My nasty little thought

I had a nasty little thought recently and I'd like to run it past the 911 community for reaction. Here it is:

If, as seems likely, 911 WAS an inside job, then that says a lot about the bush regime. It says that they WILL sacrifice their own countrymen for a reason meaningful to them. It says that their agenda is more important to them than the national constitution, the wishes of the population and the rule of law.

It also implies that there may be more events equally contrived and cataclysmic in the making.

Ok. So. We know that for every US soldier in Iraq there is a paid mercenary soldier [roughly 150,000]. These guys may, or may not, be american. They fight for money and nothing else. They owe allegience to their paymaster and no one else.

Now. If I was a very bad person and wanted to stay in power long after the rule of law [which I have already ignored] says I should step down, what might I do?

Well for a start I'd get rid of as many of the opposition as possible.

If they are civilian opponents I'd discredit or fire them [Plame, US attorneys]. If they were potential military opponents, as commander in chief, I'd arrange to have them sent as far away as possible and keep them there as long as possible - Hey! Why not Iraq?

Then, I'd sit tight, firing, sending and digging my toes in like mad until the next election. If I were to win... No problem. The troops can come home and all is forgiven. But were I to lose... "Ok boys [I'm talking to the mercenaries here who sometime between now and 2008 have suddenly been redeployed to the continental US], up and at em!" Putting it simply, I'd stage a coup.

Now I know that this is america and things like that don't happen here but... Neither do we demolish buildings full of US citizens.

Just think about it. The evidence is totally circumstantial but the potential is definitely there.

I look forward to reading the responses.

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If my dog could talk...

I'll wager he would be more informed & eloquent than yourself. There's really no excuse for such ignorance, unless it's not ignorance at all but shilling for your masters.... Say, you & my dog have a lot in common.

"Not JUST the money, but it sure is nice."

There are numerous dynamics and speculations that can be at play and second guessed. However, speaking from personal interaction with numerous types and styles of "mercenaries", I would offer that there are a few largely common threads shared by many which they rarely deny (they are surprisingly forthright in person, as a general rule);

1) They are embracers of high adrenaline activities and general excitement.

2) Tendencies towards hyper-macho expression to a point willingly blurring the line between heterosexual and/or homosexual dominance over others. Homosexual "fun and games" are common place, especially within view of more 'innocent' public seemingly, for its potent shock value.

3) A less-nuanced, apolitical/amoral world view often reduced to sentiments such as "It's a Prey vs. Predator world... I might as well get paid to be the predator I must be to survive."

4) Not immune, but very thick skinned for good reason, yet can be highly resistant to the dynamic of shame.

It is important to point out, that people like this are often observant and gifted communicators. At a social party or like setting where an 'other' person is not viewed as threatening nor judgmental (keep it to yourself basically, when interacting with this often 250+ lb. human animal)... they can be VERY entertaining, humorous, and brilliant commentators on sociology.

Ironic, with such an ability to 'see' and 'know' the world around them, they rarely seem interested in voicing opinion or vision about ways towards bettering the overall human condition. Maybe a kind of 'fatalist' outlook and lack, or resist, seeing one's self as a potent and capable participant in ideas larger then the immediate local.

In itself, I can not fault such a person NOT so easily carried away with delusions of grander, on the other hand such a person inversely denies their true affect upon The Whole.

If such a theses holds more truism than falsity... then keys to both undermining the mercenaries utility to bastard causes exist alongside with hijacking them for better ones.

My friends have already agreed.

Asymmetrical warfare is a bitch... isn't it.

I'm starting to get knackered, Jimbo...

It's exhuasting running you down from thread to thread. But if that's what Jenny has to do...

You debunks are real experts at cowardice, aren't you?

So, how did you and Pat determine the hoax "Pat" and the fake "Nico" come from the same place? I mean, since you're NOT working together? Lay it on me with that COLD, HARD LOGIC you claim to have.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Screw Loose has switched to Haloscan all because of ME!

You shouldn't have! LOL!

