Shut down the Internet - before it's too late

Kooks are all over the Internet. Take for example all the conspiracy theories about JFK, Elvis, the Moon landing, or 2Pac. And just recently they discovered 9/11 as their new playground. They call themselves "Truthers", although nothing could be as far from the truth as the brainwashing nonsense they promote. These people show an almost Orwellian misuse of the language to manipulate the meaning of words in order to make them seem more credible.

What's frightening is that those crazy theories are convincing to so many people that we are now - according to a Zogby poll from May 2006 - in a situation where 42% of the US population believe that they have been lied to by the government regarding the events on September 11, 2001! And the numbers seem to be steadily growing. How could we get here? How can videos on YouTube and Google Video like Loose Change and 9/11 Press For Truth - produced by obvious nutters - convince so many people? This only proves that normal people seem not to able to distinguish between authentic information and disinformation.

So it is only natural to ask whether proponents of the Enlightenment like Kant were wrong with the postulation: "Have courage to use your own reason."

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ahhh...I see it's satire....

I read it straight and wondered what the point was, then I saw that it is posted as satire.

ok then.....moving right along...

(I guess I'm too tired to see the humor right now, my loss?)

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.