Chavez Calls 9/11 Gift For Bush


Sun, 15 Apr 2007 01:29:26

Venezuelan President has labeled 9/11 attacks on US as "a gift for Bush," saying it enabled the US government to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hugo Chavez made the statement during a news conference to mark the fifth anniversary of his return to power two days after a 2002 US-backed coup against his rule, AP reported.

"If there were another aggression against us, there wouldn't be another drop of oil for the United States ... We're prepared for it," he said outright.

Venezuelan leader noted the insatiable US thirst for oil resources led the imperialist regime to attack Iraq and also stage an abortive coup attempt against his leadership.

In April 2002 Pedro Carmona Estanga, a Venezuelan trade organization leader, who was in secret league with some army commanders, staged a US-backed coup against Chavez, but failed in the face of mass public support for President Chavez.

Afterwards, Carmona, wanted by the authorities for illegal takeover of office, escaped house arrest, fled to Colombia and later surfaced in Miami.

"There are witnesses that say Pedro Carmona Estanga issued an order from the presidential palace to kill me ... but to make it look like an accident, and he had just received a call from Washington," Chavez said, adding, "The order to get rid of me came from Washington."

"There is no possibility of understanding for our revolution with the government of the United States, with US imperialism," Chavez said.

I wish Chavez would stop pussyfooting around & state that 9/11

was an inside job already, for Christ's sake!

He has.

Multiple times. As have some of his underlings.


what good will that do us? we dont need chavez, we need millions of anonymous americans to stop being invisible, to state what they know in their hearts to be true.

head up, eyes open, fist clenched