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Daniel Sunjata at the NYLON magazine's 8th Anniversary party - 3/21/2007. More Sunjata pix.


DATELINE Ireland... the very vocal 9/11 skeptic Morgan Stack is running in the Irish General Election next month. He has just completed a new campaign ad you can view here.

DATELINE Italy... the documentary ZERO INVESTIGATION ON 9/11 has the attention of 9/11 activists in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. You can view the website for the documentary here, and link to the Italian trailer here. The film is being considered for at least one major film festival in Italy.

DATELINE Europe... 9/11 Truth Europe has gathered many European links on 9/11 activism under one roof. Also has links to videos and articles of interest.

DATELINE Norway... "9/11 Press for Truth" was broadcast on the Norwegian channel Tv2 on Saturday, April 14th. Also, Christopher Briggs of CQD 9/11 wants us all to know that there are two bloggers that have lately turned their focus to 9/11 issues: Unanswered Questions (Ubesvart Spørsmål) and War for Your Mind (Krigen om ditt sin). And finally, there is a new Norwegian start up page: sva911 (answers 9/11).

Great work by Sunjata! And "9/11 was an inside job" is the best

message at this time. The "investigate 9/11" shirts & posters are too ambiguous for this later stage in the game, IMO.

Clip from Alex Jones April 13th Interview

(corrected link - trying to organize my humble little website)

I respectfully disagree, Colombo

While WE know that the 9/11 operation could not possibly have gone down with out some US government assistance (at the very least), the many people who still buy into the government myth at some level will be turned off by the "in your face" attitude of the "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB" message.

If someone walks up to you and tells you that "YOUR MOTHER IS AN AXE MURDERER", what are you going to think?

We are countering a very sophisticated psyop and years of propaganda and this takes time and a very well thought out approach.

Rosie's approach is the way to go in the mainstream public arena right now, ask the hard questions straight out, don't make aggressive assertions that immediately turn people off. We want people to ask the the questions themselves and demand the answers, this is how we'll get new investigations.

Sunjata is brave and I commend him for his stance, but I would advise him to take a slightly less aggressive approach and wear a shirt that says "9/11 TRUTH NOW!"

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Excellent point. Not to shut people down with an attack against their beloved President, but to approach the situation as though you want answers to certain mysteries.

I strongly disagre

We don't have time to play politics. It's either put up or shut up. 9/11 was an inside job period. It's time to get into people's faces with the truth.

Except that may leave you

Except that may leave you basking in the glory of knowing you are opposed to convincing others that you are right. See the difference?

maddog -

If you have played as much sports as I have, then you know there is playing to win which involves strategy and tactics and then there is just vain ego gratification that more often than not loses the game.

I only play to win (within the rules and with good sportsmanship).

I have done public outreach with many people and those who angrily shout "9/11 was an inside job" more often than not scare people off while I engage people in a civil conversation and actually have a chance at getting them to take a fresh look at 9/11.

Do you want to win or flail and fail?

The demographics that we are now reaching out to have to be approached carefully, thoughtfully and patiently if we are to bring them over to the truth.

We don't have time to play politics BADLY.

Make no mistake, this is ALL ABOUT POLITICS now.

We have enough information RIGHT NOW to convince 70% of Americans if we can only get it to them. This is all about HOW we reach them.

I don't know about you, but I NEVER like to be yelled at.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Under normal circumstances

I would agree but time is not on our side. I am shocked there hasn't been a super 9/11 by now as a pretex to invade Iran. Our military is already in place for the planned attack. I don't think we have time to softly wake people out of their slumber. Pray that I am wrong.

New video from Ann Arbor 9/11 Truth: Open Complicity

google description:

"This is a 9/11 doc for the advanced class. It starts off with the defeat of the official story as point of departure, then examines specific anomalies and advances a theory to explain their presence. Much of this material is not discussed in other films. The film supports a particular conclusion which you are invited to discuss at annarbor911truth dot com. The first part talks about insider trading which is rather dry since there is no video footage to go with it, but stay with it--by the end you will amazed"

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

in his ARMED MADHOUSE tour

in his ARMED MADHOUSE tour Greg Palast tells us that IRAN IS A SIDESHOW and Venezuela is the next target.

the audio is on

the video is on chomskytorrents,org (


This isn't sports, maddog. Think Sun Tzu. Be cool, be calm, be informed and be determined. Do not be a frenzied lunatic, that only works in American football.

I think compromise is the

I think compromise is the best strategy when trying to wake up others, esp. those "sheeple" who become physically aggressive when confronted with cognitive dissonance, which is extremely traumatic. Remember in the Matrix when Neo first found out the 'aweful truth' about how we're conditioned to live like "batteries".
Maybe "RE-investigate 9/11 NOW" would set off some alarm bells in people's minds which is more effective than 'inside job'. Just remind people about the families who are angry as hell about their loved ones' deaths not being avenged.

I do agree with Maddog that time is not on our side. Webster Tarpley himself said we're in a "race against time".

Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.........

You make a legitimate point, LeftWright, but don't many people

think phrases like "Investigate 9/11" means to punish Bush & his cronies for being so extremely incompetent that day?

We are nearly 6 years after the fact, and I think we need to state our belief that the Bush regime were the perpetrators.

I'm working to get real investigations

so that we get ALL the real perpetrators, legally.

If we can convince 70% of Americans that the government myth is a lie and that we need real investigations and get over 50% to DEMAND new investigations, then we win.

That's the goal, that's what I'm focusing on right now.

Let's get the investigations and let the chips fall were they will.

Right now, there are only a few things we can assert with authority, these include:

1) NORAD failed completely, but we don't know all the why's, who's and how's. General Richard B. Myers, please take the stand.

2) Cheney failed to act when warned in the PEOC about the plane headed toward Washington D.C.

3) Flight 93 did not crash in Shanksville, PA. NTSB Chairman Rosenker, please take the stand.

4) Nothing should have happened at the Pentagon, period. Mr. Rumsfeld, please take the stand.

5) WTC 7 is a classic, textbook controlled demolition and housed the second largest CIA office in the world. Mr. Silverstein, please take the stand.

6) WTC 1 and 2 were destroyed by explosive demolitions, perpetrators unknown at this time. Mr. Guiliani, please take the stand.

7) The US Secret Service violated SOP and its basic protocols when dealing with G. W. Bush on the morning of 9/11/01. Director Sullivan, please take the stand.

8) The FBI has admitted that they don't know who the real hijackers were and have "no hard evidence" linking bin Laden to 9/11. Director Mueller, please take the stand.

9) Numerous members of the Bush/Cheney administration had enough foreknowledge to have prevented the "attacks" had they acted on the information they had. Secretary of State Rice, please take the stand.

At this time I think that all I can say with any real confidence and credibility is that Mr. Cheney is guilty of dereliction of duty, should be impeached and tried for treason.

We need real investigations, NOW.

Be well and spread the truth.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

"so that we get ALL the real

"so that we get ALL the real perpetrators, legally."

And force the ones we miss to hide in the jungles of Paraguay for the rest of their lives.


Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

The jungles of Paraguay; Not big enough.

South America has already tolerated one wave of Nazi runaways whom worked quite hard to blend into oblivion... I'm thinking Gang Dick-N-Bush might not fare so well as their envied predecessors.

