Caught while truthing, a note from the front lines of suburban northern CA

This morning I had a visit from my local police department. An officer and a detective from my town came and wanted to know if I was the one who had been putting up stickers all over town. Since I always tell the truth (believe it or not) and since they seemed to have an eyewitness account of my activities (it turned out to be one of their own, on his way to work, smooth move on my part, NOT, LOL), I freely admitted to being the perpetrator and agreed to not put any more stickers on public property in my town (please note the specificity of this agreement as any owners of private property will have to make a complaint before they act; however, they now know who I am and where I live, sigh).

They suggested that I express my opinion by putting more stickers on my van, even though I don't drive it much (12 mpg, I live on a steep hill) I'm considering painting 9/11 messages all over it (my daughters will disown me it I do, they don't like riding in my work van already). (You can be sure I'll post pics here if I do, btw.)

I also asked them about the town ordinances and/or state laws regarding posting signs on telephone poles (I put hundreds of these up every week). Apparently, these are prohibited in my town as well. I pointed out that this was how the Founding Fathers communicated in their day, they suggested I use the internet. However, the officers acknowledged my point that the many lost pet, lost bird, garage sale signs, etc. are generally left unmolested and those posting them with their addresses and phone numbers are not visited by the police in an effort to dissuade their putting up signs. They noted that the many real estate signs put out every weekend are also illegal and a public nuisance.

I engaged them on the topic of 9/11 and asked them if they were aware and/or concerned about the fact that the nearly 3,000 murders of 9/11 have not been and are not now being investigated, including those of the many police and firefighters who were murdered that day. They politely acknowledged this but were not interested in discussing "politics". I reiterated OUR concern about the lack of investigation, mentioning by name one of the victims (Lauren Grandcolas on UA93) who lived in the city next to our town and mentioning the clear controlled demolition of WTC 7. As I began discussing the admissions of the FBI regarding the events of 9/11 they politely reminded me that they were not there to discuss politics. I then offered to drop dvds and/or books about 9/11 by the police station for them to look at and got a polite, neutral response. I will be following up by dropping a letter off at the station, including a list of the police officers murdered on that day and mentioning the fealgood and other foundations that are assisting the first responders. I hope to begin a respectful dialogue with them on the subject of 9/11 (yes, I am this crazy, you should see me dance,LOL).

I am also going to investigate and familiarize myself with the relevant ordinances and laws that concern posting signs as I expect a return visit after they see me post even more signs on telephone poles. My "got truth?" campaign started yesterday.

The main point of this post is to share my experience so that you can all learn from it. When I got out of my car to post the sticker there was a professionally dressed man sitting in the car behind me, in the future (and in other towns) I will not be this brazen. I will not do this when I can be easily observed while stopped at a light and I will not do this while driving a car which can be easily traced by the plate. 95% of my flyering I do while riding a bike, it is faster, environmentally sound and BIG FUN. (LOL@myself)

Brothers and sisters in truth, know what you are getting into and understand and accept the consequences of your actions. We are the ones who are insisting that the rule of law be enforced, after all. I actually hope to land before a judge defending my right to post signs on poles and the questioning the complete lack of investigation into the massive crimes of 9/11 and the ongoing coverup. I guess I need to contact my local ACLU office and see if they will defend me if this does indeed happen.

Brothers and sisters in truth, we are the vanguard of the change that has to happen if human beings are to survive and flourish on this big, beautiful, blue ball we call earth. Today's actions create history and shape our shared future.

Love is a verb, let's get busy!

I love you all very much.

The truth shall set us free.



I was also wondering if the only cell phone calls came from the flight that crashed in Pennsylvania. Don't you think there'd be some calls from the other planes as well? Anyway.

LeftWright. I enjoy your posts and am inspired by your story of posting information in public. I'll keep it up. Thanks.

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Thanks, Orangutan

I hit one whole side of town today with my "got truth?" campaign.

I'm stapling "got truth?" on about every other telephone pole and in key locations I put full-page quotes from the patriotsquestion911 site and the pilotsfor911 site. My current favorites are Lt. Col. Razer on one and Dr. Paul Craig Roberts and Louis Freeh on another, very effective with any demographic.

After I cover most of the high traffic areas in my town I will get the neighboring towns and cities. Then I will start adding different quotes as I find them and rotate them throughout all areas. I make sure to blanket areas around parks and key intersections

It's big fun and a great way to get a bicycle workout. I like to do at least 2 hours a day and can cover a lot of area in that time.

At some point in the next few months I may begin going door-to-door with a petition calling for new investigations. The petition will be to the Town Council, the County Supervisors, our State Representatives, our Congressperson, our Senators, our Governor, Speaker Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid.

This petition will give me a very accurate poll of my fellow townspeople about 9/11 and a good sense of the local issues people are worried about in case I decide to run for public office. It should also help me rally the townspeople to lobby the town council to support a call for new investigations into 9/11and send copies to all the listed politicians and flog the local media. Even more fun!

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Suggestion (half arsed)

Perhaps you could make a removable sign (avoiding daughter dismay) for your van. Keep it in the back, bolt it on when ever you park up, take your bike as well and abandon somewhere conspicuous for the day, outside the local police station perhaps………….

I agree with Orangutan btw, your inspirational.

there are magnetic signs

there are magnetic signs that work well. you could get 4 small ones with stuff on the back forming 1 large thing on the front when put together.

they're portable and more dependable than paper.

///////////////////// - $1 DVDs shipped - email for info

Thanks for reminding me

to check into magnetic signs. I may be selling the van in the near future, so that will weigh into the decision.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Have a look at this fine work

good luck !

