Huff the House Down

Professor huffed "9/11 Lies: Another Basis for Impeachment". Please vote for the essay right here.

Impeachment is in the air, and we need to get 9/11 in the mix.

My theory is that the administration's falsely linking Iraq and 9/11 is a no-brainer, even for chickens in Congress. And that -- if we can get that false link in the articles of impeachment -- it will open up the whole can of worms about what really did happen on 9/11.

Huff It!

Huff it real good.


"Impeach Bush Yourself" as a private citizen

"Impeach for Peace, a Minnesota-based impeachment group, has researched a method for impeaching the president using a little known and rarely used part of the Rules of the House of Representatives ("Jefferson’s Manual"). This document actually empowers individual citizens to initiate the impeachment process themselves."

Articles of Impeachment To Be Filed On Vice President Dick Cheney

"Kucinich's office had no comment on the Congressman's "Dear Colleague" letter -- which apparently was drafted over the weekend, before the school massacre -- or on what the focus of articles of impeachment against Cheney would be.

But Kucinich shouldn't hold his breath on getting anywhere with his impeachment plan. "We'll see a Kucinich Administration before we'll see a Cheney impeachment," quipped one Democratic aide.

Here is the text of his letter, a copy of which was forwarded to the Sleuth:

April 17, 2007

Dear Colleague:

This week I intend to introduce Articles of Impeachment with respect to the conduct of Vice President Cheney. Please have your staff contact my office . . . if you would like to receive a confidential copy of the document prior to its introduction in the House.



Dennis J. Kucinich

Member of Congress"

“We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality."