Project for a New American Citizen: Steven Jones Lecture in Austin Texas

DR. STEVEN JONES Lecture in Austin Texas

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Project for a New American Citizen: Rebuilding America’s Senses

PNAC- 4/14/07- NEW 9/11 EVIDENCE

Steven Jones discusses the NIST report, thermite, and his new analysis of “iron rich spheres” found in dust samples taken from an apartment across the street from Ground Zero. This analysis provides additional “smoking gun” evidence that thermite was used in the destruction of the WTC towers. It is noteworthy that these dust samples were flown into this apartment during the destruction of the WTC towers.


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pt.7: “[Steven Jones:] This data has never been shown before… I must admit I lost some sleep after I first saw Building 7 come down and did the timing on it… I said ‘Man, this is a smoking gun’…It looked so much like a controlled demolition. But now we can consider another smoking gun… [Pointing to diagram], that’s the signature for thermate…it’s remarkable. The match is right on. [Alex Jones in the background:] “It’s arson”.

pt.8: “I think this is exiting data—it’s publishable. We will be publishing it.

pt.9: “Turns out USGS scientists research also talks about the iron spheres in the dust… I called up… the leader of the USGS study… I wanted to find out—had they seen this, had they not seen this? …I thought they had seen this and had a good reason for not talking about it.”

pt.10: When you look inside it’s striking… I said ‘do you have any explanation for these iron rich spheres?’ She said ‘well, maybe it’s because [of oxy-acetylene torches].’ …How could these droplets travel [so far]… [USGS studied dust samples from 14+ sites—iron-rich spheres are “frequently seen”]…and furthermore, the apartment [where Jones got one of his dust samples] is about a football field away.

Watch the last few parts for new findings about iron rich spheres, which according to Dr. Steven Jones is additional evidence that thermite incendiaries were used at the WTC on 9/11.