made concerning matters pertinent. His accompanying conclusions and views do not necessarily reflect the conclusion and views of The Canadian:

We are certain that the on-going anti-immigrant hype being stoked by Quebec’s French-language media should be viewed in the broader geopolitical context. It is no secret that the overwhelming majority of Canada’s media, political parties, as well as leading business and labour figures have accepted the U.S.-driven agenda regarding Afghanistan.

Implicit in the reporting, commentaries, and other media venues is that somehow, Afghanis are responsible for the bombing of New York’s World Trade Centre on September 11th, 2001, and that Osama Bin Laden was the ring leader. This emphasis is all the more so in Quebec. The separatist leadership in Quebec, together with its supporters in the francophone corporate media, have always tended to advance a concept of Quebec nationality, based upon ethno-racial "pure laine" supremacist mythology. At the same time, so-called Quebec interest defending leadership, for the most part, plays a backroom supporting role behind Washington’s designs over Canada.

In the last two years, the media in Quebec have been “predicting” that Montreal will fall victim to a terrorist attack. At the same time, these media agents have been curiously neglecting to mention the basis for such a “prediction”, other than to cite self-styled experts who are directly or indirectly linked to an intelligence gathering organization. If the media fails to mention the basis for an assumption, as to a future terror attack occurring in Montreal, what is the motivation behind such posturing? I would submit that the answer is to be found in Vernon Walters’ famous memo to then CIA Director General, George Bush. As Director of Plans (CIA Division in charge of “black bag” or dirty operations), Walters wrote of the importance of securing the media of targeted countries, in order that the public of such countries can be “softened” or lulled into accepting Washington’s designs.

Psychological warfare?

I would argue that the media’s periodic mention of an impending terrorist attack in Montreal, serves as a hint from those shaping public opinion as to what is yet to come. The public would have been effectively led to believe in the inevitability of an attack, thus, the need for stringent measure to be undertaken. This action would be prescribed by the terms outlined in the terms of the clandestine North American Union (SPP-NAU) compact, which advocates the occupation of U.S. troops as "protectors" on Canadian soil, in an envisioned climate of martial law. The public is being correspondingly "primed" particularly in Quebec as far as Canada, to view immigrants, especially those with a different complexion, religion, (especially people who "look" Muslims), as being fundamentally alien to our society.

Neo-conservative corporate intrigue?

In the meantime, the City of Montreal awarded the contract to refurbish the Montreal Metro’s security system, to Verint. This company appears to have close links to Israeli and U.S. intelligence interests (to the point where it is reportedly involved in large-scale surveillance of telephones in the U.S.). Verint's parent company, Comverse, was de-listed from the stock exchange in the wake of a massive financial scandal in which $57 million disappeared reportedly due to the CEO’s activities.

The City’s awarding of the said contract was made in the absence of any public consultation, and there appears to be no evidence of the city’s administration having ever called for tenders. Moreover, this same firm was ostensibly involved in providing “security” to the London Underground when the blasts occurred in that city on 7th of July 2005; and perhaps even more curiously, its CEO is an Israeli national, and former army officer there.

As things stand now, a company whose practices are at best troubling, and which seems to have a close connection to various intelligence interests, has the plans for the entire Metro system -- every nook and cranny while the Quebec-based French language corporate media continues to hype up anti-immigrant hysteria which seems especially targeted against Muslims.


A blast in Montreal would certainly not be the first of its kind. Apart from the big September 11th 2001 attacks, there is evidence pointing to the July 7th, 2005 explosions in the London transport system, as having been carefully orchestrated by intelligence operatives. In fact, a virtual avowal was broadcast over British airwaves when the head of Visor Consultants (which was supposedly conducting ‘anti-terror’ drills in the London transport system on July 7th, 2005), admitted that the explosions took place at precisely the stations and buses in which the “exercises” were being held, and at the very times during which the “exercises” were to have been held.

Lo and behold, the drill became reality, people died, Britain implemented anti-terrorist measures under which some people of Pakistani origin were detained, though the train they were said to have taken from their hometown to London, did not in fact, run on that day, an 85 year old man was arrested for having heckled Tony Blair, an 11 year old girl was detained for riding her bicycle in a park in Dundee, and a protester was arrested for having protested before parliament.

Creating fear toward wilfully accepting a fascist "New World Order"?

As for Montreal, I would submit that aside from the aforementioned arrangements arrived at so secretively, the public dimension, its execution is of paramount importance. For example, the apparent requirement is that the public MUST be manoeuvred into calling for an end to civil liberties, multiculturalism – perhaps even to the point of internment of “the others” – and war with “rogue states” and terrorist nations”. Against this backdrop, this author submits that the first phase of this operation went into effect in early January.

Preparing Quebecers for the targeting of more Muslim scapegoats?

Since that time, the Quebec based, French-language corporate media has been featuring the seemingly sudden outburst from a village council (of whom virtually no one has ever heard) after it had put forward an “immigrant’s code of conduct” implicit in which is that Muslims mutilate their daughters and torture women with whom they are engaged in relationships. The adoption of this “code” was made to look as though it came from nowhere -- the village council enacted this measure, and miraculously, by some curious twist of fate or happenstance, Quebec’s French-language media decided this to be newsworthy, and has been keeping the story at the forefront of radio and television reporting, and talk shows.

