9/11 Mysteries: New Edition

911 Mysteries – The New Version
by Nila Sagadevan

Last evening I attended the screening, in Laguna Beach, of the updated version of this excellent movie. I’m pleased to report it’s absolutely brilliant. Now completely updated, it includes clips of the BBC’s premature announcement of the demolition of WTC 7 and many other rich tidbits, as well as a superb new musical soundtrack. It’s truly a first class piece of moviemaking.

The movie was extremely well received. I helped answer questions afterwards, and can unequivocally say there wasn’t a skeptic left in the house, so compelling is its message. 90 minutes of pure demolition evidence and analysis, laced with eye-opening witness testimonials. Until something better comes along, this is the vehicle that will take the message out to our complacent mainstream.

I think I own every 9/11 movie made, so I feel I can voice an informed, albeit obviously personal, opinion: the new version of “9/11 Mysteries: Part I – Demolitions” is the best 9/11 movie out there at the moment.

And it seems I’m in good company:

"Excellent. The best of the 9/11 movies."
--Prof. David Ray Griffin, author of The New Pearl Harbor

"WOW! is my reaction to this movie. Great insight into demolitions and what really happened on 9/11/2001."
-- Prof. Steven E. Jones, physics professor, Brigham Young University

"An outstanding contribution to understanding 9/11. Simply superb."
-- Prof. James H. Fetzer, founder, Scholars for 911 Truth

"A superb work and asset to the patriot community and America itself."
-- Aaron Russo, producer/director, America: From Freedom to Fascism

Copies of this outstanding movie may be purchased at: http://www.911weknow.com/911-mysteries-movie.html

Please...buy multiple copies now and distribute widely so that the producer, Sofia, can recoup at least some of her considerable expenses (over $100k thus far of personal debt) and move on to making “Part II: Hijackers & Planes”.

Thanks for the update...

I love 9/11 Mysteries and look forward to checking out the new version.

Best wishes

P.S. When is Nila gunna join Pilots for 9/11 Truth ?? He would be a great addition !!!


. . . I think that Nila *is* a member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth; not sure, but think so . . .
Btw, he's a dynamite speaker. Had the pleasure of hearing him in San Diego last Spring.

as decimus said...

If you appreciated the movie, and are inclined to do so, please show her some love by buying some of her CD's.

Double feature!

This new version should debut with the release of Loose Change Final Cut as a double feature!

Any info on LCFC?

The following is pure speculation and 2nd hand info....but:

I've heard some very very distressing news on that. The rights to the movie, the rights to the name "Loose Change", and the rights to edit the movie are no longer in the hands of people in the truth movement.

They are in the hands of people in the movie making business, and the money making business.

The way it was explained to me, this could be the most devastating thing to happen to the truth movement to date.

This is completely alarmist, and mere speculation.

Any more info would obviously be greatly appreciated.

Was listening to Jason and Dylan on LTW radio today...

10am Eastern and they mentioned some VERY GOOD news will be forthcoming in approx 2 months.

Obviously things can change daily, but there was no bad vibes regarding the final cut on their show.

I believe you can catch a re-run on Revere Radio at 8pm eastern...

More info at : http://z10.invisionfree.com/Loose_Change_Forum/index.php?showtopic=7920

Best wishes

glad I asked!

Perfect timing. tyvm

just spoke with Sophia . . .

and she's having to wait on production of Part Two . . .
every bit helps! If you burn 100 copies of 9/11 Mysteries, send her $10 or $20 or whatever you can afford. Believe me: she is motivated for all of the *right reasons*! It's unfortunate that it takes so much money to originate new material for 9/11 Truth, but that's the way it is . . . if we all take some ownership financially, it'll happen. If we sit back and wait for someone else to make it happen, we could be waiting a loooooong time.
Thank you everyone!

Yes, give some $ to Sofia!

I just did. I gave her all I could and she even took the time to send a thank you.

She is very motivated to make Part 2, but is still paying off debts from Part 1.

Go to www.911weknow.com , and when you click to donate (or buy something) you get sent her site called Avatar. C'mon everyone, chip in!

DVD iso image available?

Could somebody please share iso image of this new DVD? If you have this DVD and you don't know how, please contact me.

It's very important to get this freely available on torrent/web. I'll also rip it to 700MB Xvid and share it as well.

When has this updated version become available? I can't see any info about it at 911weknow.com.

Thank you.

AWESOME - can't wait to see this new version

So much for Loose Changout Final Cuban!


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hmmmmm -

I quick look on the web site shows no mention of a new, updated version. I'm not doubting that there is one, I just find it curious and rather poor marketing that there is no prominent mention of a new version hitting me in the face when I go to the site.

I want to get the new version ASAP as we are going to be putting on a three part 9/11 film series at a local theater soon and plan on screening 9/11 Mysteries the final night.

I hope that she's edited out some of the more gruesome parts, like people jumping out of the towers.

Thanks for the update, decimus.

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Time Frame:

OK, just learned something new from Sophia: there was a updated version of 9/11 Mysteries in January of this year.
*That* is the version currently available for sale ( not the online version at googlevideo.)
The most recent version was in the beginning rather intended for private screenings, and will not be released for a couple of months. My apologies for jumping the gun!
Sophia also emphasized that the changes she has made are not extensive, but highlight dramatic points and incorporate some new music.

Thank you all!

When Enough of Us Know . . . Something Will Happen