An Interview With Craig Bartmer, First Responder

This interview was uploaded to YouTube a little over a week ago. If you haven't heard NYPD officer Craig Bartmer testify about WTC 7 and other anomalies on 9/11, you should watch this interview.

"Former NYPD Officer Craig Bartmer was a 9/11 First Responder and a committed worker at Ground Zero. He, like many others who worked to clean Ground Zero, has developed respiratory illnesses as a result of the toxic dust inhaled at the site. Also like many others who were physically affected by the attacks, Craig Bartmer is now combating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In this interview he details his eyewitness account of the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7. He also speaks out against the official 9/11 story, the lies told by the EPA about the air quality at Ground Zero and the critical need for a fresh independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks."


Nap you certainly are a pitiful loser.
This post is exactly what I would expect from someone who is part of the problem, rather than part of the solution.

I sincerely hope that at some point you will at least realize that this man on the video has standards that are diametrically opposed to your own, and that on 9/11 he put his life on the line, and has most probably sacrificed his life to protect your safety, your rights, YOUR WORTHLESS LIFE.

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this is an old interview.

this is an old interview. we did this back on 9/9/2006 and released it weeks later. it's been online for quite some time.

extremely important nonetheless

Saw this interview a while back. It really is powerful and moving stuff and serves as a reminder as to what we're all fighting for.

I wonder if the Insanity & Colmes brigade and other 9/11 deniers in the media have seen this yet.

On a sidenote Dylan, i've been following developments from over here in N. Ireland and i'm intent on getting LCFC shown in my university's film theatre on release. What's the ETA on the new film?

It was recently re-highlighted in Arie's...

Brilliant "WTC7 Smoking Gun" 16 minute video.

Link :

A must watch if anyone has not yet seen it...

Great job Dylan, best of luck with the final cut and your time over on the west coast.

Best wishes

I figure

it's a good idea to remind people from time to time, especially this week as it appears Rosie will be bringing on first responders as guests.

haha, craig actually loved

haha, craig actually loved the fact that rosie plugged him

in all seriousness, craig is burnt out and enough people have made it a mission to wreck his life just for speaking his mind.