I still fancy the world a great big place full of adventure in far off places... but OUR network of eyes and ears have shrunk it considerably in the past 60 years. Besides, I know plenty of other folks just itching to hunt the world over, for adventure in far off places.

When this first stage of truth and justice is past us... we'll see just how high we've resent the bar with global networked Truth and Justice.

I bet you've gotten a taste of it so sweat, Col. Sparks... you won't be able to hang it up so easy. Pack your toothbrush and some boots... as we close the planet in on them, it opens back up for us.

Okay, but they'll THINK the jungle is big enough...

Then get hacked apart by warlords and fed to the piranas.

It's all good! ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Col. Sun Shine:

You're just plan old lovable... aren't you.

Thorough net sleuths will be ordering tests on pirana feces to check for Dick DNA... you know, just to be thorough.

Iraq War Lies to Air April 25 on PBS

Would be nice to see it on FOXCNNABCCBS etc.
But then again they're in the business of dumbing down America...........
The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. ~ Dante Alighieri

Were not being dumb down were are being lied to exploited, prop

Gee do they Hate us because were free. That’s why them mean nasty Arabs attack us on 9/11.

Were not being dumb down were are being lied to exploited, propagandized and controlled

Everyone see...

That Paul Wolfowitz is in trouble for giving his girlfriend, "rapid rises in her tax-free World Bank salary to about $193,000 (£97,000)?"

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Hey Paulie...

what the hell is so funny? Somebody needs to wipe that sh*t-eatin grin off your face!
"Cogito ergo sum"

I hear that.

This picture is truly worth 1000 words.


Paul Wolfowitz seems to be pee’ing his pants in that video thinking, ‘I am sure glad I wore my diaper.’

that's not the real story here

Leave it to the corporate media to make a big deal out of Paul Wolfowitz’s shameless promotion of his girlfriend, Shaha Riza, while ignoring the larger story—the fait accompli fusion of neoliberal and neocon policies at the World Bank and the IMF.

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil 89 (1886).

takes all kinds

i cant believe that guys got a girlfriend...hes so repulsive.

head up, eyes open, fist clenched



The kind folks at, who claim to be anti-authoritarian radicals/anarchists, still to this day censor unwanted opinions and refuse to look at the connection between the IMF (corporate globalization in general) and anything at all even remotely to do with a "shadow government". They are adamently opposed to the world trade organization, IMF, corporate hegemony, yet absoltely will not consider the idea of 'false flag' terrorism or anything they'd call "outrageous conspiracy theories". I'd like to know what they might consider a "reasonable" conspiracy theory. To them it's just greedy fat cats trying to increase their trillions into the zillions.'s bad...but it's not THAT bad. "Radical" means 'the core'. The base, the bottom line. The boldfaced truth. What infoshop pretends to be.


what a douchebag

"Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th;
malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty."

-George W. Bush November 11, 2001

Daniel Sunjata

I heard the interview. The guy was smart, articulate and informed.

Daniel Sunjata

He's no Sanjaya but he's my IDOL!
"Cogito ergo sum"

Eric Shine interviews
My pal, Eric Shine, just sent this email out to his friends and supporters, thought I'd forward it along and republish the interview we did back in 2005 over on my new blog/podcast thingy: . There's also a mini interview we did over at the L.A. 9/11 Symposium last summer at this link:

i just want to say

building 7 was surrounded by seven standing buildings.
and that just because the twin towers fell, other building dont just fall down out of sympathy...
head up, eyes open, fist clenched

One building WTC 5 I believe, was pretty badly

crushed, but didn't burn and didn't collapse in on itself.
I have a whole bunch of pictures of them and other weird stuff posted on my site.
More weird stuff awaits at

9/11=PNAC Plot


yea if memory serves, building 5 was nearly hollowed out from falling debris from the towers-- yet the outer walls and structure remained standing.

head up, eyes open, fist clenched

LA Times article

Copyright 2007 Los Angeles Times
All Rights Reserved
Los Angeles Times

April 15, 2007 Sunday
Home Edition

SECTION: WEST MAGAZINE; Lat Magazine Desk; Part I; Pg. 38

LENGTH: 848 words

HEADLINE: 800 Words;
Trust Busters

BYLINE: Dan Neil


Until recently I had never watched "The View," a spirited little gabfest on ABC that is, apparently, trying to destroy America. Of course, I'm referring to co-host Rosie O'Donnell's remarks suggesting there was some sort of conspiracy behind the collapse of World Trade Center 7 on 9/11 and that the British--in an incident involving the detainment of 15 of its sailors by Iranian forces--might have intentionally been trying to provoke Iran as a prelude to some larger action, a la the Gulf of Tonkin. "Google it," Rosie told her viewers.

You know, I'm pretty sure I don't have to. The Gulf of Tonkin incident involved cooked American intelligence suggesting North Vietnamese forces had launched an unprovoked attack on two American vessels in August 1964. The incident, or President Lyndon Johnson's understanding of it, led to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, which gave the president the authority to conduct military operations against North Vietnam without a formal declaration of war. And then we were off to the races.

Whatever else you might think about Rosie, you have to grant she has the advantage of unsympathetic enemies. First it was Donald Trump, who, stung by Rosie's mocking over the Miss U.S.A.-Tara Conner episode, went after Rosie like an irate New York cabbie, calling her fat, ugly, a loser and various shades of crazy. Trump, I think it's fair to say, got the worst of the exchange. In the most recent dust-up, Bill O'Reilly said Rosie was a "fanatical leftist" who was actively supporting Iran against her own country. Rosie's legions of detractors--just Google "Rosie" and "traitor"--were even less kind. Fox News' John Gibson called Rosie a "fat lesbian vampire bat bully," which is probably my favorite insult of all time.

Yet when I watch "The View," I don't see a morning talk show hijacked by seditionists, wearers of tinfoil hats or Revolutionary Guard partisans. Anything but. The show couldn't possibly be more conventional TV--the well-lit stage and sweeping camera booms, the eager Middle American applause, the endless roundelays about relationships and movies and kids. These people are making Easter egg figures with bits of yarn, for heaven's sake. The doyenne of "The View" is Barbara Walters, who is nobody's idea of an anarchist. Am I to understand that "The View" is a seething bed of anti-Americanism? If so, why are there so many commercials?

"The View," by accident or design, has an almost eerie calibration to the public at large. For example, only one of the four co-hosts--the game and reasonable Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who deserves some kind of medal--is a supporter of President Bush. In other words, 25% of the cast has a favorable opinion of Bush, pretty much in line with Bush's approval ratings nationally. Likewise, last year a Scripps Howard poll found that 36% of the U.S. public believes the government was somehow complicit in the 9/11 attacks. I estimate Rosie constitutes 36% of the cast.

I realize only people of the most serious mind read this column, so I'll explain: Why does pop culture matter? Because it reveals, in its turbulence of shared neuroses or distractions or antagonism what is really on our minds. And what's on our minds lately is reasonable doubt.

It was reported late last month that actor Charlie Sheen was onboard to narrate a new version of the online 9/11 conspiracy documentary "Loose Change," with distribution by billionaire Mark Cuban's Magnolia Pictures. We're not talking about a couple of flaky moonbats in an Oakland basement. Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks. Dallas is in Texas.

Sydney Pollack will direct a film about the 2000 election called "Recount"--any guesses as to its theme? And just about everywhere you look, official narratives are coming unglued: The blue-on-blue death of Pat Tillman, for example, or the firing of eight federal prosecutors. The abduction of British sailors in what Prime Minister Tony Blair claimed was indisputably Iraqi territorial waters has proved to be quite disputable, according to Craig Murray, former head of the Foreign Office maritime section. The ex-British ambassador claims the map used by the Ministry of Defence to support its case is a fake.

Gulf of Tonkin, anyone?

I suppose I should declare myself. I am not a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. I don't believe shadow agents of the government perpetrated an American Reichstag fire. At the same time, I'm certain we don't know all there is to know about those events, and I don't believe it's giving comfort to ask for better answers.

The mainstreaming of 9/11 conspiracy thought is less about the temperatures of melting structural steel or the smell of cordite at the Pentagon. It's about a generalized and corrosive cynicism that makes people despair of ever hearing the truth again. The data stream has been so thoroughly corrupted. Weapons of mass destruction. Abu Ghraib. The silencing of climate scientists. It's hard for the ministries of Washington to make an appeal to authority when they have been proven so unreliable.

When people can't believe everything their government says, they'll believe anything.

LOAD-DATE: April 15, 2007

Just sent a professional e-mail...

I, Mark Peters, of Student Scholars for 9|11 Truth, have just sent a professional e-mail to Mr. Neil asking for a few minutes of his day to speak with him regarding some of the facts of that day.

Like our organization has done in the past, we will also try and distribute a booklet of information (as we did with Rep. Dennis Kucinich) that includes professional research on the days events, the clear facts of government criminal negligence, and await a response from Mr. Neil.

I will keep everyone updated on our progress in reaching Mr. Neil and the LA Times on this issue.

Thanks! -
Mark Peters
Student Scholars for 9|11 Truth

Nimmo nails it again

Don Imus’ Mistake and Ann Coulter’s Target Selection

Robert Wright, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation, doesn’t have a clue. “Why the Imus-Coulter disparity?” he muses, and then ventures at a possible explanation: “Maybe part of it is that Coulter isn’t as structurally susceptible to sanction as Imus. She doesn’t have her own radio or TV show, so advertisers on CNN and Fox have two degrees of separation from bigotry. Still, there are pressure points big enough for an Al Sharpton to find. Coulter’s column appears in newspapers with major advertisers.”

It’s far more simple, Bob. It’s open season on Muslims and Arabs. It’s not simply turn time for the Arabs and Iranians. Our neocons have a well established and contrived plan, although far too many people, when presented with the facts, react with disbelief and, worse, credulity. Most of them want to believe George Bush is a good man, maybe ill-equipped and bumbling, but a decent man at heart, when in fact he is a sociopath born into the vampiric elite, a profligate deviant guilty of massive war crimes.

In Bushzarro world, opposing the murder of nearly a million Iraqis—heaped upon the previous two million killed by Junior’s father and diligently followed by the lost son of the Bush criminal dynasty, Bill Clinton—is increasingly a punishable crime. Truth saying results in the loss of tenure, jobs, sets up one for death threats, no-fly designation, and who knows what sort of special attention over at the NSA, FBI, CIA, and local constabulary. On the other hand, telling scurrilous and vicious lies, habitually and expertly defaming character is a growth business, especially if the two minute hate sessions are directed against Muslims and the domestic “American haters” who are said to aid and abet the enemy, never mind Congress never gets around to formally declaring war, as that would require commitment.

Ann Coulter is in demand because she appeals so effectively to the mean-spirited and destructively hateful streak a mile wide and countless fathoms deep in the American psyche—a flabby, malleable, and intellectually incurious psychological structure effortlessly programmed by the Borg Hive idiot box. Corporate “entertainment” media, passing as the “news,” feeds ferociously off the piercing malice of Coulter, savors the venomous tongue and smirk of Glen Beck, consumes as a spectator sport the spiteful diatribes unleashed every week night by the Operation Mockingbird CIA operative O’Reilly, and let us not forget the millions who tune in faithfully to the grand wizard of malignancy, Rush Limbaugh.

“Before Imus was fired by CBS, Coulter weighed in on the affair on Fox News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes,” writes Ron Brynaert. “She said that it wasn’t that the shock jock used the phrase ‘nappy headed hos,’ but that by picking on the Rutgers University women’s basketball team, he chose the wrong targets.”

Indeed, Don Imus was careless in his target selection, as he slandered a politically protected minority group, not the designated target, Arabs and Muslims.

Spread the word

However one decides he will spread the truth is a personal decision but it seems to me one good way is to put a bumper sticker on your car. Mine says "The war on terror is a Lie. 9/11 was an inside job."
Do all you arguing about some actors T shirt have a sticker on your car? Be it "Investigate", "Question"
"Inside job" or "Waterboard Cheney" doesn't matter nearly as much as having something. When approaching the subject in person, I tailor my method to the individual or group I am addressing. But we all need to do more than preaching to the choir to reach that rumored "Tipping Point". We all must find the courage to put a sticker on our bumpers at the very least.

Fetzer Attacks Alex Jones On Air in massive disinfo blow-out!

Jim Fetzer on his GCN show "The Dynamic Duo" with guest Judy Wood, decided to launch a ridiculous and condescending challenge against Alex Jones (starting around 59mins 10secs into the mp3) in warning that "if you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you jeopardise or lose your credibility" he should "look at the hard evidence" that "some kind of high-tech directed energy weapons" or perhaps "Anti-Matter weaponry, Lasers, Masers" or "Plazmoids" might have taken down the Twin Towers. And that it's "Increasingly improbable, even physically impossible" for there to have been "conventional demolitions of the Twin Towers".

Direct quotes; (Link to mp3 of the show)

(58mins, 2secs)
Fetzer: "Increasingly improbable, even physically impossible that any account that merely appealed to conventional demolitions of the Twin Towers could have brought about those affects, and thereby began endorsing, you know, recommending, encouraging looking at a whole range of alternative possibilities in the area of non-conventional weaponry, including Nukes which might be Atomic or Hydrogen or maybe Neutron might be Micro, some kind possibly of Anti-Matter weaponry, Lasers, Masers, Plazmoids. I mean the explanation for this, which is a fantastic scientific challenge and one of the great murder mysteries of all time, has to lie in the direction of some kind of high-tech directed energy weapons".

Wood: "I don’t disagree"

(1hr 4mins 16secs)
Fetzer: "I just have to say Judy to Alex Jones, Alex I’m a huge fan of yours but you’ve got to take a look at the evidence, this is the hard evidence Alex, it’s not people who talk about hard evidence it’s people who actually deal in hard evidence, and Judy Wood is dealing in hard evidence. And if you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you jeopardise or lose your credibility my friend you’ve got to come to grips with the fact that Thermite and Thermate cannot explain the evidence, the hard evidence, the real evidence. Face up to it my friend, there’s a whole lot more going on here than some of your allies can possibly explain, Thermite/Thermate can’t cut it, and that’s a deliberate, there’s a pun there. Those are cutting charges but they can’t cut it, they can’t explain what happened here, Alex!"


Would someone continue to promote debunked crazy sounding information? Fetzer is not a dumb man.

"I mean the explanation for this, which is a fantastic scientific challenge and one of the great murder mysteries of all time, has to lie in the direction of some kind of high-tech directed energy weapons."

