New Essay by Manuel Valenzuela- "The Great American Catalyzing Event"

At first you may think of the PNAC-agenda. But this is in fact a long essay about the birth of our movement.


The new Pearl Harbor was such a horrific event, of such profound importance and mind-changing dimensions for the American people, and its lies and deceptions so obvious and apparent, that its criminality has completely transformed the views and beliefs of millions of Americans.


As the days and months turned into years, as fear and terror and insecurity dwindled in the collective mind of the American populace, and as 9/11 becomes easier to bear and deal with again, its toxic memories now stored and faded, millions of people are starting to investigate the events of the new Pearl Harbor on their own, using the great tools of the Internet to search for truth. For this movement, more than any other that has ever risen, has the devastating weapon of knowledge at our disposal. At no other time has the collective brain and intelligence of humanity been allowed to unite and join forces. At no time in history have millions of talented minds been allowed to see each other’s views, beliefs, research and investigations. The Internet has become the movement’s consciousness, the tool that has been and continues to wake millions of minds to the realities of present day America.



Justice will prevail

We will keep this up until the TRUTH is realized. We must continue to press for truth not only for us, but for our children, and their futures. I guess the perps didn't think the sheeple would ever use their own judgment and realize all the crap thats been spoon fed to them. It is up to WE AS A MOVEMENT BASED ON TRUTH to finally understand that THIS IS OUR COUNTRY, IT IS EVERY AMERICANS' DUTY TO STAND UP AGAINST the TRUE TERRORISTS', the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS who hijacked this country and are using everything and anything to control us. Anyone who has done the research and then continues to aid the COVER UP must be held accountable. If you simply continue to deny the FACTS then you are a SELL OUT. If you continue to believe the "OFFICIAL" omission commission, then you are SELLING OUT on your KIDS, FAMILY, FRIENDS, AUNTS, UNCLES, NEPHEWS, NIECES, BROTHERS, COUSINS, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, GOD! THE TRUTH SHALL SET US FREE!

The Truth Never Lies

Who is this guy?

And why have I never heard of him before? He's a great writer, but his articles are soooooooooooo long.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

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Yeah I know, it's really good.

Awesome article!

Some folks really know how to rally the troops!

Here's to the internets!

Think about it: The internets function in much the same way as the human brain -- a vast array of signal processing, interconnected entities firing upon certain stimuli -- only on another, superordinate plane, where we merely represent the synapses. The hybrid silicon and neural network forming in this way then processes incoming data in decentralized ways just as the brain does and thereby produces a variety of signals much like the human fantasy -- it is nothing less than our collective fantasy.

The internets in this way generate ideas ranging across the entire spectrum of intellect, some idiotic and some brilliant, on the basis of our entire collective wisdom. And half of its traffic revolves around porn.

Therefore, who could honestly contradict me when I say: We, the internets, are (as Nietzsche would have put it) the human uber-brains?


PS: Especially noteworthy paragraphs:

"This reality the growing movement must realize, for to understand 9/11, and therefore to defeat it, we must know its architects. We must know and understand our way of life, our gluttonous consumption patterns and our love of materialist goods. If this movement wants to change the present course of America, we must change ourselves, our ways of life, our society and our conditioning as producers and consumers. We must stop being cogs in the system and start clogging the system, as always understanding that the system will not be easy to defeat because of its genius, namely, using our own vices against us, controlling us through our own behaviors and psychology. The system thrives because of our inability to control our instincts, our animal society, and our primitive urges. It feeds off our pleasures and our addictions, our likes and wants, demanding we feed it through our growing greed and selfishness. This the movement needs to remedy."


"Without the Internet, the movement would have a very difficult time getting off the ground. Indeed, there would be no movement that continues to grow today without the Internet. It has been our great emancipator, our freedom fighter, our battle field, freeing us from the shackles of corporatist fiction and the dungeons of ignorance, allowing us to see light where only darkness once thrived. What the printing press did to humankind the Internet has surpassed tenfold, creating out of nothing entire communities with common thought and purpose. In their now extinct mindset, the architects of 9/11 never counted on the power of the people through the power of the Internet. All that would have been hidden in years past comes into existence on the Internet, allowing us to see, at our convenience, perfect controlled demolitions. We can read and study evidence, research and opinions. We can, at the click of the mouse, educate ourselves about an entire catastrophic and catalyzing day back in 2001."

Yea, baby!

interns < internets

A call for revolution

I read Valenzuela's piece on ICH last might and immediately emailed it around to all my contacts. He has concisely captured where 9-11 Truth and the American people have to go. This truth has to lead to actual revolution or a deeper, more successful clamp-down by Big Brother. Millions are now awake that were never awake before. I don't believe there is any going back. This is our new Declaration of Independence.