A Crossroads -Time For The Big Voices To Shout

A Crossroads

Time For The Big Voices To Shout

by Neil McCarthy

All over the world, writers and editors like John Gleeson are starting to wake up in numbers to the lies of the Bush administration and the subsequent wars that followed. Some like Ian Mackenzie are even putting 2 + 2 together and writing that the excuse for global war on terra was a lie as well. At the same time, prominent figures in the entertainment industry are coming forward with their views on the excuse for the long war. In this writer's opinion, that brings us to a crossroads.

The investigation into the most horrific terrorist event to take place on U.S. soil has been completed. Not by the 9/11 Omission Commission, but by the real government of the United States. The People. Evidence for 9/11 being carried out by elements within the United States is in and it's conclusive.

*For readers opposed or new to 9/11 truth, please see Terrorstorm followed by 9/11 Mysteries. You can quickly be brought up to speed in a few hours.*

The crossroads I'm speaking of is in reference to the folks in the entertainment industry. 9/11 truth is so wide spread, the entertainers now risk being labeled cowards for not speaking out in this time of peril for the nation. Charlie Sheen and Rosie O'Donnell, to name a few, have selflessly come forward asking for the most important issue of this generation to be openly discussed. Immediately following their patriotic acts, the big media mouths shouted for the end of their careers.

The only difference between the average citizen and big entertainers are the bank accounts and the public venue to reach millions of people. 9/11 truthers have been emptying their bank accounts and using valuable family time to break this truth into the mainstream media. Some have lost their jobs, their homes and their families during this struggle. I think it's time for all entertainers who have seriously looked into the current situation, to come forward for your country and for your family's future. The next great script or that next awards show appearance could be in just as much jeopardy as the constitution if these criminals get their way.

The call is out....and as Bob Dylan appropriately sang..

"Well, it's sundown on the union
And what's made in the U.S.A.
Sure was a good idea
'Til greed got in the way."

Real patriots are willing to put their life on the line. If it's only a job at stake, why are the big names still silent? The percentage of big names who have questions must be the same as the percentage of average folks. According to the latest polls, that's 84%.

It's time to come out of the closet or I will refuse to watch your tv shows, your movies or buy your cd's. This goes for big names in sports too....speak out or see the attendence dive.

Here is Daniel Sunjata's view on 9/11...


The bar has been set.

Other entertainment and media professionals who have some questions


Thank you

YT, Did you watch the video of our Sydney Protest?

How did your's go? Where were you?

911oz as a website has had a great deal more traffic since we got into truth action, and I see your site is going from strength to strength, have plotted it's growth?

Do you think you'll have all American states on board by the 11th next month?

I've been corresponding with Carol B recently, she is a great resource and we will be handing out deception dollars at our next action! I dig the idea of using money against its masters, she's very cool.

Regards John


Hey John

I love your video. I watched it early on the morning of the Eleventh and then went out and proceeded to tell the citizens of San Francisco about the new Australian truth movement. We had a great day - the SF report should be up tomorrow and the new (inter)National page soon after that. It's pretty amazing to see all the actions of the day from all over represented on one page and there are still reports coming in.

Will we have a presence in every state next month? That would be awesome and not a moment too soon but that's completely up to the good people of all those states. I'll do my best to encourage it.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

The celebs will save us!

The American celebrities know that if the U.S. turns to a police state then their lives will also be ruined! They have the money and the voices to get heard. Thank god for Rosie, Charlie, Dan, and Mark Cuban. I think the rest are going to keep things quite before coming out so they can recruit their fellow actors and other celebs. Going public 1 at a time is very dangerous. They are threatening Rosoes life.
I expect a surge of celebritie 9-11 truthers to go public in the coming months.
America will not die! It's the 9-11 truthers and great sites like 911BLOGGER that will save this great country!
Also, please visit my site: www.FIGHT4TRUTH.com
Thank you,/God bless

WE are saving US!

Please do not wait for someone to save you, you (we) have to do the work.

Why would you want any elites to step in and "save" us anyway?

What do you think they will do?

The whole point is to restore our constitutional republic and return governing to the people, not just a "new" elite.

The means creates the end. What end do you want to create?

There is a new McCarthy-ism in America that keeps the cultural elite inline, do not expect anything from them until WE make it safe for them to come out. They are only human beings like us, just fellow brothers and sisters trying to get by, they just happened to have hit the celebrity jackpot which gives them money, media exposure and endless headaches.

When the people lead (and WE are) the leaders will follow.

Keep leading, brothers and sisters, WE are winning this one day and one person at a time.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

I agree, we all will save us!

Good comment. I didn't mean to imply that the celebs are the only ones who will save us but it will help the Truth Movement temendously to have some voices in the public eye on our side.
If we all do something to spread the word on 9-11 then we can win this battle for America!
Start a web page, passing out flyers and DVD's, etc is going to defeat this enemy.
Here is a good site for ideas on how to get active. It includes ideas for spreading the word and has phone numbers for talk shows, etc


I concur and have been integrating changes into my life; I call for everyone else to follow. I will not longer give the big corporations my money. I am in the process of mapping out privately owned business to spend my money on.
I will not eat at Olive Garden; I shall find a small private owned Italian restaurant.
I will not shop at Walmart but get my goods from small business around the area.
I will not get my gas at big corporate stations.
I support privately owned movie theaters.
I will not support the entertainment industry but, will support freedom of information on the internet.
Join me today!

I've been doing this, too.

And found that it hasn't cost me that much more, and the small amount that it has cost I look at as "insurance" against having no choices to shop in but Walmart and Krogers and no place to eat but Olive Garden and Taco Bell.
I buy all my clothes used now so I don't directly support slave labor and I get any appliances I need used as well from garage sales and ads.
I wonder though, if these "big voices" you speak of were going to speak up, you would think that after all we've been through and the world hanging on the edge of nuclear war that these voices would have registered by now.
What ARE they waiting for? I've lost any respect I ever had for them... People like Bill Maher I used to laugh at, now I just despise. Why are they being so careful? Do they think they can have it both ways?

Many people live in fear

Yes, even celebrities. Just because they hit the celebrity jackpot doesn't mean that they are immune to normal human frailty and fear.

They are actors and musicians, not cartoon superheroes. They have families and their own lives to consider. They are no more courageous than you or I.

There is a new McCarthy-ism alive and well in America and many in the public eye are cowed into toeing the line to avoid incurring the wrath of the corporate media. They know what happened to Wellstone and they see how Rosie and Charlie Sheen are treated.

They are waiting until WE make it safe for them to come out.

WE are the ones who will take OUR country back, no one is going to magically do it for us, WE have to do it ourselves.

btw - a national corporate boycott starts today, please tell everyone you know, I've been putting flyers up for two weeks.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


"Evil can only exist as long as we support it."
M.K. Gandhi

So shall we BOYCOTT THE MSM?

Contact Any Celebrity

Doesn't cost all that much..

On the 11th day, of every month.

A Campaign is needed...

On that group of 50,000 people, one at a time.

That community represents the most influential people in the world in terms of the collective consciousness.

I wonder what the percentage of truthers and official story sceptics is within that group of 50,000?

Maybe numbers of them can be persuaded to come out together en mass...?
On the 11th day, of every month.

Forgot Ian's link

oops...forgot the link to Ian's Mackenzie's article


I was thinking

Are a bunch of celebrities waiting for LCFC to be released before they speak out? Maybe a bunch of them will go the L.A. premier and say they support the film?

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