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public property?

The key word here is "public". Can't you simply say no because you have a right to put stickers up anywhere you want as long as it's done on public property? I'm surprised the first 3 posters here didn't ask that question.

Be on the lookout.

Posting stickers on public property is vandalism in most if not all big cities. You certainly can't put up stickers on main street in broad daylight. TruthMove makes stickers. And we hand them out to people when we do our street actions. Where people put those stickers is not our responsibility. People in the group may even put up the stickers without the knowledge of the other members. Are you getting where I'm going with this. When those stickers go up, all fingers shouldn't be pointing at you.

Unfortunately it sounds like you've played your hand for the time being, as all fingers do point to you. But only in posting stickers. There are so many others things you can do that are completely legal, and police may still try to intimidate you, but they can't step over the line.

On several occasions the police have approached us on the street suggesting that we need a permit to have a banner sign. We tell them that we don't and to have a nice day. They leave. Knowing the laws is very empowering. Finding them is a pain in the ass. Your local laws may not be online, and so you may need to go downtown to look them up.

Good luck thinking of new strategies. There are lots of resources to be found online. And of course, you could still print up those stickers and distribute them everywhere. That is legal, and from that point forward, with your stated intention to post no stickers, the posting of the stickers ceases to be your responsibility. Oh, they will tell you its your responsibility, and you better not get caught again, but really they can't convict you of vandalism unless they catch you doing it yourself.

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Exactly right on the stickers

On the posters I am hoping to push them to charge me for putting them on phone poles and then I will get my day in court.

The town is strapped for cash, so I doubt they will go after me on this as this will only open a huge legal nightmare for them.

Freedom of speech rocks!

Be the media!

High tech, low tech, it's all good.

I love having them over a barrel and have already been arrested and processed on false charges, so I have no fear as far as that goes.

I got the sense that the officers know 9/11 was an inside job and feel trapped in silence about the BIG LIE. One of our local officers is an Iraq War vet and I may seek him out to start a dialogue as well. I've been talking to cops and firemen my whole life and have no fear doing this and I really want to build a bridge with them as we need local law enforcement on our side when things really heat up.

I will keep you all posted.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


see, i take issue with this

not only because of infowars being a poor site, but because of all street signs to put a sticker on covering the text--one telling drivers to go slow when children are present?? think of what people will think of whoever put that sticker there--they could care less if some driver gets confused and plows through a child. think, people, think.


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this is about as dumb as it gets.
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Great activism

Although I haven't really done much of this for 9/11 Truth.... yet, I have done a lot of Animal Rights and Environmental Rights activism.

I suggest people look to these, and similar / related / unrelated movements for ideas about their activism. (they've been doing this a long time, and why reinvent the wheel)

I've personally not been caught.... yet, but I know people who have, although none of them really got into any trouble.

You have to be VERY careful, though, in some situations, and it does really help to know the laws so you can judge how much trouble you might get into if you get caught.

A few (maybe) interesting examples.

1) A friend and her friend were merrily traipsing through a supermarket one day, not paying attention, putting "Meat is Murder" and other stickers on meat and other "violent products". When they were through, and while they were laughing as they left, the manager came up to them and asked if they had fun putting stickers on everything. They were a bit embarrassed at being caught, but the manager just told them to leave and not do it again.

2) A group of biomedical research scientists got on a bus at a hotel to go to their conference, and a group of Animal Rights Activists wanted to protest them, but it is illegal to stand in front of a bus and prevent the people from going to where they want -- it's apparently "kidnapping" (or a form thereof, or the law is written such that they can charge you for it -- it's technically illegal to physically stop anyone from freely moving where they want).

So what they did was link arms and walk backward slowly in front of the bus, so they couldn't charge them with anything. (although they can almost always charge you with something if they really want to -- the laws are specifically set up and written that way -- that's "how they get you" and what they mean when they say "throw the book at you" by charging you with "obstruction of justice" and other "general" things like that)

3) You can buy stickers that are (usually) white print on a red background that say things like "Eating Animals" and "Testing on Animals" and "Wearing Fur" and other phrases that are made to put on road STOP signs beneath the word "STOP". Similar stickers could be made for 9/11 Truth, like, as merely one example, (STOP) "Lying About 9/11". And you can do similar things for yellow & black YIELD signs, orange and black "ONE WAY" signs, etc.

Of course putting these stickers on these signs is probably illegal, so, should one decide to do that, I suggest you not get caught.

4) Another fairly easy and relatively benign action is to write on sidewalks with chalk, which they might try to charge you with graffiti for, but many/most graffiti laws are written such that you need to use a permanent medium, like spray paint, so you probably won't get into (too much) trouble if you are caught. It can be pretty effective and pretty much anyone can do it fairly easily.

Just a few ideas. Anyone else have anything to add?

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equal protection--they can't single you out

and let the lost dog people off. because that means they are applying the law selectively. bet you'd have a good case if they arrested you or fined you for doing it.

I avoid things like that--I think there are planty of acceptable places to put truth stuff that can't be called vandalism. And my favorite way anyway is just setting up in a high traffic area with lots of info and a willingness to answer questions, explain our positions.

best not to antagonize police--what's the point? they'll see soon enough that we are on their side and vice versa--LAW AND ORDER and JUSTICE FOR THE REAL 9/11 PERPS!

I saw the damage done to the antiwar movement by agent provocateurs whose role was to antagonize cops against activists and vice versa. DOn't want to see that repeated. ANd thanks for reminding us about the love so often LW--it helps, really does.


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