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(Gleeson is the editor of the Winnipeg Sun, and this OpEd is also posted at his hometown paper. This is his second OpEd on "the War on Terror" in a week. Please write in support to the Winnipeg and Edmonton Sun. Also syndicated in the Toronto Sun. -r.)

Scholars debate 9/11 findings
Edmonton Sun, April 18, 2007

An unbiased observer doesn't need to look beyond what's happening on the ground today in Iraq and Afghanistan to conclude the War on Terror has been a brutal, manipulative means to a transparently self-serving end.

None of this is news, however, to proponents of "9/11 Truth," a worldwide movement that seems to keep growing despite an unofficial media blackout on their questions and investigations. So what are these "Truthers" saying?

Many people were quick to declare 9/11 a possible "inside job" based on the visible facts themselves, in particular the blanket failure of air defence, which even former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura said defied all logic and precedent. They also seized on the history (largely unknown in North America) of Pentagon-linked "false-flag" terrorist attacks in Europe during the Cold War, and CIA involvement with al-Qaida operations.

With the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, it was seen that 9/11 was amazingly fortuitous to the Bush administration, elements of which had been looking for excuses to invade both countries -- for purely strategic-commercial reasons -- in the months and years prior to the attacks.

But it was the release of the 9/11 Commission Report in 2004 that breathed full life into the 9/11 Truth Movement -- because it was now apparent to many that the "official story" relied on massive distortion and evasion.

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Also, write comments

Also, it is a good idea to write comments, I think, and vote down the low-class comments.

When you write, don't write in the low-class vein. I don't think it helps to insult people, even if they deserve it. It only tends to look bad in print.

Personally, I like to stick to questions rather than statements. Really, the questions do the job quite well.

I remain amazed at how many of the comments, even now, are from people who feel no need to actually look into the evidence. And then they say that truthers do that. How odd. They seem to believe what they are saying. How strange.

This will turn around. Keep working.

Hot Damn!!!  I sent him a

Hot Damn!!!  I sent him a letter of support asking him to follow up with a second article to actually list some of the reasons why so many people doubt the official story!

And here we areCool

Hot Damn indeed!

Hey somebigguy. It 's encouraging to know our letters can sometimes be effective. He got a lot of support from 911blogger(ers)
Here's my letter to the Sun Media in response to this article.
Toronto Sun.
Thank you Mr Gleeson for having the courage to question the official government version of 9/11. You are a credit to the journalistic trade. For the past five years and 7 months the "Mainstrean Media" has been no better investigating 9/11 than the the German media was in questioning Hitler. They are both complicit and cowardly. If it were not for the internet the Bush administration and the perpetrators of this crime may have gotten away with it. Instead, we the people have been able to scutinize every detail of that fatefull day and we have come to the obvious conclusion that 9/11 was an inside job.
On behalf of all citizens who deserve truth, justice and democracy, please continue to allow Mr Gleeson to express his opinions and investigate the lies and inconsistencies around 9/11.
Thank you. Sincerely.

Netscape as well please

It is an excellent indicator

of the state of things that the mere reporting of facts in the media appears like a dream -- and that it isn't!

interns < internets


Believe it or not, just like a letter writing campaign, sending many letters of support via e-mail will encourage more action to be taken.

Please send this editor a genuine token of thanks.

If we each do our little part, taking this beast down is certainly within reach.



Wow! That was a great

Wow! That was a great piece!


Winnepeg, Calgary and Edmonton, oh my!

Next stop, Vancouver. Apparently there's a great 9/11 truth group in Van.

It would be nice to see the news go there, then bounce back to Toronto, and then things'll start to get REALLY interesting..!

I will write him today a note of thanks.
On the 11th day, of every month.

Robert, are you in

Robert, are you in Toronto?

If so, sign up to this Toronto 9/11 Meetup Group:


I sent this

Dear Mr Gleeson,

thank you for your important and insightful articles regarding 9/11 Truth.

