SF 9-11 Truth Rocked It!

Just got back from a hefty day of bullhorning in downtown San Francisco. The protest spread throughout the day. I arrived part way through the protest and joined in with about 20 individuals with 3 bullhorns. Our protesting at the federal building was a great success. No police or homeland security who drove by said a thing. It was when we protested at KRON tv studios that a cop approached me and asked us for a noise permit. The cop was very down to earth and even apologetic. He said we wouldn't be arrested, just fined with a citation. Over all the event was great. We handed out tons of DVD's and talked to a lot of random interested folks. The only people I heard any negative stuff from were a couple of people driving by yelling or actual bums some of whom the police actually told to step back from us. The individuals I met where all well spoken and had learned about 9/11 in a lot of different ways. I was also excited to meet some people who had just learned about this a few months ago. I watched Road to Tyranny back in 02 and it's amazing to see people still reacting instantly and honestly to the truth. Peace to all the people I met and to all of the people helping with these monthly action events. Many Americans just need to see us making moves to feel that it's ok or hip to get involved. Let's keep making it happen yall!



how do i get involved in

how do i get involved in your events? i live in fremont

All our actions will be listed here:

the truth action sites

i just went to the truth action site (in YT's post) and this site....right now its the 11th every month

as far as local SF and California events there are
for the the list of all the events

P.S. Great to meet you to YT!

Good meeting you, kdub!

Nice report, I'll get some pics up in a minute.

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