More spanish language 9/11 truth material is needed

Hi my name is Luis I am a Puerto Rican guy that woke up to the truth basically on my own. I started to raise questions like why havent we causght osama yet its almost september 11 and still no justice. and why are we wasting lives and money and time in iraq when we should be fighting terror in afganistan streatch our army to the limit? so i started doing research and i found loose change then alex jones and i started to realize that it was an inside job that it was obvious to see the tyranny. Let me get to why im posting this blog. i have barley seen any spanish language 9/11truth movement materials. not to sound racist or anything but the latin people especially puerto ricans, cubans, and dominicans are very political people and would become a strong force in the movement. puerto rico has tasted americas tyranny they performed sterilization on women to keep populations down google it and watch rosie perez's documentary "yo soy Boriqua pa que tu lo sepas" (i am puerto rican since you asked) i just want to through that out there that imagine a few more thousands of pist off legal voters as 9/11 please remember just because we speak english we are not all illegals sucking at the teet there are many tax paying hard working hispanics out there getting screwed like everyone else.


international versions of 9/11 movies could be found here:

just had a quick look, there's loose change and 911 mysteries on spain.

on the free-dvd 'confronting the evidence' there are also spain subtitles. search on for it.


Speaking of Rosie Perez, she could be a great truther like our

other Rosie! Please contact her if possible.

Coño despierta boricua!

Ironic isn't it Luis? Here is the spanish language version of my site--

I don't have time to update it as frequently as my site in english, but I've managed to collect a few links to materials that you can send around to people you know...

I'm especially disgusted with the way that the US military targets latinos for recruitment to a degree not seen with any other ethnic group, all for the lies of rich bastards who have done so much harm already to Latin America.


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