9/11 Truth UAlbany present Improbable Collapse with special guest Mike Berger.

Please join us this Monday on the SUNY Albany Campus for a presentation of Improbable Collapse, with Special Guest Mike Berger.
Photos from our Rally on 4/11 are here.

Awesome job as usual guys.

We're looking to come up and maybe do a concert May 26th if you guys don't have any prior engagements. We're going to be scouting apartments, most likely.


Michael Berger

is an excellent speaker. I know this will be an excellent and informative event. Try very hard to get people there that are supporting the government line.

Michael Berger will solve their dilemmas in a calm and concise manner.
Together in Truth!

911UAlbany doesn't seem to exist anymore

Hope that's just the server down. Mind, it wasn't very clever to keep Our Mikey prez after he did a runner from 9/11 Truth...

Here's sincerely hoping Albany Truthers can land on their feet and learn from that fiasco. ;-)