Vote Now: DeLay Calls for Rosie to Be Fired



I just voted too

Rosie is losing the count right now 77% to 23%. How can controversial commentators be compared to racists? Delay has no business puting this out there.

De Lay Lays Egg

HA !!
Tom De freekin' Lay ??!!
Look at the pot calling the kettle black.
Of all people De Lay should be shutting up,
and burying his sleazy ass in the dirt out in the back hills of Crawford.
That thing about the count being 77%,
it's AOL. Need I say more ?
They're as bad as Digg.
Entries in Digg that aren't posted here get thrashed by the juvenile idiots who haunt their site.
My hope is that the new wave of righteousness will remain righteous and expose MORE sleaze.
Keep it UP ROSIE !
My contributions to the exposure can be seen in The Canadian, article #4 is now published and can be seen at

Remember; Nixon never thought he'd be caught either !

9/11=PNAC Plot

Their strategy is clear

Generate hysteria about Imus.

Then sic 'em on Rosie.



Delay is a real jackass

How utterly self-embarrassing.

Senior 9/11 Bureau Chief, Analyst & Correspondent

"When the game is over, the king and the pawn go into the same box."

9/11 Truth is the Path to Peace



Grand Ayatolla Tom DeLay decreed, by Divine writ, a fatwa against Rosie O'Donell, from his minimum security prison cell.

Delay, currently incarcerated for pandering, retains full legal and Divine authority to declare fatwas, or religious decrees, at his whim. Only a Grand Ayatolla can do this. DeLay awarded himself the title of Grand Ayatolla, during the secomd month of his stay in prison.

Peace and blessings be upon him.

All I can say is

F##K Tom DeLay.

I saw this coming

a mile away, when Imus got fired.

Imus Shimus

I starting watching Imus in the morning because he was getting pretty close to talking about 9/11.

When the KSM admitted to everything story came out, Imus expressed his disgust at what he even called "propaganda".

He got himself in trouble by picking on some good college kids and that was a truly ignorant moment in broadcast history.

But make no mistake, the man just went through a public stoning for saying "mainstream" things as distasteful as they were.

The backlash is starting. They went too far with Imus.

Again, I am alexjonesfan, not donimusfan, but I can't stand the thought police, especially Jesse "the sociopath" Jackson, man of the lord who can't keep his jones at home.

American Radio Icon Don Imus Disgraced, Fired After Threat To Re

Not quite sure if I believe this, but this could be verification he was about to go public on 9/11:

American Radio Icon Don Imus Disgraced, Fired After Threat To Reveal 9/11 Secrets

Why is this SCUMBAG

NOT IN JAIL YET? Somebody explain this to me? Justice DeLAYed, Justice denied!


Our time would be better spent emailing people we know and urging them to watch a film or read an article.

The guys carrying the banner around NYC are making a difference.

No pain, no gain.

No risk, no reward.

(Pissing off Bill O'Lielee is always a good thing)

Tom Delay

My message to Tom:
You are oh so irrelevent, you criminal.
You are not fit to clean Rosie's shoes, she is a patriot,
you are a traitor, bigot, and enemy of the people of the US. You and your ilk will be swept away by the Tsunami of TRUTH. We the people will shine the light and you will crawl into a crack like the cockroach you are!


Are they going to keep making up polls untill they get the results that they want?

those questions are very contradictory in form.

Do I think she has crossed the line?
Yes and I love it
No...she has the right to say what she wants

Do you think that this witch hunt is going to continue?
Without a doubt

Do I think or want this witch hunt to continue?
Together in Truth!

free speech.

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush