Youtube Censors And Cheats 9/11 TRUTH (What should we do about this)

Somebody Please Let Alex Jones Team and Other Supporters in the 9/11 Truth Movement Know about this.

This BBC Wtc-7 foreknlege Has 390,000 views and 9400 Comments:

With 9400 Comments:

It should be #8 In HONORS in Most Discussed for ALL TIME in NEWS and Policits. and its not!!!

It should be #26 in HONORS in Most Discussed for ALL TIME, In ALL TIME and its not!!

We have just shy of 400k Views, They have been cheating us for over a month, If they would have done it fair, We would have had over 1 Million More people See this Video, Totalling 1.4 Million Instead of 400k. as a result of those 2 extra honors.

If it was just an honest mistake, YOUTUBE Should Give this clip the exposure it missed in the past. I hope you guys understand what im saying.

What should we do about this????

In addition to being worried

In addition to being worried about ratings of videos you might want to apply some of what you learned about 9/11 from those videos.

I have recently discovered that Yahoo has a feature where people can ask questions as well as answer the questions asked.

I have been quite surprised about how little people know about 9/11. I answered a question yesterday where the person asked about the collapses of WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7. He had thought that each of them had been hit by a plane.
My response not only set him straight that WTC 7 was not hit by a plane but surprisingly I was able to list 16 or 17 other abnormalities that I knew. And suggested that he go to the following website which makes 9/11 videos available for free downloads and add the link.

I love being given the ability to respond to one person who is interested enough to ask the question. I mention in every question that it is appropriate to include links to the Free downloads. The Yahoo feature is international in nature.

If someone asks a question about the Pentagon flight I include this link

There are some very silly questions there. Sometimes they ask things like How would Bill Clinton have treated 9/11. In my reply I tell them that it is my opinion that if the 2000 presidential election voter fraud in Florida didn't force the US Supreme Court Judges that included appointees that were made by his father years ago and Florida did not have his brother Jeb as governor 9/11 probably wouldn't have happened.

The reason they went through all that trouble to get GW into the White House was that a great deal of money had changed hands and the plans were made with the "type of people that you can't say no to".

I thank them for their interest and include a link to the free video website where they can learn more and if I think it is appropriate at the time I may include a link to the 911blogger just to let them know that there are people who are asking questions. It isn't just them and I ask them to join us finding the truth.

I think at my last count that 11 of my answers have been selected as a "Best Answer" but the exposure of having the answer being read by so many people is fantastic.

Nobody can do everything but everybody can do something. Do whatever you can. I hate the TV commercial that says "Watch what happens".
Be part of history as it is happening and do whatever you can do. Nobody can ask more of you.


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No worries

it illustrates the point quite perfectly.


Both my submissions have gone, the Winnipeg Sun article and the BBC WTC7 vid (your idea sleepy2k23!!!!) which had 100s of comments. Looks like the thought police are over there as well like you thought. Nevermind.

Fighting Censorship.

Great eye Sleepy. I prefer Google Video to YouTube, but I also know they are owned by the same group. I don't know why so much censorship is occurring about these basic patriotic questions. We need contact information to tell YouTube of our observations. We also need to fill out information for all other areas of the Net that don't participate in this censorship. Yahoo! Answers, Democratic Party Blog, and wherever else we find. I'm sickened by the censorship on too, but I still participate because I don't think they can censor everything all the time. Both Googe Video & You Tube have been invaluable in my education of our Government etc by watching their documentaries. I also have written 9/11 questions into my local paper as Letters to the Editor. I also sneek in 9/11 related posts at Crooks & We need to just keep pushing the envelope on these sites etc. and notify them and others when we spot this type of censorship. The work must continue. The Bush Crime Family must be stopped.

Again thanks for your keen observation at YouTube.

Let's start a Petition

If we start petitions requesting that these issues be addressed, they'll answer. They will have been put on the spot by potentially tens of thousands of signers. Power in numbers people. Some one get it started. Maybe whoever posted the youtube videos could include a URL to the petition right in the video description.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

i dugg this story; it'll

i dugg this story; it'll probably get buried, but definitely worth getting out. google haters may embrace it.

you can digg it at the URL below:

Even better Idea....

If some hardcore computer geeks could implement some sort of peer 2 peer video sharing network for the public like with music files we wouldn't have to worry about petitions or stifling of dissent. There would be no overarching group deciding what to delete. It would be based fully off of the users hosting and sharing the videos. The peer to peer networks are FEARED for a reason.

We absolutely need something in this fashion now! Bittorrent is great but it's not set up to have comments which are an important part of community debate.

I know there's some bright high schoolers with some serious time on their hands that could address this issue. We need you guys! Get the ball rolling and we'll never have to deal with a centralized framework which allows for the suppression of dissent!! Get on it guys! And if possible try to set it up in a Tor onion fashion so the government and companies can't attack/filter from specific ips.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

what are the possible sentences for hiding truth

One day 9-11 truth will break out. Presumably this will cause major upheavals in US gov't. If the US legal institutions survive intact, what are the possible legal liabilities of those who actively supported the conspiracy by censoring the media including youtube? Don' t they become party to the murder of 3000? Perhaps a publicized discussion of what's waiting for the colaborators would persuade them to jump ship and join the truth movement. At the least I hope it gives them second thoughts the next time they reset the youtube rating of 9-11 videos.

A lot of what has happened to 9-11 seems to reflects a very callous I am above the law, I can get away with anything attitude. Are they really above the law?

censorship at youtube over bbc footage update

jBBC`s SNAFU reporting in detail wtc7`s collapse 23 minutes early censored at youtube

BBC, 911 Truth, BBC Error ! Huge smoking gun of pre-knowledge collapse of WTC7, 9/11 truth censorship,

recently this message was sent to my inbox at youtube,

it is part of an ongoing effort of 911 truth minded people who return to the videos comments section perodically of a highly popular you tube video of jane stanley discussing ,live,the collapse of the salomon bros bldg while she stands live with said building [wtc7] clearly doing just fine right behind her head! OOPS!

23 minutes later the building collapsed.We refute ,with logic and ease the absurd retorts of patriotarded commenters of the biggest ,the smokiest gun of 911; the perfect collapse ,in seconds ,of an overengineered 47 story tower of steel ,It was slightly damaged by debris and had fires on two floors, it was not engulfed by fire, or burdened "with heaviness ' as some dopey shills have said on billoliley`s show, and the reporting of it collapse ,complete with screen graphics and explainations of how and why, a large steel structure would fall at freefall speeds for the third time in human historyin the span of 8 hours,was broadcast.

,thus the bbc had its darkest hour ,as some other stations did that day.this video has had perhaps 500,000 to 1m views and perhaps 30 to 50 thousand comments , we cherish the thought of these vids achieveing these numbers , not for phony viral ad money , or personal glory ,but because the higher the numbers themore likely their viewing by the casual visitor, and we want the truth of 911 spread far and wide!

this is where the trouble begins, it seems the folks over at you tube, are "playing with the statistics; viewing numbers ,comments numbers, more than than a a grandmaster at a suduko convention
but they`re being called out over it and to their credit , showing more truthful statistics .has integrity returned to you tube? stay tuned, and now the letter

[videos (5) | favorites (8) | friends (0)] Sent: April 20, 2007 Subject: We did it!!!

Message:l - Dunno if you noticed, but someone posted some information about YouTube's censorship of the BBC/WTC7 video over on 911blogger, it got picked up by Alex Jones' PrisonPlanet site, and YouTube was just forced to reinstate the video's honors, including '#46 Most Discussed - All time'. I know you're on the 911blogger site - could you maybe post some kind of an update, perhaps emphasizing that this is the first time since this video was posted back on February 26 that YouTube has granted the vid the coverage it deserves? Here are the honors they've granted so far. (I'm checking if there are still more that are missing.)

#60 - Top Rated (All Time) - News & Politics - All #46 - Most Discussed (All Time) - All #7 - Most Discussed (All Time) - News & Politics - All #7 - Most Discussed (All Time) - News & Politics - English #42 - Most Linked (All Time) - News & Politics - All Keep up the good work. But please - STAY CALM. violate the YT Terms of Service agreement Then he complains about them to YT and gets their comments removed. That's cost us a lot of posts, and we can't afford to give them any excuse to say we've been using hate speech, etc. that makes the 9/11 Truth Movement look bad... Thanks again, Best Regards