Sonoma State University TONIGHT: There Is "Proof Of Controlled Demolition" At 9-11 Site Says Architect in April 20 Lecture

Media research group Project Censored hosts a "no-holds-barred" second look at the world's three largest structural failures in history as San Francisco architect Richard Gage presents the results of his extensive research into the collapse of World Trade Center buildings 1, 2 and 7 on September 11, 2001.

A one-hour multimedia presentation is set for 7 p.m. on Friday, April 20 in Darwin 103. General admission is $10, students, $5.

Gage, founder of the organization "Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth," examines how World Trade Center 7, a 47-story high rise building, fell straight into its own foot print in 6.5 seconds, and why tons of molten metal were later found under the rubble.

The presentation includes a scrutiny of governmental building failure reports and "the holes they leave regarding the possible use of explosives on 9-11."

The accounts and conclusions of firemen, physicists and other experts are addressed and questions about the damage by jet impacts and fires on the World Trade Center twin towers are answered.

Gage has been a practicing architect for 20 years and designed numerous fire-protected steel-framed buildings. He became interested in the 9/11 WTC high-rise collapses after hearing the conclusions of self-described "reluctant 9/11 researcher," David Ray Griffin.

For further information, contact Emily Chavez, Project Censored, (707) 664-2500.
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Media Relations Coordinator
University Affairs
(707) 664-2057

Go Richard!

If you're in the Bay Area, log out and bring some friends to this event. Richard Gage has assembled a very persuasive presentation that improves every time I have seen it. If you are a professional architect or engineer, sceptic or truther, this event will be worth your time

Please video and transcribe

We need as many documented statements by professional architects and engineers as we can get.

I will try

to get off work early and video and audio record this.

I certainly won't have time to transcribe it, but if you'd like to volunteer...?

See my "Transcribing Video" reply farther down

I "replied" to the wrong place.

Fred W

Gage spoke at San Diego Citizens Grand Jury

His presentation is one of the first on MP3 recording (part 1) found on this article:

Prime Time Event

I wish I could make this lecture. It sounds as if this is the direction 911 Truth is heading fast: undeniable facts that members of our Government carried out the attacks and mass murder of 911.


From what I hear about Dr. Jones info revealed @ the UT conference, NIST is going to have to face the music. They will be forced to proove their "facts"--(which they can't)-due to the suit filled against them (freedom of information act). The truth cannot be hidden forever.
Too much proof that contradicts their lie. This is just what we have been waiting for. It is all finally coming together!


is mr gage the only member of architectS and engineerS for 9/11 truth? who are the others?
head up, eyes open, fist clenched


I'm one of the first batch of 17 to 20 professionals to sign up. Richard's put most of his efforts towards his lecture but will pull (no pun intended) his website together as time allows. For those wishing to sign on or contact him, he can be reached at:



i cant wait for that list.
one of the things 'debunkers' use against us is the 'fact' that there are so few scientists supporting us.
the addition of this group to our list of professionals will give us the edge in that argument.

head up, eyes open, fist clenched

Transcribing video

What's involved in "transcribing" a video? I'm used to making DVDs from various kinds of video files I download from the web, like avi's and wmf's, using a DVD menuing program and burning them from my computer, but I don't have experience using what comes out of a camera, because I don't have one.

I'm planning to go to the event (I live in Sonoma County) and would be glad to spend some time with your film to make it into a DVD, albeit of amateurish quality.

Fred W


I thought perhaps the speaker could post his speech (or give you a copy to post). Transcribing would probably be too much work, because it requires you type out what is said on film.

I don't have experience with making films, but I'm sure if you made the footage available somewhere, someone would be able to make it look nice.

Again, a copy of the speaker's remarks is all that is really necessary. It helps to have professionals on record, so others may source their opinions.


If he reads from a speech we can get a copy, possibly. If he does it extemporaneously, then a transcription from video or audio will have to be made.

If I am able to make it and get a recording I will post it, and hopefully someone can transcribe it.

MP3 Audio Download

My recording came out well, for not being direct-mic'd.