It makes me nauseas.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

We all know what it is man,

We all know what it is man, it's a disinformation and disruption campaign against the genuine 9/11 Truth Movement.


A distraction campaign. I fall for it every time. It's a catch-22. Do you ignore it? If you ignore it, then people will think that is your message. Do you oppose it? If so, then it takes time and energy away from more important things.

How do you deal with it? A while back, I wrote an article entitled, "The Serious Side To The 9/11 Truth Movement" to try and tackle this issue.

A lot of the people within the 9/11 Truth Movement do what we do for six reasons:

  • We figured out we were being lied to by members of this Government regarding the attacks of 9/11, and that didn't sit well with us.
  • We saw that this Government was using that tragic day to further agendas that have no place in this country, or on this planet.
  • We believe the family members who lost loved ones that day deserve closure, as does the rest of this country.
  • We know that either allowing or orchestrating the attacks against us IS WRONG. PERIOD.
  • We know those responsible MUST be held accountable, and safeguards need to be put in place to stop it from ever happening again.
  • We want the best possible futures for our families, our friends, our planet, and ourselves.

We need some kind of statement that says what we are about, and everyone needs to agree to it. Of course, that is impossible.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

I can't imagine

who in his right mind would not agree with the six points above.

interns < internets

We need exactly something

We need exactly something like that and I've been thinking and saying this very same thing for ages also! It's the only way that I can see for the majority of us, who all agree passionately on the fundamentals (the need for a real investigation etc) to declare what we all stand for, and what we certainly do not stand for (i.e. junk about "no planes hitting the Towers” etc).

This would be a fantastic way of officially stating that we are a credible movement that is driven by sincerity, compassion, concern and urgency and that this is a serious and critical pursuit for a real investigation. And if we can publicize this declaration enough it would shatter the false "conspiracy theory" stereotype (in relation to 9/11 Truth) in an instant.

As irony would have it

it might turn out to have been a wise decision on part of the US elite to arrange for the largest incarceration capacities in the whole world.

Don't drop the soap, Jim.

interns < internets

A public announcement

at the next 9/11 truth convention where speakers outwardly renounce Jim Fetzer as a legit member of our movement in an organized, deliberate fashion. Our movment has to become, as well as a truth and justice movement, an anti-psy-op movement.


We could renounce stating conclusions and instead insist on finding out answers to some very pressing questions.

That would include...

9/11 was an inside job.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Thank you for listening to

Thank you for listening to them so we don't have to.
"Hope doesn't come from calculating whether the good news is winning out over the bad. It's simply a choice to take action."
- Anna Lappe

why does AJ give these clowns a microphone?

You have to question AJ's own integrity when instead of ignoring these disinfo shills he puts them on his show. I'm kind of glad actually, because anyone just coming into the truth is going to see what kind of guests Alex Jones has on, and even though the whole idea is to make AJ look good by comparison, he will come across as the Geraldo or Jerry Springer of 9/11 truth.

Again, let's be clear--why would anyone give Fetzer and Wood any airtime whatsoever? Think about it!


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


where does it say they were

it says that they said that on their own show, not AJ's ;)

erp-my bad!

Coming back from R&R and my truth buds seem to have been dulled...

I do think it's interesting that they're going after AJ of all people. When Nico Haupts or Uncle Fetzers go on the attack, it seems to me a convenient way of bumping up the credibility of whomever they attack.

Fetzer and Haupt are classic straw men, and to quote their ravings makes it seem like they are presenting legitimate views, which they are not, by any stretch of the imagination.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force



Drudge has this debunked Pravda/Imus story front page.

Drudge NEVER covers anything 9/11 truth related. Something smells fishy...
"Cogito ergo sum"

just want to add my thoughts....

when i see -9/11 was an inside job i get it thought was ,WTF,i saw a plane hit the tower.inside job?what ?truthers?is that like don't think a plane hit the tower?the phrase didn't make me want to investigate.even though i had a thousand little things in my head that needed answers.then rosie asked a few questions about 9/11.WTC7-GOOGLE IT.everything flowed outward from there.doesn't take a genius to understand freefall.once you start looking....everyday i watch more videos,read more's shocking.the goal should be to get people to look into it.inside job-what does that mean?WTC7 google it brought me here. this picture (before)my thought was -what the hell does that mean?next......wtc7-exposed everything.just my thoughts as new person that gets it.all of it.

On May 11th...

One of the signs I will carry will read "I didn't believe it at first either."

The Eleventh Day of Every Month




Show "elements in our government" by u2r2h


How is that any better? The military are no more monolithically involved than the entire gummint is. It was elements within each, not the whole of either.

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

Contact FRONTLINE with a "STORY IDEA".

Let's see, what could I suggest? hmmm...

How about the "Mother" of all issues!



Vicious hit-piece

On Israeli news site

'Deniers of 9/11 and of the Holocaust Are Two of a Kind'

DATELINE Norway...

"9/11 Press for Truth" was broadcast on the Norwegian channel Tv2 on Saturday, April 14th."

This was a rerun from Thursday evening. They showed it last year as well. All in all, four times have they shown this documentary.. I have a feeling there are journalists that want the truth to get out.

The Chip Tatum Chronicles

The Chip Tatum Chronicles Testimony of Government Drug Running I started government service in 1970 as a volunteer for military service during the Vietnam war. Having graduated Air Force Technical School, I became one of the Air Force's first elite combat controllers (CCT). I was subsequently sent to NKP, Thailand. While in Thailand, during a covert mission into Cambodia, our unit, code named Team Red Rock, was captured by North Vietnamese and held as prisoners for 92 days. During interrogations by both Soviet and Chinese officers, Team Red Rock remained silent through the beatings and torture that more often than not ended in death. Had it not been for a patrol of US Marines finding the encampment where we were held prisoner, all of the team would have died. But, fortunately for myself and my platoon sergeant, we were liberated by the recon patrol before we had been tortured to death. During the fire fight between US forces and our captors, I was wounded. Already weak from the torture and beatings inflicted during interrogations, I slipped into a coma. Three weeks later I awoke in an Air Force hospital at Clark Air Force Base, Philippines. Within a few days a man from Saigon arranged to "debrief " the mission. During the debriefing it was explained that the events which Team Red Rock were involved in had been classified by President Nixon for a period of twenty-five years. Due to the sensitive nature of the mission, the president required that I be "held close" for reasons of national security. It had been decided that the CIA would assume that responsibility. On June 6, 1971, William J. Colby, the man from Saigon assigned to debrief me, advised me that I was now under operational control of the CIA. My code name was Pegasus. During the next eight years, I traveled five continents under the operational control of the DCI (Director of Central Intelligence). As I collected data concerning movement of POWS from Southeast Asia to Asia and on to Europe, and forwarded the data to my handler, William J. Colby, and his predecessor George Bush, I began to realize that our government was not going to act upon that data. At the end of my contract, I found myself compelled by a French resistance song to step aside for a greatly needed rest. When you fall, my friend Another friend will emerge From the shadows To take your place. I resigned in 1978 and left the service of my country to live in a quiet town tucked in the mountains of Colorado. Only time could heal the wounds I had suffered through the years as Pegasus.