I'm a Finn who has been a sort of activist in these issues for two years. My WTC 7 analyses can be found at


The former contains detailed collapse time measurements as well as statements from several professionals, including a Finnish Doctor of Engineering and two Swiss construction professors. The latter shows that the NIST picture depicting a seriously damaged WTC 7 corner is quite likely Photoshopped.

That WTC 7 was a controlled demolition can simply be proven as follows:

1) In a vacuum, an object falls the height of WTC 7 in 5.95 seconds. An object falling in a vacuum doesn't crush, twist or displace anything - not even air. If WTC 7 had collapsed in 5.95 seconds, there would not have been even air between its roof and the ground, let alone the rest of the building.
2) WTC 7 collapsed into a rubble pile in approximately 6.5 seconds.
3) As an object falling freely does not crush or twist anything, the time available for gravitational crushing or twisting of the building's ~80 steel columns throughout its 47 floors is slightly over 0.5 seconds (6.5 - 5.95 seconds), ie ~0.01 seconds per floor ( 0.5 / 47).
4) This is not enough even in theory for a total gravitational collapse.
5) Ergo, the structural resistance was removed by means of explosives.

However, I think it should be enough just to watch a video of the building collapsing. A colleague put it succinctly: "Building comes down like that. Of course it is a controlled demolition. How stupid can people be?"

Whenever the representatives of the official story talk about the collapses, they never talk about how fast the three buildings came down. They just say that they "collapsed".

I doubt the short-lived fires in the towers would have weakened a single steel beam to the point of collapse. Even NIST states that the fires burned out in about 20 minutes in any given location. And even if some steel supports would have given in, how would that have translated into the total collapse of an entire floor, let alone the symmetrical total collapse of all floors at near-freefall speed?

Finally, as another colleague pointed out, when important evidence is destroyed, alarm bells should be ringing. The remains of WTC 7 in particular would have been easy to investigate on the spot - and the repercussions for building safety etc. were enormous if it collapsed from fire. The surrounding streets could easily have been opened for traffic during the investigations. But the evidence was destroyed in a matter of months (NIST: "no steel was recovered from WTC 7").

I think we are living in a dark age of politicized science and controlled media. Your article is a healthy step in the right direction. Please continue and encourage others to defend the truth.

Best regards,

I like your analysis!

Same principal applies to the South and North Towers, where the only available alotted timeframe for all the breaking and snapping to occur amounts to one or two seconds only, for the entire remaining length of undamaged structure beneath the impact and fire area, where total free fall time in air alone, is between 10-12 seconds and in a vacuum, 9.2 seconds. So it's total free fall for WTC7 and NEAR total free fall in nothing but air for the Twin Towers unless you go by the 9/11 Commission Report and the NIST FAQ - then it's total free fall in nothing but air, period.
On the 11th day, of every month.


"available alotted timeframe... for the entire remaining length of undamaged structure beneath the impact and fire area"

AND for the undamaged structure ABOVE the impact and fire area! The upper parts, too, were completely disintegrated.

Which raises the question of how the upper parts could have both destroyed everything below and be completely destroyed themselves.

Don't the science journals and professors supporting the official explanations have ANY problems with these issues?

One question Vesa

Hello Vesa,

Thank you very much for your excellent letter, and the pointers to your great sites, on WTC7. I also am fully aware that 9/11 was an inside job, so do not take this question as a challange. But I want the strongest possible case to be made, and it seems you can help in this.

At http://wtc7corner.blogspot.com/ you show evidence that one photo of WTC7 southwest corner damage used by NIST is photoshoppped.

My question is have you also looked at: image L22-b on page L21 of:


To me this appears to be another shot, from a different angle, of the damaged southwest corner, showing that same ragged edge. My question is, are you aware of this photo? Is it also photoshopped or what is going on with it?

Please include this in your great web page if you have anything to say about it.

No matter what thank you very much for your great analysis and writing.


Actually, I had seen that picture, but had forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me.

Here is another picture of the same corner:


In that picture the upper part of WTC 7's corner somehow disappears into... whiteness, while the corner of the building right next to it does not.

