Talking to Strangers...

So today was my first attempt at talking to people and spreading the word about the 9/11 truth movement. I suppose I've been hesitant to do so because its such a touchy or taboo subject with some people.

It was good. In between classes at school I walked around and handed out the flyers that I had made. I was sort of selective, using my people watching skills to see who I thought would be more receptive.

My flyer stated simple facts: the recent Zogby poll, pictures of WTC7, and links to, phrases to Google, etc. Most people were interested and had heard about it but hadn't dug any deeper.

In fact, one of my professors---my favorite one, really---has watched a few DVDs and agreed to let me use his room to show a 9/11 truth movie!!

So my question is this...which movie should I show? Also, would it be a good idea to speak with Student Services to try to make it a real club on campus? Lemme know what y'all think....

Without a doubt

Press For Truth

This is the best introduction.
People will be more open to discussing other abnormalities (ex. CD) after seeing this movie.

Agree, 911: Press for Truth

Agree, 911: Press for Truth is the best first movie. Ease them in... then give away to all the participants burned DVDs of 911 Mysteries and TerrorStorm.

Also recommend them The Third Stage (21 min version) at YouTube.

After the newbies have been doing some research of their own, you get them to watch the two movies at, this should get 'em fired up and ready to fight the criminals. Street action next.

For the ones still not willing to watch any 911 movies, here's two non-911 movies to kick-start them with:
Beyond Treason and Iraq For Sale. These are hard to watch, shatters any illusions of a friendly military.

9/11 Mysteries

Another vote for 9/11: Press for Truth

Then 9/11: The Myth and the Reality followed by 9/11Mysteries:Part 1 Demolitions. Let me know if you need a copy and I will get them to you.

Way to go, jifarif ! You ROCK!

Definitely start a club on campus!

I've been meaning to enroll in one class at the local community college to get access to campus facilities and hold events there.

We are also going to do a film series in a local independent theater featuring these same three films in that order.

I see that you're in Mariposa, CA, I'm in the SF bay area and will definitely have to stop by your way on my trip south later this year.

YOWZA !!!!! The truth is cooking now, baby!

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Anything EXCEPT "Press for Truth"!

"Press for Truth" is a bad first choice because it depicts the Bush regime as incompetent liars.

Anyone who knows anything already knows the Bush regime are liars & frauds. What they don't know is that 9/11 was an inside job! They will not learn that 9/11 was an inside job from "Press for Truth."

i vote 911 mysteries

i vote 911 mysteries ( i think it is the best in terms of packing a real punch (i love loose change although sometimes i think it is too fashionable and doesnt resonate with some folks because of that)

this is an interesting question though. for the truth movement as a whole it would be good to know what is the most successful 911 film in terms of waking people up.

Start a club....

and look at Student Scholars for 9-11 Truth and the 9-11 Truth Campus Action Network.  Hope this helps.


with Dr Ray Griffin's Madison lecture.The man put's it all in perspective,and gives a logical reason to look further.
At the end of the video tell everyone to check out 9/11 mysteries,and then 9/11 press for truth.
Id be willing to bet that 90% who watch these three video's would say 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

Dr. DRG and Press For Truth-newbies...

I like his presentation from Copenhagen too. Helps the viewer understand the international appeal and imperative for humanity as a whole to dig out the truth.

My vote...

Press for Truth, 9/11 Mysteries, Improbable Collapse

loose change

bang em hard, lots off speculation , but the coincidences pile up so much because loose change addresses the more evidence like the fake osama tape, hijackers being alive, pnac, silverstein, empty ditch in shankesville..........................

I would choose either 9/11

I would choose either
9/11 press for Truth for obvious reasons or an underrated gem
Improbable collapse. Even though its not as comprehensive as 9/11 mysteries, i feel as though it carries more weight because of its professional production values, more artist editing and much better soundtrack/score. 9/11 mysteries comes off as very amateurish and cheesy to some of the people i have showed it to, including those who believe in controlled demolition for tower 1 & 2.

the hijackers being alive

the hijackers being alive and the fake osama tape are not important pieces of evidence at all imo.

osama is a patsy, even if he did say that on the video it proves nothing. If the hijackers are still alive why dont they come forward? Im just as much of a 9/11 conspiracy researcher as most people here but ive never seen any convincing proof that the guy in the video is not bin laden OR that any of the hijackers are still alive. Its pure speculation. People always selectively take one from from the bin laden confession tape where he looks fat and say its not the same person. But if you watch the entire tape there are several parts that look very much like bin laden. Just my opinion, but as someone who believes in controlled demolition tower 1 & 2, drone planes and other "far-out' theories, i have never bought into the "fat bin laden' theory or the alive hijackers







9/11 Press For Truth...

shows that the hijackers were paid via Pakistani Intelligence, and that this was never, ever investigated.

It also shows an important sequence on how the US stood down in Afghanistan and allowed bin Laden and THOUSANDS of Al Qaeda fighters to escape.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--

D: None of the above

I recommend doing something we have done which is taking your favorite ten minute segments from different 9/11 movies, and making a DVD of your own. Press for Truth does a good job making the movement look justified. Terrorstorm has a great section on False Flag Operations. Improbable Collapse deals with the CD issue in a very responsible manner. Grab the good stuff and cut a DVD. And if you can't do that, just play certain chapters from each of the movies.

One reason why this approach is effective, is that people will respond differently to the styles of each movie. Some will find one far more compelling than another. You grab the widest response in this way. And it also allows you to avoid some of the problems with each of these projects. Press for Truth is boring to some. Terrorstorm is a bit to blustery for others, and some people think the whole CD issue sounds looney. This method also emphasized that the movement has no monolithic centerpiece.

Anyway, if it is to be one movie, Press for Truth is my recommendation. It eases people into it rather than hitting them over the head. And I have found that this approach is more effective with the majority of people.

Oh, and great job taking that step toward civic responsibility. Being yourself, and doing the right thing should make you feel stronger, even though so many will misunderstand that you are really doing it for them and not yourself.

International Truth Movement

Best of Compillation

Show'em the Power of Nightmares, The first few minutes of Loose Change, (where he covers Operations Northwoods), Parts of A Steven Jones or DRG Lecture, a then the part in Press for truth where they cover the air lifts of AL Queda Fighters and the Family member support for truth (end with the families)

This will spark them to see all of these Movies in their entirety back at the Dorm.

Plus it is the hardest hitting stuff..
It will take some nifty editting though...

In God I Trust, All Others Bring Data

excellent point...

the al queda air lifts are a great thing to show people, especially people who follow the news, and have respect for Seymour Hirsh after Abu Ghraib and Mai Lai.

You gotta understand that

You gotta understand that people nowadays are more brainwashed and conditioned than probably any other time in history. 9/11 Press for Truth is the ONLY video available that will be effective at attracting newcomers into looking at all this. DON'T START WITH PHYSICAL EVIDENCE. That'll come in time. We need to deal with people's base emotions first because that's what they've been trained to deal in.

I vote Press for Truth and the rest will follow.

Show "SCREW PRESS FOR TRUTH" by billybipbip

Hey Billyboy, why not tone

Hey Billyboy, why not tone it down a bit and lose the all-caps?

Im sorry

Im like a lovable terrier. I grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and growl, but how could you hate a cuddly terrier or take it personally? But when you pet me and love me and nurture me i will still be a great pet, hugs,


I believe the reason to start a newbie out with Press for Truth is 2 fold....

1: The fact that victim's families are the centerpiece of the film gives it extra credibility for people that may think this is blasphemous, insulting to the victims and families, or generally anti-American.

2: You call it a 'wussy' movie. I've heard it called "9/11 Light". I think that is a specific reason to show it to newbies. Some people need to dip their toes in the water before diving in head first. If you've never been exposed to this, hearing about controlled demolition, and hoax video tapes can be a huge turn off. Perhaps seeing that the entire investigation was a cover up could better condition people to accept the true depths of the rabbit hole.

I'd like to make 2 other points here:

1. Loose change is not the source of 95% of the people in this movement. It wasn't for me. More than 5% of the movement existed before Loose Change. I think you are very very mistaken here.

2. In regards to a lack of more 9/11 movies, I'd like to ask why you haven't made one. Why haven't you? I know someone who made one of these movies, at a huge financial cost. That person also spent months and months putting the movie together, and has to deal the ramifications of attaching their name to something so controversial.

If you feel so strongly about needing more 9/11 movies, I would suggest finding people that have made movies you like, and donating money to them...lots and lots of money. These movies are expensive, and time consuming.



I never once said we "shouldn't" make more movies. I think we should make as many movies as our time and finances can allow. I said that making movies is expensive and time consuming.

I can't wait to hear which movie maker you'll be donating "A COUPLE K" to. I'm sure they will appreciate it. Please let me know when you've finished your movie. I look forward to seeing it! When you have copyright issues, get in touch with me. I know a lawyer that can help you out.

I'll be anticipating your movie And on behalf of this as of yet unnamed movie maker, I thank you for your generous donation. These movies can't get made without generous people like yourself.