“it is possible to fool all the people all the time—when government and press cooperate.” George Seldes - "legendary investigative reporter"


This could be a blog entry on its own.

A 9/11 "Smoking Gun" Hidden

A 9/11 "Smoking Gun" Hidden In Plain Sight

Let's face it, if the 9/11 attacks were "legitimate", they would have been accompanied by "legitimate" statements and claims of responsibility.

You don't pull off the most spectacular "terrorist" attack in history, especially against largely symbolic targets, and then hide.

You don't put yourself through the expense, trouble, risk, etc., of carrying out the most daring "terrorist" attack in world history, only to let a panel of fatuous government apologists tell the world what your ostensible motive was; e.g., "they hate us because of our 'freedom'", or some such puerile nonsense.

Moreover, someone totally committed to the idea of stopping U.S. imperialism/aggression against his people, country, etc., and willing to die to do it, obviously wouldn't have to be tortured into admitting it. I mean, contrary to what the U.S. government would apparently have us believe, an ideologue doing a 9/11 would be different than, say, a greedy person doing in his rich uncle to collect the inheritance money.

Lastly, any group sophisticated and resourceful enough to have pulled off the 9/11 attack, would be sophisticated enough to get their message across, exactly as they wanted it to come across. Perhaps by sending (a few days in advance), an encrypted message, "open on 9/11", to a few dozen newspapers and government agencies in several countries, the UN, the Red Cross, the Vatican, various internet sites, etc., and then, immediately after the attack, have an associate release the encryption key.

Let's face it, the whole point of "terrorism" is to make a point. What good is "terrorism" to the "terrorists" if the "terrorists" don't get to make their point? That would be like robbing a bank, and then giving the money back.

Thus, like many other aspects of the official government conspiracy theory of 9/11, it simply doesn't make sense.

Ex Government Worker

indeed... whose message *did* get out?

Can we think of anyone whose message was transmitted loudly and repeatedly following 9/11?

Want to figure out 9/11? Ponder the 9/11 "Mineta Stone"

Rosie Prepares To Strike Back For 9/11 Truth

Rosie Prepares To Strike Back For 9/11 Truth
Insider Scoop: Ground zero heroes Impacted by toxic dust cover-up to appear on The View Tuesday

"Contradicting reports that Rosie O'Donnell is set to cease her vocal stance against the Bush administration and the 9/11 cover-up, we can exclusively reveal that Rosie is preparing to strike back by featuring interviews with 9/11 heroes and first responders, themselves victims of a government cover-up that allowed them to breathe deadly toxic dust at ground zero."

How did CNN and BBC have foreknowledge of the WTC7 collapse, yet five years later, the government cannot explain it?

Retired NSA agent to talk about 9/11

Published: April 16, 2007 09:53 am

Retired NSA agent to talk about 9/11

From Staff Reports
Cumberland Times-News
CUMBERLAND - A University of Maryland professor will speak about the events surrounding the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks at Allegany College of Maryland this week.

A friendship that developed between John Harvey, a local defense attorney, and John Newman, a retired agent with the National Security Agency, helped facilitate the program local residents can hear at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the ACM College Theatre.

After Harvey read one of Newman's books about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, he picked up the phone and called the researcher.

The end result was an offer of dinner - and a long relationship spent researching documents at the National Archives in College Park.

"He has all the brains," Harvey said. "I'm basically the elbow grease."

While in the National Archives, they worked as a team, copying more than 250,000 documents, which Harvey said Newman used for other books he later wrote about JFK and the Vietnam War. "He's brilliant. He goes through gobs of data and makes information out of it extremely quick."

Last fall, Allegany College arranged for a program about the president's assassination, and Newman was invited to speak on campus. Harvey said the professor will be speaking about various issues involved with the Sept. 11 attacks.

Newman, who in 1997 helped develop the program for counterterrorism now used in college classrooms, has taught the subject for 10 years at the University of Maryland. Tuesday he will speak about the importance of counterintelligence, which involves knowing how to respond to terrorists and how to prevent their attacks.


Did you submit this as a blog entry? It deserves that.

Archivists work to preserve 9/11 papers, photos and video ...

Archivists work to preserve 9/11 papers, photos and video forever

Sunday April 15, 2007
Associated Press Writer
NEW YORK (AP) It started with a debris-clogged paper mask that fell onto the desk of Jan Ramirez on the afternoon of Sept. 11, 2001. A friend had used it to help him breathe while fleeing downtown Manhattan.

``That dust mask is going to be an important artifact some day,'' he told Ramirez.

More than five years later, the mask has become a museum piece and one small part of the largest records trove ever assembled to document an event.

Millions of pieces of paper documenting government investigations, BlackBerry messages written by survivors escaping the twin towers, children's finger-paintings and family photographs are also part of the archive, stored in many different places including state offices, museums and on the Internet.

Saving all things Sept. 11 was a mission embraced from the time of the attacks by professional archivists and grassroots collectors, helped by live televised images of the event and thousands of Internet communities that followed the aftermath....




Why is Alex Jones hurting his credibility by saying this shooting in Virginia is a government op? What the hell? Not everything that happens in this country has government involvement. This is making him sound crazy, is anyone else listening to this?

"I will not withdraw from this war even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." -George W. Bush

I'm not posting it...

I think it's irresponsible. And yes, so is publically arguing on a Bulletin Board so people like Nico Haupt can use it against you. We also have to be mindful of alleged members of this movement as well. Not just screwloosechange. Silly Jenny. :P

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

I would agree that such conjecture is waaay premature

but if it turns out to have been a government op, I won't be surprised. Some things about it are sounding very strange -- primarily the delay in notifying the campus community that a crisis was occurring. *If* the stuff about bomb threats in the previous week is true, that seems inexcusable. *If* there's any truth to the idea that drills were going on, I would give the black op theory real consideration.

pure speculation here......

but it doesnt hurt that the Democrats(the party that takes our guns) are now in control of congress. i agree that Alex probably shouldnt make solid claims like that but im all for him and others picking it apart just in case. (and im not gonna lie, when they said that the shootings took place an hour apart my bullshit detector went off.)

Virginia School Shooting: Another Government Black-Op?
Early details suggest Columbine-style set-up to justify mass gun control, VA Tech has "blood on their hands," banned concealed carry, disarming victims
Early details about the horrific school shooting at Virginia Tech strongly indicate that these events represent a Columbine-style black-op that will be exploited in the coming days to push for mass gun control and further turning our schools into prisons.

Eyewitness Matt Kazee told the Alex Jones Show that it was a full two to three hours after the shootings began that loudspeakers installed around the campus were used to warn students to stay indoors and that a shooter was on the loose.

Quite how the killer was afforded so much time before any action was taken to stop him is baffling, especially considering the fact that the campus, according to Kazee, was crawling with police before the event happened due to numerous bomb threats that had been phoned in last week.

In the aftermath of Columbine there were calls for vastly increased gun control laws, more than 15 state legislatures passed significant gun control bills or dropped NRA-supported bills.

I disagree

I think any event such as this HAS to be a black-op. The purpose being to take away our 2nd amendment right to defend ourselves against a growing tyranny.

because he hasn't got much left!

Same reason he had that menage a freaks with Uncle Fetzer and Judy Jetson. I think it's fair to say that anyone who recommends AJ as a source of 9/11 truth should realize he is not very credible and could well drive the person away from the whole idea. He plays right into every stereotype of a conspiracy nut there is. I honestly haven't examined the VT case but my first instinct is to not trust AJ at all.


