Do we need a new national poll on 9/11 at this time?

A few weeks ago we had a very spirited thread on a blog about the need for a new national poll asking 9/11-related questions.

I happen to think that a new poll would be of great value. It would give us more recent numbers to present to the msm, refute their constant attempts to marginalize the 9/11 Truth movement and the polling organization's independent press release would be a "credible" msm news story and could, depending on the results, spark a firestorm of news stories and opinion pieces. A new poll, carefully crafted, would also give us quantitative data on exactly what is getting through to the general public and let us know where we should increase our focus, among other things.

Two weeks ago I presented the idea of being the lead sponsoring group for a new poll to the monthly San Francisco meeting of the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance. Many were concerned that it was not the best use of our (the movement's) limited financial resources. I offered to take the lead in organizing and managing the process of commissioning a new poll, which I would do openly with frequent reports posted here on 911Blogger as well as on the site and anywhere else we think it necessary and appropriate. Of course, I would support any established 9/11 Truth group or organization taking the lead on this and would be happy to work with them to make it happen. The twenty or so members present at the meeting engaged in a good debate and there was no consensus on whether or not to proceed at that time. I tabled the proposal with the understanding that I would bring this back to them at a future meeting. (While we meet in Oakland tonight I won't necessarily bring it back up at this meeting, I should've posted this a few days ago)

I'm not aware of anyone in the Truth movement planning on commissioning a new poll at this time.

Thus, I ask my fellow 9/11 bloggers, do we want to raise money and commission a new national poll on 9/11 at this time?

If so, then we can proceed with the process and begin shaping the questions for the poll.

Let the debate begin.

The truth shall set us free.


I recently saw a couple of

I recently saw a couple of emails on this same question.. (who did the last major zogby poll) said they are planning on doing another poll this year:
Another national poll with fresh questions for the time period between July 4 and September 11, 2007. has generated a great deal of publicity for 9/11 skepticism through the device of public polling. The two Zogby polls we commissioned received significant press coverage and, more importantly, reveal that support for 9/11 truth is far wider than mainstream news agencies are comfortable reporting. is looking for donations to help them meet that goal and others..

if anyone decides to do it themselves it might be worth talking with them to see the cost you can expect, and perhaps use to help raise the money (just be sure to factor in paypal and their cost!).. otherwise it might be worthwhile to just help out since they have done these 2 times in the past now.

Yeah I'd love to see a new more current poll, but I agree with dz that we should organize it through if they've had success with it in the past and since they are interested in doing one in the near future. I also think the past publicity they've gained would be another reason to do it again through them. They seem to have the system down.

Here is their contact information: (for anyone interested)

Maybe we could coordinate with them to help bring the poll to the people sooner rather than later. I'm sure they'd also enjoy the help in fundraising for the event.

Peace. and Onward!

a proposition

using a site like fundable, have people pledge $$ to **individual questions**, and when you have enough questions totalling enough pledges you go with those. I suggest this because I would gladly contribute up to several hundred dollars to such a poll IF it included at least one question that I thought was worth it. What I would not contribute a dime to is an effort which could end up resulting in 2 or 3 questions that I could care less to see asked of the American people.... thoughts?


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Time to phrase appropriate questions

with all the nuances and ambiguities of language, this is of paramount importance.

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I didn't get the memo about commissioning a new poll. (wee joke) I'll have to check into that.

I'm in a frame of mind now where I really don't want to leave anything to chance or overlook clear tactical and strategic moves and I happen to think that now is an excellent time to do a more thorough poll.

That said, should a new and useful poll not be in the works by others, my offer to help manage (as and if needed) the process stands.

It wouldn't hurt to bounce around the kind of questions we want to see asked.

Thanks dz for the info and all the work you put into 911Blogger.


Please enjoy the day, y'all.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


I haven't heard anybody pointing out Italian literature Nobel Prize Laureate Dario Fo` . From what I've understood, he's definitely supporting the Truth Movement and will be narrating an upcoming italian film on 9/11that presents evidence for it being an inside job.