Easter Bunnies for Truth?

It popped into my head that someone was doing something (around here) with a bunny costume. And it hit me:

Trtuh Santa -- tape a candy cane to dvds and pass them out to everyone (Christmas season).

You can co-opt other characters from the dominant culture like Uncle Sam on the fourth of July, etc.

It's for the brave and the weird.

I was inspired by the contest winner videos just posted. They are going the extra mile. People should put banners on overpasses and send the photos into a central web site to make a collection. They can compete for the best messages and banner concepts.

Show "I heartily agree" by JamesB

It's up to you, Jimbo--

I can:

A. Repost my questions here
B.Post the link for you to follow
C.You can sponaneuously cooperate and answer without further prompting
D. I can start "cluck, clucking"

So, which is it going to be, love?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Uncle Sam on the 4th of July....

....handing out DVDs and holding Truther signs.....hmmmmmmm.....

That image kind of grabs one, doesn't it?

Since you were 2 pussy to answer 1 question JimmyB...

Let me reiterate, since you conveniently must have forgotten it by now:

JamesB, has the US government covered up the 9-11 attacks or not?

(It's quite a trap, no?)

(If you answer "no," I've got hundreds of facts that show what an ignorant idiot you are.)

(If you answer "yes," then you must transform yourself instantly into a "truther." Or else you're a hypocrite and a mother fucking scumbag not worth your salt.)

(Either way, I win; you lose.)


70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

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