Download 81MB 80kbps or 33MB 32kbps MP3 here:

Questions from Germany

Here's something I just found on an Italian 911website.

In context with the recently released "new blueprints" Henry62 (I think he is an architect) queried:

"Poison pill?"

"How on earth can the whistleblower's blueprints be used to claim that these figures are incorrect? They're architectural drawings, not construction drawings (which are also available for the WTC). This means that the various architectural elements are shown schematically, not with the scale and detail required for construction. Accordingly, it is a colossal mistake to use these blueprints as sources for scale details of structural components (and that is why they may be poison pills).
After he meant bringing forward technical proofs for the latest NIST report, he came to the conclusion:

"In summary: the release of the architectural blueprints is certainly important, because it allows us to increase our knowledge of the buildings (for example the layout of the elevators). But it would be absolutely wrong, and ethically unacceptable, to use these documents to mount a campaign against NIST's technical reports. I believe that these findings also clearly show how gratuitous and groundless the CT's allegations of manipulation are"

Important for me is another part of his article. The "autor" wrote that he possesses some copies of the original WTC construction drawings. Interesting! Why didn't that guy make them public?

What do you think about his intensions?

pony :-)

Please be indulgent with my uncomplete English.

Here I'm!

Hi Pony_huetchen,
if you have some questions, please contact me in my blog:

Best wishes

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We need as many : sites approach as possible.

This is a great idea.

Help me shout 9/11 articles on:

Henry62 belongs to the "bunch of Italian debunkers"

Thank you, Henry for your promptly response.

But I've already got the answers I need. Massimo Mazzucco wrote:

"Hello Pony_huetchen.

To answer your questions, Henry62 belongs to the "bunch of Italian debunkers" mentioned in our article. They all revolve around one Paolo Attivissimo, an informatics expert who sells himself as an urban legends hunter of sorts. Too bad he has failed to pick up on the biggest one of all. Other names of the clan you may eventually bump into, while surfing Italian websites, are JB and Aribandus. They are just all clones of one another. Just to give you an idea of their positions, on this day they still maintain that WTC7 collapsed on its own (and I guess they will for the rest of their lives, at this point). Don't get me wrong, though: They are not THAT stupid, it's just a political choice they have made, as they seem to believe that for the sake of "social tranquillity" our governments should never be challenged -- period. Call them plain conservatives if you wish. I call them the first victims of a system that deludes them into thinking they actually have some privileges to protect from the "masses." As if they were not part of it. So now, in order to keep face they are forced to appear every day more ridiculous, by continuing to deny even the undeniable with the most contorted reasoning. Believe me, Pony, I don't know how strong your stomach is, but you have no idea how lucky you are not to understand Italian! Thanks for your visit.

Massimo Mazzucco


"A dead thing can go with the stream, but only a living thing can go against it." G.K. Chesterton

Henry62's answer about Mazzucco's post

Hi Pony_huetchen,
you post every where questions about me, but you never ask me directly what you want to know... I think your is a little strange behaviour.

As you can see in my blog, I don't endorse an "official" version of 9/11: I endorse common sense and accurate, fact-based, unprejudiced research, as you can see in my technical articles.

Mazzucco wrote, on December 2006, a book with a great numbers of serious errors about evidences: do you think this is a correct method to seek real truth about 9/11?

I don't think so, because we must honour with truth all victims of that and following tragedies (where Iraq-war was the last), and therefore I criticized harshly his errors and... this is his answer!

On his site I opened the two most important discussions about Pentagon and WTC attacks, after my involvement with Italian national broadcasting corporation RAI1, but he didn't appreciate my comments, as you can see.

A great number of Italian readers begin to see Mazzucco as a sort of Italian "gatekeeper", because he supports ideas that American truth movement never completely sustained, like planes charged with esplosive against Twin Towers or no-plane theory in Pentagon attack.

I hope everyone keeps a check on what really Mazzucco supports, because I think his strange theories could become a problem for real truth seeking.

best wishes to everyone

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