Food for Thought

Just a brief thought, while trying to figure out how best to help save our country and maybe our world. I haven't heard it mentioned quite this way, but I think rather than going after 9/11 directly, perhaps a better avenue might lie in going after the 9/11 Commission.

The Omissions and skewed science are well documented by Dr. Griffin, Dr. Jones, and many of our leaders in the Truth Movement, including scientists, military, and other experts world-wide.

The omissions of Sibel Edmunds' and Mineta's, testimony alone should warrant an investigation into the cover-up by this commission. Add to this the omission of data pertaining to Able Danger and WTC 7, the 1 1/2 year delay in mounting the investigation, (and only then due to pressure applied by the victims families), the collection, suppression, and destruction of evidence from all crime scenes, the appointments of, first, Kissinger, (who worked for the Bin Ladin family, then Zellikow, whose only claim to fame as far as I've seen is in the field of '"creative truth telling", basically a spin doctor, to head it up, and it seems apparent that a cover-up has occurred and cries out for investigation. A reinvestigation of the issues would fall right in, if we took a hard look here first, and I've only hit a few of the points. (Sort of like a controlled demolition, you take the foundation out first.)

Wasn't there a rather large body of the evidence that The White House asked to be held and not released until Spring '07? Hello, it's spring! What kind of a criminal investigation was this? The President and Vice-President allowed to testify in private, and not under oath? What country are we living in? Who are these "public servants" who cover up for our highest leaders? We'd better figure it out fast and figure out how to stop them. Even the ones we thought we could trust have grown sheepish at the sound of "9/11 Re-Investigation". Let's try "9/11 Commission Investigation" and while we're at it start the "Congressional Cover-Up Investigation". Maybe that will inspire the few real Americans in Congress to stand and deliver on the promise of an open and honest Legislative Branch. Anyway, just food for thought. Your friend in Truth, John Beatty

Dear John

.........Yes one would think even the dumbest attorney
could blow the lid right off the official BS story.
Sad to say most lack the balls.