Why is there such an uproar over Don Imus’s racial slur when just a few days ago, a man called for someone to be hung for comments about 9/11? Remember what Danny Bonaduce said about Rosie O’Donnell?

On MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Bonaduce said this:

“…Rosie O’Donnell has brought in a ton of new revenue. Barbara Walters who used to be a real journalist and now qualifies as just a celebrity can ride Rosie O’Donnell’s back, as a matter of fact; several people could probably fit on Rosie O’Donnell’s back. The fact that she is saying just vicious and vitriolic things – remember she is surrounded by people who disagree with her; everybody thought Rosie was going to break out into her own show after this. In ‘The View’ she is a provocateur. On her own, she is a raving lunatic and will not be tolerated.”

“Well I think any corporation’s main goal – we are a capitalist society – personally, I think at this point, if anybody had a rope thick enough, I think that Rosie should be strung up for treason…

Here is the video:

Danny Bonaduce also verbally threatened Mark Dice. While Bonaduce was eating his lunch at an outdoor café, he was approached by Dice who interviewed him. During their interview, Bonaduce asked Dice when talking about the freedom of speech:

“…Did I say you shouldn’t say it, or did I say you were disrespectful? I agree with you that we have freedom of speech. Feel free to make fun of the President of your country or you’re free to do this little bullsh- thing you’re doing. This counts for no one. You’re just trying to make yourself feel important by walking up and down the street with a microphone. You’re a nobody. You’re not going to amount to anything, but you get this chance because you live in a free country.”

The video can be seen here:

Why wasn’t there such an uproar over what Danny Bonaduce has said? Why are people so mad about what Don Imus said? It seems to me that calling for someone to be murdered is more serious than a racial slur.

Danny Bonaduce has been offered to host a new Game Show on the Game Show Network called “Starface.” He is also going to be the Red Carpet/Online All Access Host on TV Land’s Award Show.


TV Land Awards:

And now Danny Bonaduce’s wife has begun divorce proceedings:

We should write to TV Land and voice our discontent with them using Bonaduce for their Red Carpet host. Also contact the GSN and demand them to cancel his show. Why is it ok to fire Don Imus for his ethnic statements, but not do anything but give Bonaduce credit for his demands to have someone killed for their freedoms of speech?

most people only follow crowds

You people dont get it Don Imus Is not controlled and he knows whats going on he is a potential liablity to the next presidential puppet .example : why doesnt ABC FOX CBS NBC boycott all music companies Geffen Alantic Def Jam etc. For promoting all rap Music that contains lyrics with bitches hoes blunts drinking 40 and cop killing. Controled MSM were just waiting for an opertunity to get rid of him he has been saying shit like that for years.
Rosie O She cant be controled They only can attack her not the evidence but the problem is most people only follow crowds

Bonaduce is an F-List Celebrity

Uh ,oh. Now I've pissed off all of the F-List celebrities by including him at their level.

Bonaduce is the type of (supposed) Xtian who gives Xtians and Xtianity a bad name.

It's a miracle he is still in the entertainment business. If there's anyone who should be a part-time security guard, it's Bonaduce. And he probably isn't qualified to do that.

He's the type of lowlife person you see and you feel sorry for his wife/girlfriend, his kids, and his parents.
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Speech Attack

This whole Imus thing is just an attack on free speech to lay the groundwork for Rosie to be fired. Look what happened to Haward Stern. When he was on regular radio, he would bash Bush and he raged that the war is a fraud. As a result, he started getting massive fines for saying things that were only mildly sexual. They basically chased him from free radio and forced him to go to Satellite radio. From an audience of 30 million a day to an audience of about 6 million a day on Sirius.
As for Danny Bonaduce. FOX is probably giving him stacks of money for saying what they tell him to say. As demonstrated on his reality show, Danny is willing to say or do anything for money. Too bad for FOX, everyone knows that Danny Bonaduce is a
Roid-Raging physcho!