"911 Eyewitness" Wins Award & Hits the Big Screen

Los Angeles, March 2007 NY and LA Film and Video Awards 911 Eyewitness the Best Historical Documentary.

With little fanfare the incredibly strong documentary 911 Eyewitness Hoboken broke onto the silver screen in Los Angeles to a warm and embracing film and production crowd. It was a breezy cool LA night that Dave Shaw and James Brewster entered the theater to unveil the first look at the new festival edition of Rick Siegel's 911 Eyewitness Hoboken.

The film provides a stunning portrayal of the events of that day along with deep research on the raw materials and eyewitness testimony provided by Richard A. Siegel.

The films synopsis asks the questions: “Historic steel frame collapses in the middle of US war-game week? What really happened during FEMA’s Tripod 2 exercise at the WTC? Richard Siegel witnessed the classified truth.” The original video records with unbiased eyes and exposes a reality that the government, organizations and media have turned away from rather than face.


Now the film has been invited to show to the New York Independent Film festival this July. You are invited to get ready for an incredible showing of an even more special showing. Get your arrangements made to be there this summer for the most spectacular showing of 911 Eyewitness ever. Be there! July 2007 New York Independent Film and Video Festival!

sorry JJ but Siegel is disinfo

mini nukes, directed energy, and whatever suits his purpose to discredit the truth movement. No surprise someone is making sure his crap gets awards and is presented at big festivals--that's the kind of access the perps and their apologists have, and they use it to put disinfo front and center...


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