In any case, there is a clear difference between Zafar's photo and the NIST photos.

What is your take on all this?

> What is your take on all

> What is your take on all this?

The only things that puzzles me is, if the edge photo that you analyzed so nicely is photoshopped, and then also this one that I referred to above, and then maybe even this "Terrorist12.jpg" shot you have now added, then WHY have they gone to so much trouble to photoshop ragged edges on the southwest corner, when, according to their own analysis, it is NOT that southwest corner damage that brought down the building.

To them, that corner damage was merely incidental. The crucial thing for NIST analysis is the full-on full-face central South face damage (that they allege took out actual support column(s)). They don't really publish good photo evidence of that.

However, there is a video of South face damage, below:


In this you can see something about the 28 second mark that may look like a vertical gash, or be promoted as such, but murky to me.

So my real core question is: if they have gone to so much trouble and risk to photoshop the non-crucial (to them) southwest corner damage pics, why not do the same, or more, with South face damage material?


Don't worry I know it was an inside job. But for rational debate we should be prepared to analyze at this level of detail.

Very good points

I'll need to modify my page. I'm still puzzled why so few pictures of Seven have surfaced.

If the sw corner damage is real, when did it occur? It should have occurred after Aman Zafar had captured his photo at around 2 p.m. What caused the corner to crumble so late? Are there reports of the corner crumbling late in the afternoon?

Someone plausibly explained the vertical gash as part of the outer "exoskeleton" (I don't know the more precise term) of the building as having been "peeled off" by debris hitting the building from high up.

Waxman backing out of Edmonds date?

More lukery on dkos


AIPAC in control?

Bush speech(16/04/07) suggests more 9/11

Another strange threat-like reference to 9/11 on ThinkProgress


"the enemies who attacked us on September the 11th, 2001 want to bring further destruction to our country"

This may be an important clip. Interesting at least.

(Sorry for the OT's but sombody may want to blog these).

Take his word for it.

I believe he may have remarkably intimate knowledge of the plans of these enemies. The enemies may well have told him their plans, in no uncertain terms, quite recently. We'll need to take this seriously, I believe.

Re: "Scholars Debate 9/11 Findings"

John Gleeson,

Thank you for writing your recent article "Scholars Debate 9/11 Findings". Mysteries and anomalies about 9/11 are rarely reported although it has become more and more common that the information is getting through to mainstream journalists like yourself. There was a recent article in the Calgary Herald, "The curious tale of the other world trade center tower", that discussed the collapse of WTC7. Continue your fearless journalism John, you've hit a gold whale of a story.

I would also like point out that professor Michael Keefer from University of Guelph has also been speaking out. He has been giving talks at the Brunswick theatre in Toronto about 9/11 anomalies, and CSIS infiltration and instigation of muslim groups in Toronto that led to the arrest of 17 muslim youths.


Aaron Russo Alert!!!!!

I just got this e-mail and wanted to spread the word.

To AFTF Volunteers and Patriots Everywhere...
Please view our premiere video "Digital Action Alert" regarding the
upcoming "American Truck Out Rally" and help STOP THE NORTH AMERICAN
This rally will raise awareness about the North American Union by
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This is the first digital video alert from Aaron with more coming soon!
Please distribute far and wide and tell everyone you know to watch the
video, get involved and help to restore the republic.

APRIL 16th, 2007 DIGITAL ACTION ALERT---Join the American Truck Out




For more info on the Truck Out:

To sign on as an AFTF Volunteer visit us online at

Samuel Anthony Ettaro
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I forgot to add

For those 9/11 truthers who aren't familiar with Aaron Russo and his work here is an interview with Alex Jones. During the interview Aaron states that 9/11 was an inside job. He is one of us and deserves our full support. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3218585954111617501&q=aaron+russ...


Page 20 of the hard copy edition today (April 18, 2007)

Canada Rocks

Right ON! Yeah!

Every million more people counts!