Good luck.

Show "PUNK SON" by billybipbip


My ears are bleeding.

I've got alot to learn about this place.

Like which people take themselves, and the discussions they're in, seriously.

no worries Flip Mode Squad

You'll get the hang of the place and the regulars. Just be yourself and don't take anything personally except for 9/11.

Love your name, btw. Makes want to do some hip hopping.

911Blogger draws all kinds, and as there are all kinds of people there needs to be all kinds of films.

PFT is 100% bulletproof, LC2 is not. Many people are just not ready to look at the Towers get blown up over and over yet, they are still traumatized. When they realize that they have been lied to big time their anger often overcomes their trauma and/or denial and they are then ready to look at the destruction of the WTC again.

I have found that PFT gets EVERYONE to realize that there is a rabbit hole to look down and for many that is the first step. Then they will want to look down it and explore the whole warren.

(not everyone is a pro-wrestling fan)

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

mine too, casseia

(biting my tongue) LOL

How's the weather up there? Windy as heck down here.

I hope to be joining you all for the DRG event in May.

Yeah, Portland!

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

It's cold and rainy :(

Like deluge rainy.

Wow, that *rocks* that you may be able to come up for the DRG event. Let me know if you need a place to stay!

Right now, a certain local radio guy who does both a local and a national show on a certain progressive radio network has expressed a leetle bit of interest in interviewing DRG when he's here. It's unclear if that would be for the local or national show -- either way would be wonderful, but if it was for the national show it would be huge. Anyway, I give it the proverbial "low probability of occurence" but it's very exciting.

April Deluge Brings May Impeachment?

Wouldn't that be nice. We can always hope, can't we?

Ahh, well, rainy days encourage indoor sports.


While I have many friends and some in-laws in the Portland area a floor or couch in your place may work out better for logistical reasons, so we can stay in touch about that as the event draws near.

I greatly appreciate the offer, sister casseia.

(btw, it is an AMAZING spring day here, nyeah, nyeah, nyeah)

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

There are rules here. And you speak many fallacies.

So you think caps are funny? Well, no one else does. Caps are used as an indication of yelling. Maybe only for one sentence that you really want to emphasize. If you continue to post in all caps you will most likely be asked by the moderators to stop. It's generally considered to be rude.

And for all your barking about this issue, your opinion is not widely supported here, and many of the statements you make are simply incorrect. You sound like you are dogmatically defending one piece of our media over the best interest of the movement.

We have many different demographic groups that we are trying to reach. For this reason, it is a good thing that the movement has produced a number of movies that will be more compelling to different audiences. I didn't hear anyone in here say that Loose Change was useless. Only flawed. You make the fallacious argument that the success of the movie implies its benefit. What I hear in this is also that millions of people have now learned that there was only a 16' hole in the pentagon. Bad news.

Loose Change appeals to the 14-29 year old set. Press for Truth is much more digestible to the 30-60 year olds. And I say that from my experience promoting the issue. People who argue against the lihop approach of Press for Truth I feel are missing something.

When I'm out on the street educating people, I figure out where they are standing, and try to take only one step toward them, the step that would be most likely to get past their internal censor. You adapt your message to your audience, as they have to take one step before they take all the rest. This measured approach welcomes people to be curious and skeptical, without enforcing your own conclusions, that will likely drive many of them away. You make sure they understand that you are both on the same team first, and then you simply offer them a couple of facts that will generate some cognitive dissonance.

Whether you like it or not, a lot of people in that very influential 30-60 set, don't like Loose Change. And anyone who has done their research recognizes the movies fallacies. I'm really hoping that LCFC is great, and cuts out some of the more obvious speculation. And good luck with your movie. Often the most constructive thing we can do is to do it ourselves.

But personally, I'd rather that people not be cheer leaders for anything other than our common values. Loose Change doesn't need people defending it. Its needs to be better, and speak for itself.

International Truth Movement

Press for truth

All im saying is that press for truth is lihop at best. It just makes the bush administration look like they were caught off guard. Not only that but it never went viral on the internet, that is direct evidence of a movie that does not appeal to many people.

a good 9/11 movie should include PNAC, northwoods, freefall collapse of towers, osamas dubious confession, black boxes, building 7, sounds of explosions, 99% of plane disintegrates at shankesville but they found a passport in the ditch! Piling up coincidences raises so much suspicion, and thats what loose change does. Loose change piles up ambiguities that need a an explanation, when you leave amibigiuties unadressed people tend to use that as support for the oct.

