Reflecting Pool Film Trailer

Trailer for a film "Reflecting Pool". Its about a reporter beginning to investigate 9/11 and coming to terms with the facts.

Includes interviews from 9/11 family members and firefighters, and a parody of Bill O'Reilly!

Looks really well done, I can't wait to see the feature length piece.


I have had some tell me that they believed only 30 people carried out 9-11.
so,, how many involved in planning, execution, and cover up-
directly or indirectly?

from what I have found,.,., at least 8 aircraft , including a helicopter seen near the pentagon,.

planting of explosives in at least 3 buildings,..,

stock market manipulations,.

foreign intelligence knowledge,.,.

Fbi agents seizing black boxes, and video film,.,.

suspicious insurance dealings.,...
and ,.. and,..

I believe there must have been several hundred individuals, direct or indirect involvment-

please any input on this,.,.

Michael of arizona

I would say it could've been several hundred people, or less.

The many war games going on were a devious way to have innocent people playing big parts in 9/11 without even knowing it.

The stock market profiteering could've been done by a few people with foreknowledge that something big was going to happen regarding airliners.

Foreign intelligence could've seen warning signs or had some Bushies tapped/infiltrated.

Loading the 3 WTC buildings & Pentagon with explosives could've been done in stages over a long time by not too many domestic or foreign agents.

There are more people involved than most dare admit...

or dare to contemplate. From corporations too the media masters, they all know. If they weren't in on it then, they are now active in the cover up. Think about it logically, 911 is just the tip of the iceberg.

Media is complicit

The media in this country is one hundred percent complicit with those who made 9/11 happen. They may not know all the details but it doesn't matter. What matters is that we live in a free country where we can ask these types of questions yet the media HAS NOT. They have acted as a mouthpiece for government propaganda (wow imagine that!). People should start doing like the 9/11 protesters in LA and NY and protest directly outside of their studios. Maybe we should hold celebratory "birthday" parties representing each year of propaganda these assholes have pushed on the world. That would get our point across.

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Tier One

Less than 30 people.

Tier Two is probably similar to less than half of that.

Beyond that it's compartmentalization. And people doing what they're told by their superiors and given probably decent reasons that basically make sense for their actions and orders, and so on.

There are probably a lot of people who think or believe that it was what Truthers say it was, but have no direct evidence or proof. And justify staying silent because they are afraid for their life, their family, and/or their career. And/or they are in denial and other forms of psychological self-deception and the like, choosing willful ignorance as a form of self-preservation, etc.

I would bet it's well under 50 people overall who have any real direct or indirect knowledge and were in on the design and implementation.

Stuff like the stock market is probably someone getting some insider information from probably a very indirect source, and Silverstein's insurance boondoggle could be "legitimate". (but I don't think so)

It could be 100 people, or so.

But not "hundreds".

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Reflecting Pool Site

This is very exciting. I

This is very exciting. I love that it seems to have slipped through while all were focused on LCFC. Depth and breadth...

Check out the links on the film's website! (I'm going to shoot off an email suggesting a change to the new Scholars' address -- others may want to do the same.) Sounds as though the filmmakers did their homework and are encouraging others to do the same. I hope to see even more indictment of the media in the full film, but the O'Reilly-esque "Shut up!" is a promising start.

i like the looks of this.

i like the looks of this.

I hope this is shown at

I hope this is shown at Cannes!!

This film

looks great even though it is a little soap operaish

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