The film Shooter and 9/11

This might not be story-breaking news on the false-flag operation we know as 9/11 but, I found this crafty message to be rather brilliant in this time of fascism in the US of A.
The whole film is pro-truth-movement but, I found one scene to be rather refreshing.
I might be presuming a tad but, knowing a tad about films I know that certain items placed on the set are placed for a reason and after watching the film I know this certain item was placed for a reason. The same goes for the dialogue spoken by the characters.

At about 9:15-9:25 the film displays that crafty message I was talking about: the film zooms into Mark’s characters sitting at his computer desk and clearly at the right-hand corner is the official 9/11 commissions report and as he turns on his computer with the report still in the camera’s view he says, “Let’s see what lies they [the US government] are trying to sell us today.”

I don’t know about you but I found this to be subliminally fantastic.
The film is packed of these types of messages but, I found this one to be the paramount.

It seems the writer, director, and may be the producers are subliminally supporting the 9/11 truth movement without blasting it without bullhorns.

It would be pleasant if they would come out with their support nationally; so I call everyone to send a message to at least the writer and director about this.


I agree, that was a great scene: the authority with which the character delivered that line was very convincing. I'm not sure how subliminal you could call it though, it seemed pretty clear to me.

Given the ending of the film (say no more) I don't think the truth movement will gain much in endorsing this film too wholeheartedly due to its politically incorrect pro murder vigilantism.

Great movie nonethless!

The Film

What is the film's name and where can I watch it?

The film is called "SHOOTER"...

Link :

Probably floating around P2P sites and binary newsgroups...

Not sure of DVD / what Cinemas showing it.

Best wishes


I am talking about subliminal to most of the average Americans who watch American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and Lost and cannot be bothered with 9/11 truth.

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I am glad other people have picked this up.