Guns and Butter 1pm Today - An Air Traffic Controller Looks at the Events of 9/11

Guns & Butter
Wednesday, April 18th, 2007, 1:00PM

Interview with pilot and former air traffic controller, Robin Hordon. The job of air traffic control; Flight AA11; the hijack versus the emergency protocol; war games and radar screen blips; remote control of aircraft, i.e., flight director; and Flight AA 77. Robin Hordon is a member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth. Visit their website at

Guns and Butter airs at 1pm Pacific on KPFA 94.1FM Berkeley, and streaming and archived at

Looking forward to this very much, is it Bonny ?

Love gunsandbutter very much

Thanks Yarrow and best wishes


It's Bonnie Faulkner, and you're very welcome :)

I was the one who contacted Pilots and got Robin Hordon in touch with Bonnie, and I'll be doing the final production later this week. Tod Fletcher provided very important production assistance as well.


I thought Guns and Butter on KPFA was Ralph Schoenman's show--in part, at least, but I don't see any mention of him on the website. Is there more than one program by that name, or am I just confused?


He used to be a regular contributer/producer, for about a year, but the show has always been produced by Bonnie Faulkner and myself (except for the very first few, which were co-produced by Kellia Ramares)


Spend a week at Great brain food.

Reply from Bonnie

I wrote Bonnie thanking the program for this interview. Here's her response.

"Thank you for your feedback on today's show. It's much appreciated. It was a
hard show to put together, and I'm glad it came off well.

All the best,

Don't forget to show support to all of the patriots coming forward!

She does the best interviews, I have heard...

The show has no ad breaks, she never interrupts and her voice is to die for...

I am definately a BIGTIME fan of G&B... They rule

Best wishes and thanks for the feedback response...


I forwarded your comment to Bonnie, and I'm sure she will appreciate it very much. It's the sort of thing that keeps us going.

Yes, it was a great interview, very informative

and I, too, love her voice.

Major props to Ms. Faulkner, she's pure platinum at KPFA.

I'm in the SF bay area, please let us know how we can help the show.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Finally some one makes sense of the aircraft aspects of 911!

From a industry worker's and an Line Avionic Aircraft Engineer's point of view, I can not recomend listening to this round up of aerospace aspects of September 11 by Robin Hordon.

I can not stress enough if you want to understand how it was these aircraft made it to their targets YOU MUST LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW!

Absolutely excellent!!

Kind regards John

Licensed Aircraft Maintenace Engineer Avionics(20 years)
Boeing 737 series, 767 series and 747 series


Is this what you meant?

'I can not recomend listening to this round up of aerospace aspects of September 11 by Robin Hordon.'

That really doesn't translate in the context of your overall message. Might you have meant to include the words 'strongly enough' between 'recommend' and 'listening'?

Two screaming kids, yeh you know what I meant, sorry!


Are they in that wonderful "house trashing" phase, too?

Aren't kids grand?

Enjoy the screaming while you can, as teenagers they will probably disappear into silent Ipod land.

(Actually, I have a great relationship with my two daughters and most of their friends who I get to know quite well while driving them everywhere.....LOL)


The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


Its pay bac k time . . . I have three 13 and under . . . they are asleep so I can use the computer.

They have given reason to my existence and that is the greatest gift anyone could have given me.

if you enjoy bad journalism . . .

That was excellent

dropping off the archive link for future reference.

interns < internets

Direct link to downloadable mp3

Took a bit of sleuthing to find the direct downloadable link hidden in that Flash code:

Plans fly themselves

If you think in terms of "soundbites", the one that comes to my mind after listening to this interview is:

Planes fly themselves, pilots for the most part operate the computers that fly the planes.

The planes won't let the pilots perform dangerous manuevers.