I was watching loose change with somebody and he said hey osama confessed, until he found out that was dubious, he actually denied involvment, and changed his view as the film piled up unanswered questions.

The Argument for showing Press for truth is that it is less confrontational. Im sorry but thats wrong, if you are making an extraordinary claim that 9/11 was an inside job to people who dont belive so you need to present the best evidence not innuendo. So i will always go with 9/11 mysteries and Loose change over PFT.

billybipbip, let's try this...

Imagine you are a life long Republican or a 60- year old person who's lifelong world-view excludes the possibility that the US government would harm it's own people intentionally or a 30 year old who is totally apolitical and does not even follow the msm news.

Now, if you show this person something that advances most or all of the facts that we know to date about the true events of 9/11 (or even the highlights you cite) most of them will be quickly overwhelmed, shut down and not even try to comprehend what you want them to understand about 9/11. This is just human nature.

However, if you sit them down in front of 9/11: Press for Truth most of them will be drawn to the compelling story of the widows struggle and their frustration with the 9/11 Commission. They will also see that the government myth has serious problems and that, at the very least, a massive cover-up is taking place. Many, if not most, will then want to know more and begin the personal journey to find the truth that we all share.

IF you are unable to relate to the above, try this simple experiment:

1) Go to a public place like a park or a mall. Pick 10 people you don't know and have never met. Choose people of different ages, genders and social/cultural/economic class. Go up to them and tell them: YOUR MOTHER IS AN AXE MURDERER AND I CAN PROVE IT ! Carefully take note of their reactions.

2) A few days later, go do a different public place and pick another random sample of people. Try to match the demographics of the first 10 as best you can for this test. Go up to them and tell them: YOUR GOVERNMENT MURDERED 3,000 PEOPLE ON 9/11 AND I CAN PROVE IT ! Carefully take note of their reactions.

3)Compare the reactions from the two days.

If you are shy, live in a small town or are concerned about getting arrested or sued, then omit step (1) and just try step (2).

Denial is alive and well in much of America, and on many issues. This is the reality we are dealing with, get used to it, deal with it, alter your tactics to counter it or be prepared to fail.

OR, maybe you just like to go around bullhorning people with "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB" and don't give a flying fire truck about getting new investigations.

You tell me.

We are all unique individuals and everyone learns and perceives differently. No one approach or film will work for everyone, just because one film has "gone viral" on the internet does not mean that it will work for people who may not even have a computer.

You could start by studying the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning and the specific methodologies associated with each. Learning basic human psychology would be useful, as well.

In order to succeed we have to reach out to EVERYONE.

btw - When and how did you learn that 9/11 was not what the msm and our government say it was?

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

dont lecture me like im some kind of junkyard dog!

You use fancy words like inductive reasons deductive reasoning to try and be fancy, but i see through your condescending charade.

Extraordinary claims require hard evidence. Physics, eyewitness testimony of bombs, conservation of momentum, pulverization, northwoods, Pnac is alot more than your straw man accusation that people like me are just Bullhorning, were not, were bringing up facts that need to be taken into consideration.

People that will be shocked by that evidence will probably never accept that 9/11 was an inside job, while people that will be open to that evidence dont need to see a video that does not provide hard evidence, which is what people need if you are making a case that 9/11 was an inside job.

Its like being a good prosecuter, you hit them with the best available evidence, making a weak case based on innuendo isnt going to work. People that are going to be shocked by the hard evidence will never beleive it anyways, while others will never believe 9/11 with only innuendo and no hard evidence.

billybipbip - I apologize

if you felt I was being condescending toward you.

This was not my intention, at all.

You should also know that I spend a lot of time in public wearing a purple shirt that says:


on it, so I'm not at all shy about promoting the pre-planned demolitions of the WTC buildings.

Having sat on three juries, including one case involving "felony homicide" I know very well how prosecutors work. The first thing they do is insure that the jury "buys" into their case, otherwise they know that no matter what else they present they will not win enough of the jury over to their side and seriously risk losing the case.

Clearly, we seem to be "talking past" each other to some degree at this point, which is regrettable. My main point is that a variety of techniques and approaches are necessary in order to reach the majority of Americans we need in order to get new investigations.

I will agree with you that 9/11: Press for Truth is usually not the best film to first show the 16 - 28 aged demographic, especially males in that group. I gave a copy of 9/11: Mysteries: Part 1, Demolitions to a HS boy yesterday for this reason.