Wouldn't it have just been EASIER to tell me how you and Pat tracked down the imposters? Like how Jimbo says" don't whine to us"--odd, considering HE'S been the only one whining. ;-P

Now many of you may be wondering why I'm wasting my time with these tossers over this and many other issues. It's simple--IF James Bennet and Patrick Curley are connected or sharing info with Nico or Rick Seigel AND it can be proven beyond a doubt, THEN their credibility as "debunkers" is FINISHED.

Well, that's me. ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

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So is that a confession? You DO share shite with Nico Haupt?

BTW--"Sharing" is not "corresponding", which is I think what you're TRYING to say. "Sharing" implies working together; "corresponding" implies exchanging communications. Pat really IS the better writer, love.

As for the rest of you rubbish, please. The "backstabbers" are not the leaders or bulk of 911activism--prat.

So, what do you think of this piece of work:

A fine example of COLD, HARD debunk LOGIC, eh? Is this tosser one of your "socks"?


Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

It's mind-boggling.

Nico is allowed to spew his crap all over their comments, even when their own fans object, but they can't handle Jenny.


Did I come in halfway on something here?

Am I supposed to not understand a word of what you guys are talking about or did my Babel Fish just die?

You poor bugger! LOL !;-)

Don't worry--feel free to ingore this shite if you don't have a reference. It's just debunks squirming because Jenny's on to them--nothing important. ;-)

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

I don't think that the normal US Soldier

would come back and kill his friends just because they disagreed with them.

I do think that the Rule of Law has been successfully corrupted by the Bush Crime family. The Department of Justice has turned into the Department of Injustice.

Rather that prosecuting Border Security Guards for doing their job, the federal prosecutor gave immunity to the illegal immigrant drug smuggler that they were shooting at to testify at their trial.
Maybe the federal prosecutor was bucking for the job as Attorney General after Gonzales is thrown out. My feeling is that Gonzales is going to force Congress to fire him. As a "loyal bushie" there is no other way.

If it isn't obvious by know, it should be known that every little scandal the involves the White House ends up being dragged out with as long as possible. The longer that Congress spends with Gonzales the longer that Congress won't be able to look at him.
There will be verbal abuses, lack of cooperation, intentional hindrances, confusion created, errors, misstatements and anything else that can be thought of to thwart the truth. Without regard for how many innocent people may get hurt in the process. I used the term "hurt" but it is not to mean just the physical pain or death. There are other ways of hurting people also such as mental cruelty, financially, politically, etc.

You have to remember you are dealing with a member of Skull & Bones.

President can do no wrong

Either signing statements or interpretation of the constitution by this regime states: If done for national security reasons, the president can do nothing illegal.

I think we are in real trouble here, and your scenario is plausible.

Let's find Peace

It is entirely possible than he isn't aware

of all the covert ops that are going on.

Halibuton's subsidiary in Iran has hundreds of "contractors" who knows what they are doing.

Columbia has issued the equivalent of an Arrest Warrant for 3 Israelis for training troops in Columbia for the drug smuggler.

Thanks for your comments and let us hope that we find peace.

You're citing Colombia, the country, yes?

And not Columbia the university or the river.

Sorry, I get real picky about geographical names, part of being raised by a map freak (I'm one, too).

Please ignore the map reading, dancing fool on the hill and proceed.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


While the US was looking to shut him down the 3 were training his army for him.

Great article

I agree with you that they won't go down without a fight. Even if everything they've ever done is exposed to the entire planet for everyone to see, they STILL would attempt to keep their power intact. This elite body has rabies and will behave as a rabid dog would: "by any means necessary" to hold onto their power. I wouldn't be surprised if they sent hitmen to individuals' homes before too long.

We're going to have to start hitting the streets very very soon, I'm afraid...en masse. We might end up in the middle of the next Civil War. So be it if that's what it'll take.

all bush has to do is

declare martial law. All he needs is the contrived excuse (bird flu, 'terrorist attack' etc.) and every body (well, the mass of people) would go along. The media woud justify it. And if you need a little 'home discipline'.... you got Blackwater.

this all has been well-discussed elsewhere and the scenario is quite real, plausible and could be effected very completely.

Also, would most likely occur in conjunction with an event that would precipitate the actual move to the NAU.

No sweat.

Oh, and remember, Bush and Cheney are but 'middle management'.