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force

It is possible...

He was just a psychotic individual with homicidal tendencies. I just don't think guns will ever be taken away from citizens in this country. Even if Martial Law is declared, most citizens that own guns would never willingly give them up. People that do own guns in this country LOVE the 2nd Amendment, and they wouldn't give it up without a massive fight. If that guy drove a bomb filled car into a highly populated section of that school, and murdered 32 people, would that mean we'd all have to give up our cars? No. Someone asked me the other day, "is there any reason in the world why we shouldn't be allowed to own guns?", and I responded by saying, "not in this country."

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

my bad!

I was confused and thought AJ had gone off the deep end and had Fetzer and Wood on his show. BUT I think this line of thought regarding VTech is probably off base. It's exactly the kind of thing we get accused of--trying to link everything to "the big conspiracy". It seems very clear that this was a case of a f*ed up kid having a hard time with life and taking it out on the people around him who he developed a hatred for...


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero - Harvard Task Force


this is NOT an endorsement

this is NOT an endorsement but i would love to hear your take on this:

Seung-Hui Cho Was a Mind Controlled Assassin
Deadly accuracy, disturbing revelations suggest outside involvement in VA Massacre, cocktail of brainwashing from prozac, violent video games contributed to carnage

Outside of the obvious culpability of the factors we see in every mass shooting - video games and "antidepressant" drugs, numerous red flags concerning Monday events are beginning to suggest that Cho was more than a heartbroken nutcase with an axe to grind.

Charles Mesloh, Professor of Criminology at Florida Gulf Coast University, told NBC 2 News that he was shocked Cho could have killed 32 people with two handguns absent expert training. Mesloh immediately assumed that Cho must have used a shotgun or an assault rifle.

"I'm dumbfounded by the number of people he managed to kill with these weapons," said Mesloh, "The only thing I can figure is that he got close to them and he simply executed them."

Mesloh said the killer performed like a trained professional, "He had a 60% fatality rate with handguns - that's unheard of given 9 millimeters don't kill people instantly," said Mesloh, stating that the handguns Cho used were designed for "plinking at cans," not executing human beings.

Cho was certainly no slouch, in the two hour gap between the first reported shootings and the wider rampage that would occur later in the morning, during which time the University completely failed to warn the students despite having loudspeakers stationed throughout the campus, Cho had time to film a confession video, transfer it to his computer, burn it onto a DVD, package it up, travel to the post office, post the package, and travel back to his dorm room to retrieve his guns and then travel back to the opposite end of the campus to resume the killing spree. The almost inconceivable speed of Cho's actions become more suspicious when we recall initial reports that there were two shooters.

"In December 2005 -- more than a year before Monday's mass shootings -- a district court in Montgomery County, Va., ruled that Cho presented "an imminent danger to self or others." That was the necessary criterion for a detention order, so that Cho, who had been accused of stalking by two female schoolmates, could be evaluated by a state doctor and ordered to undergo outpatient care," reports ABC News, " but despite the court identifying the future killer as a risk, they let him go.

Questions about the sequence of events on Monday, VA Tech, as well as the profile of the killer are arousing increased suspicion.

We have been receiving numerous calls and e mails alerting us to the fact that VA Tech is pulling links from its website concerning their relationship with the CIA. Reports from November 2005 confirm that the CIA was active in operating recruitment programs based out of VA Tech. Several professors from VA Tech are involved in government programs linked with NASA and other agencies.

Wikipedia also pulled a bizarre recently taken photograph of Cho wearing a U.S. Marines uniform.

Such details only fan the flames of accusations that Cho could have been a Manchurian Candidate, a mind-controlled assassin.

The CIA's program to create mind-controlled assassins that could be triggered by code words, MK ULTRA, is not a conspiracy theory, it's a historical fact documented by declassified government files and Senate hearings. President Bill Clinton himself had to apologize for the program before he left office.

On the Senate floor in 1977, Senator Ted Kennedy said, "The Deputy Director of the CIA revealed that over thirty universities and institutions were involved in an 'extensive testing and experimentation' program which included covert drug tests on unwitting citizens 'at all social levels, high and low, native Americans and foreign."

One such victim of these experiments was Cathy O'Brien, who immediately after the shootings re-iterated the revelations in her latest book, that Blacksburg Virginia is a central location for mind control programs that are still ongoing today.

CIA mind control programs can be tracked back to the 1950's and Project BLUEBIRD, later renamed ARTICHOKE. From blogger Kurt Nimmo;

“BLUEBIRD was approved by the CIA director on April 20, 1950. In August 1951, the Project was renamed ARTICHOKE. BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE included a great deal of work on the creation of amnesia, hypnotic couriers, and the Manchurian Candidate,” writes Colin A. Ross, MD. “ARTICHOKE documents prove that hypnotic couriers functioned effectively in real-life simulations conducted by the CIA in the early 1950’s. The degree to which such individuals were used in actual operations is still classified…. BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE were administered in a compartmented fashion. The details of the programs were kept secret even form other personnel within the CIA…. The BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE materials establish conclusively that full Manchurian Candidates were created and tested successfully by physicians with TOP SECRET clearance from the CIA…. As well as being potential couriers and infiltration agents, the subjects could function in effect as hypnotically controlled cameras. They could enter a room or building, memorize materials quickly, leave the building, and then be amnesic for the entire episode. The memorized material could then be retrieved by a handler using a previously implanted code or signal, without the amnesia being disturbed. Hypnosis was not the mind control doctors’ only method for creation of controlled amnesia, however. Drugs, magnetic fields, sound waves, sleep deprivation, solitary confinement, and many other methods were studied under BLUEBIRD and ARTHICHOKE.”
Researchers into supposed "lone nut" assassinations time and time again run across evidence pointing to CIA mind control experimentation. The best example is Sirhan Sirhan, Bobby Kennedy's assassin. Sirhan was found to be in a completely trance-like state after pulling the trigger and couldn't even remember shooting Kennedy when asked about the incident days later. Sirhan's lawyer, Lawrence Teeter, has presented convincing evidence that Sirhan was under mind control.

Either way you cut it, Seung-Hui Cho was a victim of brainwashing and mind control. The right questions are not being asked and the finger of blame is being pointed in the wrong direction, ensuring that another tragedy like the VA Tech Massacre is almost guaranteed.

Sunjata In His Own Words...

Here's Sunjata's statement. It is a direct quote:

"I would like to respond to the question, "How could a small group within our military and government have been complicit in the terrible events of 9/11 without the entire government being aware of it?"

My response is that the whole government would not have to be in on the alleged conspiracy for the following reason; our government is a hierarchy in which compartmentalization of knowledge is a given. As suggested by the symbol of the pyramid, the tier below does not necessarily know everything that the tier above knows, and the tiers above that are privy to even more sensitive and "classified" intelligence and so on. Even within common tiers you see this compartmentalization where "the left hand knows not what the right hand is doing."

Sounds dark and conspiratorial but that's the fact. In fact it is the official excuse given by the establishment for how such a thing as 9/11 could have happened on their watch. It is therefore quite possible (even probable) that an operation of this magnitude could be carried out without the willful participation of the entire government.