As for my being a "charade", I have taken the last 5 months off of work and am paying myself to be a full time 9/11 Truth activist. I spend at least two hours a day in public doing outreach as well as many "behind the scenes" activities. I paid myself to go to a media conference in Memphis in January with others from the truth movement where we made a significant impact. I also paid my way to the recent AZ conference where I assisted's recording of many of the sessions there, as well as networking with many attendees at the conference. I'm a very active member of the northern CA 9/11 Truth Alliance and presently starting two other groups with plans on starting at least two additional groups (for HS and college students) after that. I am also actively working with others in organizing all the groups on the west coast in to a more effective alliance which we then hope to model in the rest of the country.

The point I want to leave you with is that we have to have a significant majority of the American people demanding new investigations into the events of 9/11 for us to get those investigations and restore our constitutional republic. We have to employ a variety of methods and materials to get that majority. We cannot afford to dismiss a significant segment of the American public if we are going to win this.

What made you aware that 9/11 was an "inside job" and when did you realize this?

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Im sure

Im sure a good prosecuter would bring up the case of the magical passports pretty quick in the opening statements! The knife, passport and bandana in Shankesville, yet 99% of the plane vanished LOL

A good prosecuter would talk about how all of the core and perimeter columns had to fail at the same time when fires have never caused stell framed tall buildings to collapse

Also how 80 floors of cold steel supporting superstructure offered about the same resistence as air would!

Loose Change and 9/11 mysteries is the way to go, this evidence I listed needs to be heard right away.

Children children

...........Let's not have arguements amoungst truthers.
I like the idea that Jules had,although most would'nt know how to do this.
So i guess it's fair to say we have some damn good stuff to watch.How to compress it down to an effective hour?.......Damn hard!
The sale is made in the first five minutes.Effective presentation is the key.Truthers must remember it's hard to concieve the idea our own goverment could allow this to happen,or worse yet that
it was responsible so.................
I would start by saying there are just to many justifiable questions left unanswered. I would tell them about the web page,and the many
video's it has. I would tell them the only way to get to the most logical conclusion is to look at everything,and DECIED FOR THEMSELVES
I still think Dr. Ray Griffen instills curiousity to the max with his Madison lecture. I would follow it up with
recomending 9/11 mysteries,and 9/11 press for truth.
I would tell them that even after that there is still an abundance more condeming information against the offical story.Norma Mineta comes to mind.
Also add all us truthers want are honest answers to many justfiable questions.

Thanks, but I also suggested...

I also suggested something we have done before, when we didn't have the time or means to edit a video together, and that is to play selected chapters from different movies. Not so difficult. And the benefits I suggested, based on my experience, still apply.

Worth considering.

International Truth Movement

Dear jifarif

....To the second question A student club would be awesome! Maybe you could add that to your intro.Or at least say to those that show more desire to look deeper show more videos in another general room.

Whats the obsession w Press for truth?

Heres a movie that got only a few thousand views vs 9/11 mysteries and loose change that have gotten millions.

If Press for truth were such an appealing movie people would be spreading it like Loose Change and theyre not, theyre not bc its boring, they watch it and forget about it, if they were so intrigued by it they would spread it to thier friends, and they are obviously not, looking at how few views it got.
hugs, billybipbip

Besides the arguing...

..haha..I am simply amazed at 30 responses in one day.

Thank you to all who gave useful the locals and any other interested folks, feel free to email.

I have also been thinking about contacting a select few celebrities that have talk or news shows (ie Montel Williams or even a Jon Stewart type). Getting them on the bandwagon obviously has alot more speaking power to the public, as we've seen with Charlie, Rosie and the others.

Again, thank you all and keep up the great work!!

billybipbip -

Please answer the following so that I may better understand you:

1) How old are you? (I'm 47)

2) Where do you live? (I live near SF, Cal)

3) How many people of what ages and backgrounds have you watched 9/11: Press for Truth with?

4) Do you really think that you'll get your points across better by shouting insults at those you seek to influence?

Be well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

danse's 'the third stage'

it's made precisely for the mtv attention span. if you're showing this in class, don't expect a feature length to go over so well. show 'the third stage' and then have a discussion afterwards. sorry, but it's the only one that makes sense to show given the circumstance. it'll keep the stoned and hungover folks interested as well. 'press for truth' will have them snoring before the opening credits roll.
"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you."Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil 89 (1886).

And arie's "WTC7 the smoking gun of 9/11"

It's compact, hard-hitting and persuasive.

Also, WTC7 is not as emotionally burdened as the Twin Towers.

interns < internets


Afterward, ask the audience if they would like to see other films in the future. Pass out DVDs of Improbable Collapse to those who want it.

70 Disturbing Facts About 9/11

John Doraemi publishes Crimes of the State Blog

johndoraemi --at--