The complicity of Québec's political elites

The majority of Quebec’s politicians at the provincial level, especially the openly pro-U.S., clearly pro-U.S. Republican, Mario Dumont (whose party is more or less Libertarian in orientation), have already declared themselves to be in favour of “placing limits” on the reasonable accommodation of “immigrants”, while the more subtly pro-U.S. Premier of Quebec, Jean Charest, in effect, also sided with the anti-immigrant sentiments, by having convened a commission to "study the issue".

Is the scene now almost set for 9/11 Phase 2?

The "scene" is being set for an event that will trigger the ultimate anti-immigrant furor, and that will lead to divide-and-rule politics of the worst sort, through which “martial law” will triggered-off by previously set-up terms of the "SPP-NAU", and will be necessary to "stabilize" the situation and to secure the vast U.S. investments in the country.

It must, however, be noted, that such an exercise will have more impact if it is allowed to rest for awhile prior to the unleashing of that event in question.

Of course, if indeed those purporting to run the various levels of Government in Canada, together with those to whom they entrusted the “security” of Montreal’s metro system, do carry out yet another diabolical plan aimed at the total dominance and exploitation of yet another country – Canada – then those putting forward the anti-immigrant diatribes will be able to claim justification in their rantings.

At the same time, they will be moving the Quebec public to advocate the stripping away of the civil and constitutional rights of those who “look different” and their dangerous “sympathisers” – i.e. anyone who, like this author, holds the Constitution and Charter of Rights and Freedoms to be sacrosanct; and who also questions the validity of proposed “security measures”, along with Canada’s current unqualified support for the U.S.’ thinly veiled drive towards global dominance.

The creation of more Muslim scapegoats similar to the World Trade Center

It is more than likely that the blast (possibly coordinated with other "terrorist" blamed activities across Canada, and in the U.S., that can be used to usher in the planned anti-democratic "NAU") will liked be ascribed to Iranians -- possibly some unsuspecting Iranian-Canadians will be induced to carry out some activity which they will be led to think is a “secret mission”, and either their mortal remains will be produced as evidence of their “martyrdom for Islam”, or they themselves, will be trotted out for the media, under allegations of having orchestrated the blast. Indeed, this appears to have been the role played by the so-called Pakistani ring leaders of the July 7th bombings in London, against whom no evidence linking them to the outrage, has as yet been presented.

In such a contrived fascist eventuality, intellectual discourse will be deemed to constitute support for terrorism, and the public manipulation campaign which is already well underway, will thus be carried to its logical conclusion, Washington will have its pretext for imposing continent-wide martial law under the SPP-NAU agenda, taking over Canada AND launching the war with Iran, which in and of itself, is likely to trigger World War III, if the Russian, Chinese, Central Asian and Iranian military manoeuvres are to be taken into account, to say nothing of the statements coming from the Russian General staff.

Regrettably, the vast network of well-placed lackeys that are to be found throughout Canada’s political, media business and labour Establishments, are playing a critical role in supporting, and furthering Washington’s cypto-fascist grand designs, which are leading us towards the precipice of a full-scale Third World War.

this is regrettable

,if this is actually unleashed i would say that the war of the elites against the freedomloving people of the world is official , they are outnumbered 10000 to 1
watch out for a plague or worse

i'm canadian (born halifax,

i'm canadian (born halifax, grew up in toronto, living in vancouver) ... and i think if they picked Quebec, that'd be the worst idea for them. quebecers, more than anyone else in canada, won't put up with BS and they will see through the lies more easier than any other population in Canada or the US.

my perspective

I live in Quebec City and I do remember hearing about that scenario here and there for the last few years, although I don't think it's been thrown in our faces that often, or that's it's influenced our policies yet. The story of Herouxville (the village mentionned for it's anti-mutilation law) was a disgrace for some, entertaining for most, reasonnable for few. The rise of Dumont was supprising to everyone, including the party, which would've been happy with 20 seats (words from my new deputy during the count). He went from 5 to 41 seats, out of 125, in the elections we had last month. One of his main arguments was the "reasonnable accomodations" issue, which he cashed on big time, since I don't think he has a well developped political program yet. I do believe he will be elected next time around, as he now is the official opposition in our first minority governement in 130 years. He is a populist. I do believe we could easily shift into some sort of fascism, we have wanted indepedence from Canada for a while (hating english canadians has always been the national sport of our ignorants), and now that it is a sinking idea (the indepedence party finished 3rd and will have to modify it's doctine to survive), immigrants could become an easy target. Our media is more relaxed, but just as sensationalist, than the rest of NA. We have one 24h news channel. The no.1 news paper, mainly "faits divers" and pictures, has 40% more readers than the second paper and is owned by the same company as the 24h news channel. The french version of CBC is its main competitor, with a 3rd player being the most colorful of the 3, calling itself the black sheep. Convergence? We are a center-left province, looking at the right, asking ourselves if it would be that bad of an idea. Ignorance is present here like everwhere else, but is spread faster due to our relative isolation. I can find much more information in english than i can in french, therefore TV is that more of a reference for people than elsewhere in NA, since approximately half the population has a fair understanding of english.

