Michelle Malkin, James Meigs, Sean Hannity, ALL 9/11 TRUTHERS

They are not stupid. They know 911 was an inside job. They support govt sponsered terror.
I say this so many times, I even made my own thread, People just get mad at me but all the people in the media are truthers. They are not stupid. You have to be really smart to get on telelvison like fox, cnn, msnbx, etc

O reilly, Hannity, Malkin, Scarbough, James Meigs, etc They are all 911 truthers, They are not stupid, They know its an inside job, They just support the NWO, and are lyers, and support the one world powerful evil thats coming, They know about the Bohemian Grove and they Support that also. They are just nwo-scum thats going to hell

Alan Colmes, Lou Dobbs, Keith Olbermann, etc and people in that group are 911 truthers, they are not lyers or scum, They know the truth, but dont expose it because they are scared, or know they will be fired if they brung light to it.

The people I first Mentioned, You can not reason with, They are evil people. They pose as good people. They are awake, they know whats going on. Dont email them, Dont try to debate them, Just STAY AWAY from them, Educate others how they are evil. etc. Thats why I say they deserve no traffic, They will only decieve and brainwash others, and it is bad for our movement.


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I believe in justice being done. In all honestly I think these individuals have already tried and convicted themselves publicly. We just need to serve up the punishment for their crimes against humanity. Scumbags.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)


i might be missing the point but i consider a truther someone whom is searching for the truth about 911 and demanding an investigation not someone who is trying to deceive and cover up. who the heck knows the truth about what happened on 911 anyways not me or you or ignorant ass o'reilly he does as he's told. i'm sure some of the people you mentioned know some aspects of the truth about 911 but they probably don't even know enough to know how truly ignorant they are of the facts. everyone thinks their point of view is so freaking obvious but it's not. what happened at the pentagon? and on flight 93? what are the facts behind the osama confession video? were the wtc building demolished and how? how could you be 100% sure either way there's lots of conflicting evidence? please tell me every person involved in 911 and their role i would really like to know. o'reilly doesn't know he's just a mouth he can blow me. but you're right that they are nwo scum and they can go straight to hell, goddamn terrorists. what they say is total crap and they know it but what is the truth?


Osama Orilley......Sounds like a terriost to me.By the way anyone know why we are'nt still going after him if he was responsible? He's probally hiding out at Bush's ranch.