P.S. Press release and video from Louder Than Words regarding the upcoming release of Loose Change, Final Cut with Charlie Sheen, expected by weeks end! Dylan has indicated that we should be all smiles..!
On the 11th day, of every month.

I like to imagine..

future historians, sifting through every tidbit regarding this latest chapter, or episode, of historic insanity, including things like how Dr. Philip D. Zelikow, the Bush admin appointed Chairman of the 9/11 Commission is a specialist in enduring myths which shape history (whether they be true or not). I'm of the firm belief that the historical record will be set straight regarding this entire fiasco.

P.S. Zelikow is currently a Professor of History at the University of Virginia.

Can anyone produce an email for him there? I think it would be fun to taunt him, at the irony that he's a Professor of History and how future history, looking back on his blatant cover-up of the "Crime of the Century" will not be very kind to the likes of him.
On the 11th day, of every month.

Why not taunt NIST too?

I've been thinking of approaching NIST with the same thing in mind -- to point out that their reputation will be thoroughly destroyed by their WTC "investigation" fiasco. This should be done before they release their WTC 7 report. I wonder what S. Shyam Sunder's email address is...

Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword

Indeed we should start emailing perps and perp supporters more often, and give them a very sharp and pointed piece of our mind. Put them on notice directly. Some say it will make no difference, and they will simply press delete and move on. At first maybe, when when it continues, and they see the mental caliber and influence of the people they're dealing with, and how those people represent a movement, a groundswell, they just might begin to see the writing on the wall. Remember, that which you resist, persists and what you focus on, expands. Therefore, we want to turn the tables on these pricks, and make darn shure that they are consciously aware as they continue to perpetrate crimes of deception and cover-up that they do so in diametric opposition to the powerful and mysterious flow of history itself. Put the fear of God into them in other words - change the whole dynamic, making them fear the people, and not the other way around...

They need to be aware of the fact that they are on the WRONG side of history, and that there is nothing they can do about that, and that, contrary to the beliefs of Zelikow, the domain of future history has exceeded their grasp, and it now well beyond their control.

As Kevin Barrett pointed out last night, theirs is a one to many medium, whereas ours is a many to many, with a powerful dynamic of continuance, and growth, driving it, born of the powerful human urge to know truth and to be aware.

With Zelikow's email addy, I do believe that we could scare the living shit out of him, armed with nothing but the sword of truth!
On the 11th day, of every month.


9/11 Blogger ROCKS!



On the 11th day, of every month. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Q9nRs8cu5Y&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Ftruthaction...

What's wrong with you people

What's wrong with you people and your non-existent research skills. Sunder's e-mail address can be seen on NIST website. Is that too much research?

BTW, I would gladly debate you in Finnish.

has anyone actually seen any of his work on that?

I'm curious what things he talks about being public myths? Surely it's not urban legend type stuff like croks in the sewers, etc. So spill it, Zellie--what ELSE have we been lied to about? I mean, as everyone knows we really did put men on the moon 40 years ago and never again since, and the holocaust most assuredly involved a plan to exterminate all jews in mass gassings and huge ovens. So what are the other big public myths other than 9/11? And can anyone link to a paper or book by Zelikow on the subject?


Real Truther a.k.a. Verdadero Verdadero

WTCdemolition.com - Harvard Task Force


Toronto Rocks

Like somebigguy noted earlier. If you're in Toronto join us here.

A Win for Winnipeg

I sent John an email after his first article detailing him on the exact points he wrote about in today's article. NORAD, Building 7, Controlled Demolition etc.
I'm certain we wouldn't be seeing this article today if I'd not written him after the first one. The first article has received many letters to the editor, all but one in complete agreement. Send him props for this article and barrage the newspapers with emails and letters of support. No need to give me props but I've offered to give him any and all info. he may want for future articles.

We're winning people. We're winning.

winnipeg truther

I am from GTA but I'll be going through Winnipeg starting on sunday and then again next sunday. What is going on with truth in Winnipeg these days? I was there for Barrie's book tour but I haven't heard any news since.