For instance, the NORAD and FAA air-traffic controllers could well have been ignorant of the alleged plot, yet innocently participated in its being carried out. The commonly accepted stance of those urging for a truly independent reinvestigation of 9/11, is that it is a rogue faction within our government and military who hatched and perpetrated this unholy atrocity through the agency of our ISI funded assets like Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda (ISI is the Pakistani version of our CIA, created and funded by our CIA). One strong piece of evidence in this regard (albeit circumstantial, though one would expect that FEMA, NIST and The 9/11 Commission would have probed this with duly diligent scrutiny) is the fact that India's press and subsequently the FBI both reported that Mohammed Atta had received a $100,000.00 money transfer from the head of Pakistani ISI, Chief Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmed, three days before the attack. Also General Ahmed was in the U.S. from approximately Sept 9th to Sept. 13th (DURING THE ATTACK) meeting with (among others) George J. Tenet, the then CIA Director, and Porter Goss, the future Director of the CIA.

Isn't it reasonable to subpoena General Ahmed and those he secretly met with during the 9/11 attacks and question them under oath regarding the substance of their discussions and the nature of their relationships? Especially given the public record of ISI's dealings with and funding of known terrorist organizations, one of which happens to be Al Qaeda, and the revelation of the general's $100,000 "donation" just before the murder of 2972 souls?

It is the avoidance of such obvious questions as these, of which there are literally hundreds (most of them posed by The Family Steering Committee during the 9/11 Commission's so called investigation) which begs greater scrutiny of the official story. When a 7 year old girl is found raped and dead in the cellar of her family home, as painful and politically incorrect as it may be to question and treat as suspects the parents who claim to have been sleeping soundly during the rape and strangulation of their loved one...such protocols are standard procedure in homicidal investigations. Shouldn't the same protocols be followed in the case of domestic mass slaughter, where a government who claims to have been asleep at the wheel during the said atrocity is partially staffed and run by people who have published a document outlining a 30 year plan for global economic and military hegemony and "full spectrum dominance" characterized by a permanent military presence in the middle east and cheap access to that regions oil reserves? Especially when the same document states that "the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – [caps for emphasis] LIKE A NEW PEARL HARBOR"?

Speaks to possible motive, no? I say yes. What say you?

Here is a link to the documentary, 9/11: Press For Truth, the first-person account of The Jersey Girls [Kristen Breitweiser, Patty Casazza, Monica Gabrielle, Mindy Kleinberg, and Lorie Van Auken] ; four widows who lobbied 441 days to get the Bush administration to open an investigation into the events on (and leading up to) 9/11. They helped spearhead The Family Steering Committee, did years of research in the process, and felt that 70% of the burning questions they had posed on behalf of the victim's families went completely unanswered, since to address them would have lead the Commission into "painful and politically incorrect" territory. Do their words carry any weight, or are they just crazy conspiracy theorists as well? You decide...

Justice, Then Peace...
Daniel Sunjata"

Sunjata In Support Of O'Donnell!!!!

What follows is Daniel Sunjata's comment as a signatory to Alex Jones' Infowars Petition of Support for Rosie O'Donnell:
Post #5485. Daniel Sunjata - 2007-04-08 10:57:23

"Rosie O'Donnell must not only be defended but the attacks launched against her must be revealed in all of their inglorious and ad hominum futility; the truth will out. Every attempt to ignore the arguments she puts forth and to attack her on her past and on the grounds of her status as a "celebrity" only add credence to her arguments by making the establishment pundits and spin doctors look conspicuously complicit in an obvious cover-up. Standing up for Rosie O'Donnell as she dodges mis-info-bullets and evades character assassins means we are standing up for OURSELVES. In order to frustrate the slave-master's designs we must be our own underground railroad in shepherding this country to the valley of reality as pertains to the issue of 911 and the larger issues of which it is but the most obvious indicator. In this mass Exodus from denial and manufactured consent, we must be our brother/sister's keeper. Defend Rosie O'Donnell and do not allow attention to be misdirected from what is actually relevant here.
"So they build a world of great confusion to force on us the devil's illusion." Bob Marley

Get Up Stand Up,
Daniel Sunjata"

Sunjata To His Fans...

The following is an excerpt from an open letter about 9/11 written by Daniel Sunjata to his fans on We know much of this already, but the point is that they may not and he is motivated enough to speak out and educate them. Bravo!:

"...Let me first say that I unequivocally support out troops. I am so grateful to them for being willing to make the supreme sacrifice in order to protect our rights and for their intention to defend our constitution. My opinions about the current administration do not signify in any way my opinion of those who serve in our military as enlisted men and women. Let us remember and never forget that disagreement with, criticism of, and dissent from administrative governmental policy and procedure are in fact necessary to the healthy functioning of any truly democratic society (i.e. W.E.B. DuBois, MLK, Andrew Jackson, James Madison, and Abraham Lincoln).

My concern is that the lives of our men and women in the Armed Forces are being NEEDLESSLY put at risk for reasons that have nothing to do with freedom or democracy. If 9/11 was indeed an inside job, as many people (including myself) now firmly believe, then the hands of those responsible are now soaked with the blood of the innocent, the well meaning and the brave; those who died that day and every day since. Those very same hands now stuff their coffers and line their pockets with the wealth and resources of this world under the implausible guise of a "war on terror."

Ever heard of the ultra-right wing neo-conservative think tank called Project For A New American Century (Dick Cheney is one prominent member)? This extremist faction in our government is composed of individuals who have played major roles in every administration over the last five decades; bouncing back and forth between political office and equally high positions in powerful corporations (hence the term Military Industrial Complex). In 2000 they published an influential policy paper entitled "Rebuilding America's Defenses" which stated that "a catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor" would advance their war plans by garnering public support. One year later came 9/11. You do the math my friends, but I doubt it was coincidence.
Please note this definition:

FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS (also known as False
Flag Terror): covert operations conducted by governments, corporations, or other organizations, which are designed to appear as if they are being carried out by other entities. The name is derived from the military concept of flying false colors; that is, flying the flag of a country other than one's own.

Now consider the following: The planned, but never executed, 1962 Operation Northwoods plot by the U.S. administration to create a pretext for a war with Cuba involved scenarios such as staging terror attacks on U.S. soil and hijacking and blowing up a passenger airliner and blaming it on Cuba. It was authored by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, nixed by John F. Kennedy, came to light through the Freedom of Information Act and was publicized by James Bamford.

Sound vaguely familiar? When a crime is committed, investigators routinely ask themselves "WHO BENEFITED?" and everything that has unfolded since 9/11 (the invasion and plunder of Afghanistan & Iraq, The Patriot Act, etc.) points ominously towards the corporate, political, and military elite of America, not towards some cave in Afghanistan. These things are the gradual unfolding of an agenda that these very elites have been waiting anxiously to implement for a long time. Therefore our task is to wipe the dust from our eyes and see things clearly. For instance, why won't our government release critical 9/11 evidence including but not limited to the following:

1)Testimony by FBI translator Sibel Edmonds revealing foreknowledge of 9/11 and infiltration of the department by a foreign operative.
2)Air traffic controller tapes revealing details about the hijackings
3)Black boxes which would reveal important flight details
4)NAMES OF STOCK TRADERS WHO MADE MILLIONS FROM APPARENT FOREKNOWLEDGE OF SEPT 11TH WITH **PUT OPTIONS ON UNITED AND AMERICAN AIRLINES. A put option is essentially a bet that the value of a given stock will plummet. And in the week prior to 9/11 these put options were placed at rates approximating 5-10 times the normal average!!! In fact the Institute of Counter Terrorism went on the record saying "The overwhelming probability is that the trades could only have been made by the same people who masterminded the attacks themselves." Um...what do they have to hide? Why NOT release this information? Wouldn't it serve the dual purpose of silencing the "conspiracy theorists" while giving closure to the families of the victims who to this very day are outraged by the government's unwillingness to answer their questions? Maybe not. Maybe the truth would instead cause the American people to rebel.