Let the Mayor know his city's reputation is being tarnished

I thought I would email the Montreal Mayor and city councilors with the link to this article. I just mentioned in my email that Montreal's reputation as a safe and secure place for residents and visitors alike was being harmed and the reputation of elected officials questioned by an article circulating on the internet, and as the Mayor or as a city councilor they should be aware of this article so they could take the necessary steps to put in place any corrective measures that might be deemed appropriate. I then gave a link to the above article from "The Canadian".

I don't really have high expectations that it will have any immediate effect or that the flunkies that read the emails won't delete it out of hand, but I figure if even a few of the councilors or their assistants/office personnel take the trouble to read the article and then start discussing it among themselves it might not be a wasted effort.

If you're interested in doing the same, the Mayor of Montreal is Gerald Tremblay, email . I can't link to the city councilors' info directly but if you go here:,293432&_dad=portal&_...

and then in the search fields select "Conseiller de la Ville" from the drop down list for the field
"Titre officiel" and "Tous les Arrondissements " under "Arrondissements" and then hit the "rechercher" button
you should get a list of all the city councilors. Clicking on each name will open another page with contact information , including the email address, for that councilor.

Don't worry that the web page is all in French. Anyone working in a Montreal municipal office should be bilingual as the city has a substantial English speaking population.




References include:

"Terrorist activity has underscored North America's vulnerability".

"Future terrorist assaults could target sites in any of the three countries".

"The ... community would be defined by ... an outer security perimeter".

"To ... enhance security ... for all North Americans".

"The overarching goal is to guarantee a ... safe ... North America".


That's it!

I wrote Somebigguy a post about Fernandez envoice and I just have to clarify some things he's writing. First of all there is no anti-"immigrant diatribes" against Muslim people, there is no "anti-immigrant sentiments" and there is no such thing as "the Quebec-based French language corporate media that continues to hype up anti-immigrant hysteria which seems especially targeted against Muslims" All of this is unfounded and full of misconception. You have to understand that in the province of Quebec we are only 7 million people speaking french, with a culture wich is immerge by 350 million english speaking persons. Therefore we are very well aware that we have to « fight » for our place and culture hère in North America. Then, there is a social problem here in our province : we need immigrants people to keep the population up because Quebecer are making not enought babies to keep the social system working well. So again we NEED people from the outside … no hate hère.

Now what happened hère in the province of Quebec (and mainly in the city of Montreal) is that certain immigrants, (jewish, muslims) are claiming things that are not raisonnable like wanting a vealed muslim woman to vote without showing proper identity with a photo (wich is a law hère in Quebec), asking a crowd in a public place (like a kind of restaurant let’s say) to shot the music up and asking people to go out because they have to take the floor so they could pray…. Or a jewish fondamentalist group asking a WMCA to cover the front of the building with plastic so the young jews would’nt see women doing their physical exercices… Those are wath we call unreasonnable accomodation. Those are the so called « anti-immigrant sentiments » that were suposedly reported in our papers. Don’t you thing that immigrant should act like if they were living in the same way as all the others in the country .

M. Fernandez you are pushing everything to far.

Isn’t a rule in this blog that is saying that no racist comments will be permit. If it’s the case, somebigguy, I’m demanding that M. Fernandez’s invoice be put out because he is simply accusing Quebecer of being racist and anti-immigrant.

As a Québécois, I must

As a Québécois, I must disagree. There is a corporate media in Quebec, and it is owned by Québécor and Power Corporation. Conveniently, the media has been hyping the so-called "reasonable accomodations" for at least four months before the elections. Now, why is that? And who stood to gain? Mario Dumont did, and he immediately jumped on the issue, even though earlier his party had initiated a resolution in support of state funding religious education for everyone regardless of religion (if that's not an accommodation I don't know what is).

Now, while the media isn't openly promoting hate against Muslims, and the Quebec sovereigntist movement certainly does NOT promote cultural supremacy as alleged by Fernandez (in fact Boisclair was criticised for overlooking the issue of culture), there was most certainly focus on the Muslims. The media exploited the insecurities of the Quebecois cultural situation (which you correctly described above) in many not-so-subtle ways in their coverage of the issues.

The sugar shack affair was the most blatant of manipulation, because the sugar shack is one of the most profound of Quebec cultural icons. The Hérouxville affair was an obvious example of selective coverage; why should a tiny village get such disproportionate coverage for passing a "behaviour code", and all of a sudden? Yet you don't hear that same media talk about the NAU and the obvious threat it poses to the survival of our culture, which is far greater than some badly implemented accommodations which are rejected even by the minorities themselves.

I know this because I've been reading the Journal de Montréal (unfortunate, but that's what my parents read, and it is the most read in Quebec). There has been also a lot of hyping of a potential terrorist event in Quebec as being a "matter of time".

The corporate media in Quebec may be more subtle than in the US, but just because you don't see flaming editorials like in FrontPageRag and FOX News doesn't mean that the propaganda doesn't exist.