A Matter of Empire

We live in a moment of unparalleled opportunity and lethal imperative. The 9/11 Truth Movement propels the paramount impetus for initiating a global movement with the power of transforming fundamental human precepts and systems. That this revolutionary potential exists within the context of the present power structure is a cause for doubt that the movement will manifest fully, as the formidable threat the prospect of success poses to those in power – those responsible for sustaining the conditions in which 9/11 was cultivated – is such that it jeopardizes the entire pursuit and maintenance of Empire, with greatly profound implications for humanity.

Clearly, the road ahead is uncertain. We see steps taken by our government attempting to suppress this swelling movement, which, if it were to continue uninterrupted, would, at the very least, prompt a reinvestigation of 9/11, resulting in the appropriate trials and sentencing of those found guilty of treason and mass-murder. Obvious steps assume the form of legislation and administrative action which may serve to identify those involved in this and other dissident movements. The USA PATRIOT Act and NSA wiretapping programs are useful in this regard. The Military Commissions Act of 2006 has suspended habeas corpus (the right to contest the charges of ones arrest and detention) for all those deemed to be “enemy combatants,” while qualifying US citizens to be considered as such. Lastly, as the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007 revises the Constitution’s Insurrection Act, effectively facilitating Martial Law, and as Homeland Security has given Kellogg Brown and Root 385 million dollars to build detention centers in the United States, our government is preparing for any widespread civil uprising that may result from organized masses demanding accountability and change. Such is the imperative.

Our government and the dominant groups that work with it may find it necessary to implement and continue to use the above means of control because any threat that may halt or hinder the expansion Empire and their power, as this movement has the potential to do, would need to be stopped. We should be asking ourselves what then are our true objectives? Will those composing and that will compose the 9/11 Truth Movement be satisfied if, in a decade from now, the criminals apparently responsible for executing and allowing 9/11 are tried and sentence to life in prison?

If we perceive 9/11 as a symptom of the disease, a crime rooted in structural elements of our government and commanding financial institutions (both evident and hidden, local and global), and in the perennially malicious dispositions of those in power, then unless the system changes, we should expect that such “false-flag” operations will proceed under unaccountable government in the future, both here and abroad. But not only this, when all is said and done for those that push forth the 9/11 Truth Movement, if we still live in a state advancing the military industrial complex, war, and capital punishment, if the two party system still dominates the political landscape and if the US Space Command achieves “Full Spectrum Dominance," phenomena facilitating pollution and the privatization and ravaging of natural resources by transnational corporations; if poverty, environmental destruction, modern slavery, preventable diseases, and nuclear proliferation continue – slaughtering nature, ensuring war, and enslaving humanity – then we will have lost this struggle. Therefore we must not be satisfied solely with a concessionary reinvestigation.

Through exposing 9/11 and the unchanged conditions which allowed it to occur, we have a chance to transform the way in which government is perceived and operates, and to once and for all abolish the treacherous realities described above. Indeed, we have an opportunity to transform the way in which humans perceive each other, a prerequisite for achieving universal and everlasting peace and freedom. The advantage of unveiling to the world the dementia of our "leaders" provides us with a rare window of opportunity to demand and create total system change. And it is absolutely vital that this opportunity be seized, not only because the present course is so dangerous, as humanity and the planet are losing time in our descent toward chaos, but if and when another opportunity surfaces, it may be too late to capitalize upon; thus, there is no middle ground. Such is the importance of exposing 9/11.

There is nothing preventing us from shifting the balance of power and changing the world. There is nothing that says we cannot create a more just global society, one without war, violence, environmental destruction, racism, ignorance, poverty, economic disparities, empires, or even money. We have little to lose and everything to gain. All that is necessary is the vision and will.

-Aaron Dames
San Francisco, February 2007