And what about the collapse of WTC7 and the Twin Towers? I was shocked to learn that NO STEEL-FRAME BUILDING HAS EVER COLLAPSED DUE TO FIRE IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY OF MODERN ARCHITECTURE. Not one. Not ever. Not only were the north and south towers built to withstand earthquakes, hurricane-force winds and MULTIPLE Boeing 707 impacts, but fire, even when fed by kerosene jet-fuel does not burn hot enough to weaken steel-framed construction to the point of failure. That is scientific fact. Yet that is the official story; the payload of the planes combined with the resultant fire caused the structures to fail in a pancake collapse. Remember however, that Building 7 WAS NOT HIT BY A PLANE. Yet it (and towers 1 & 2) fell neatly into into its own footprint at free-fall speed (meaning that the falling debris met NO resistance as it traveled towards the ground, which is also scientifically impossible EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS, especially in an instance of a pancake collapse in which such resistance is implied in the very definition itself) causing relatively little collateral damage to the surrounding structures. All this on the same day, for the first time...ever.

Furthermore WT 1, 2, and 7 were all owned by the same man, Larry Silverstein, who only six weeks before 9/11 had taken out a 3 BILLION dollar insurance policy on these buildings which had a clause specifically covering acts of terrorism. Mr. Silverstein was caught on PBS saying that on the afternoon of 9/11 he suggested to the NYC fire-department commander that they "pull" WTC7. For those unfamiliar with the vernacular of demolitions experts, to pull means to initiate a pre-planned demolition sequence. Such demolitions take a team of experts many weeks to design and implement. This fact alone strongly points towards the INSIDE JOB scenario. It is interesting to note that no mention whatsoever of WTC7s curious collapse is made in the 571-page 9/11 Commission Report. I wonder why?

"There was an explosion...the base of the building shook...the second explosion happened and then there was a series of explosions." - Steve Evans BBC TV

"The building came down so orderly, floor by floor, that i presumed it was a controlled demolition." - Beth Fertig, WNYC Radio

"...The lowest floor of fire in the south tower actually looked like someone had planted explosives around it because everything blew out on the one floor." - Brian Curran Battalion Chief

"Many other firemen knew there were bombs...but they are afraid for their jobs to admit it because the higher-ups forbid discussion of this fact... There were definitely bombs in those buildings." - Paul Isaac, Jr., Auxiliary Fire Lieutenant

"...It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions." - Firefighter R. Banaciski

"There was what appeared to be at first an explosion. It appeared at the very top, simultaneously from all 4 sides, materials shot out horizontally." -Fire Chief F. Cruthers

Yet another incriminating fact is the blatant violation of the most standard of crime scene procedures; to protect the integrity of the crime scene. The City of New York ordered the immediate and ILLEGAL removal of the steel beams before they could be forensically examined. The steel was hurriedly shipped off to China where it was sold for scrap metal and thrown into blast furnaces. One would think that Mayor Gulliani, with all his years of experience as a criminal prosecutor, would know better than to allow that. But then again, maybe he was the one who ordered it to be done?

I could go on forever as this just scratches the surface of inconsistencies and circumstances that disprove the official story. So i leave you with this: Do not believe the establishment. Do not swallow their lies or be brainwashed by their emotionally potent oversimplifications. Let us think for ourselves. Then let us act accordingly. We need arrests, impeachments, and war-crimes tribunals; not an open ended "war on terror" directed at the common man and waged at the behest of petty-tyrants who are little more than terrorists themselves. In truth I do not care if you don't watch my shows and performances unless they are about something meaningful, and all too often they are not. Celebrity means nothing if it is not used to draw attention to the things of this world that are relevant to us all. Fame is no more than a self-seeking distraction if it is not spent upon causes larger than one's self. If you want to support me then support peace and justice. Arm yourselves with knowledge. Take action. Become the change you wish to see in this world and I will strive to "match your contributions."...Circulate and share this information by any means available to you.

Or as Morpheus says in The Matrix "take the blue pill and the story ends. You wake in your bed and you believe whatever you want to believe." But letting them get away with 9/11 lies will surely beget more lies, more wiretapping, more wars,...MORE 9/11s. Do not forget that every reason given to invade Iraq was a lie. Saying that no one knew the levees would break in New Orleans was a lie. The election results in 2000 and 2004 were fraught with lie UPON lie. What reason have we to believe that they are telling the truth about September the 11th, 2001? I know what I saw. I saw buildings blowing UP, not falling DOWN. I saw an empty hole in the ground devoid of discernible wreckage in Shanksville. I saw a 16 foot hole in the Pentagon into which we are supposed to believe that a plane with a wingspan of 125 feet disappeared and vaporized upon impact. Look at the evidence and ask it plausible that 19 hijackers wielding box-cutters (at least 7 of which are known to be alive and well according to the BBC and The London Telegraph who have conducted interviews with them although they supposedly died crashing planes into American landmarks) and taking orders from a man hiding in an Afghan cave were able to circumvent the most sophisticated defense system in the history of modern civilization, hijack 4 airliners and hit 75% of their targets?! That sounds to me like the most outrageous conspiracy theory of all. And we bought it; hook line and sinker. Who had motive? Who had means? Who had opportunity? Who benefited?

Some truths are too painful, too shattering to admit to ourselves. Self-deception and denial are unfortunately very human means of coping with that which we would rather not see and cannot bear to face. In my heart I truly believe that we as the citizens of this country stand precariously close to the same place in which the German citizens found themselves during Hitler's ascent to power; ushering in a reign of fascism and tyranny and a storm of terror with our eyes wide shut. Let it not be said by future generations that we had on our hands the blood of the innocent, the well meaning, and the brave. Nor let it be said that we stood idly by during such atrocities, did nothing to try and stop them, and by our denial of that which in our hearts we knew to be true, found ourselves complicit in the very acts which we so vehemently condemn. It has been said that the government people allow is the government that they deserve. What will we allow? For we and the world deserve much better than this.

Justice, Then Peace,
Daniel Sunjata"


Way to go, Daniel Sunjata! Way. To. Go!

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The Coming War with Iran:
6 Days in Hell!

NewsMax Magazine’s blockbuster issue has just been released with major cover stories, including an exclusive special report by NewsMax contributing editor and Iran expert Kenneth R. Timmerman, “Six Days to War,” which lays out the scenario likely to unfold if the U.S. and Iran go to war.

In Timmerman’s report you’ll find out why “Six Days to War” could happen sooner than you think — as many American assets are already “in position” for an attack.

More: NewsMax details Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff’s comments that the a nuclear terror threat on U.S. soil is real.

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