Douglas Herman: "911 Debunkers Defend War Criminals, Liars, Mass Murderers"

911 Debunkers Defend War Criminals, Liars, Mass Murderers

By Douglas Herman
Exclusive to

911 debunkers---those deaf, dumb and blind (to logic, physics and evidence) accessories to a crime---spend far more time attacking those of us in the 911 Truth Movement than seeking either truth or justice. Far easier for these sad and misguided citizens to accept the Big Lie of 911 than stare into the harsh light and accept the fact that when they defend the "official story" they defend liars, incompetents, embezzlers, war criminals, poisoners and torturers.

Because, by defending the official version of 911 events, they accept the veracity and trustworthiness of government officials who have lied, embezzled, poisoned, imprisoned, tortured, murdered and plundered.

As a group, 911 "debunkers," could be classified as accessories to a very serious crime--if that crime were ever seriously investigated. As guilty of destroying this nation as those silent and complicit German citizens were who served the Nazi regime and wrecked Germany in the process.

Debunkers claim massive incompetence caused 911. They claim a former disgruntled CIA employee and his 19 underlings flew under the radar and hijacked four Boeings and blew up eight buildings (Seven WTC buildings and the Pentagon).

However, these debunkers spend far more time lambasting critics of the 911 Big Lie than they do goading the incompetent and criminally negligent administration to pursue and capture Osama Bin Laden. If OBL really masterminded 911, why haven't these so-called "debunkers" petitioned their incompetent government to get Osama, whatever the cost? Why aren't these debunkers at the gates of the White House with their signs and megaphones?

Because debunkers are phonies and frauds, cowards and fakes. Debunkers are enablers, not critics, of this criminally incompetent government. By accepting the OCT, the official conspiracy theory, put forth by the same criminal and incompetent government that the debunkers say "failed" to act on 911, these debunkers become as guilty of the crime as their foul government, because they too fail to act.

Who do the debunkers protect?

They protect everyone in the foul government who never served a day in jail for failing to protect American sky and soil. They protect everyone in the foul government who never fully investigated 911. They protect everyone in the foul government who voted enormous sums to pursue a fake war on terror. Everyone who allowed not one but two attorneys general to foul the US Constitution. Debunkers have a lot to answer for, not least of all the fake investigation of 911, and the fake war on terror that followed.

Because debunkers never demanded criminal indictments against the top NORAD generals or Pentagon officials, debunkers are as guilty of 911 as anyone. What! More guilty than Osama for 3,000 murders? Yes, because debunkers wholly accepted the moral evasions and insipid hand-wringing of the criminal Bushco gang, but without demanding of those responsible they pay for criminal negligence that resulted in 3,000+ deaths.

Yes, because these debunkers never demanded the capture of Osama Bin Laden, the so-called mastermind of 911, according to the US government and the legion of nodding heads called debunkers, OBL still enjoys his freedom.

If debunkers, and the government of incompetents, cannot even capture the mastermind of 911, but allow him to escape and have forgotten him since, how much more criminal and inept can you debunkers and your government appear?

Debunkers accepted the fraud of Condolezza Rice and her statements that nobody imagined terrorists would hijack planes and smash them into tall buildings. Even when that statement was proven a lie. Indeed debunkers were so Uncritical of Rice, they allowed her to be promoted from National Security advisor to Secretary of State. Indeed, all the incompetents of 911 were promoted, praised or profited by the 911 attack.

Debunkers love to exonerate Larry Silverstein, the opportunistic landlord of the entire WTC who leased the property only months before. Silverstein profited by $500 million when WTC-7 mysteriously plunged to the ground. Recall, WTC-7 was a top security, quasi-government 47 story building that was never struck by any plane and crashed to the ground in 6.5 seconds. Such was the inconsequential, redundant nature of WTC-7, that the government sponsored, Kean Commission Report (Debunkers Handbook) failed to mention the building at all.

Debunkers claim that all buildings would have fallen. They've gotten a group of government-funded scientists to say the same. They claim that Lucky Larry earned an honest windfall profit. They claim his statement, "maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it. And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse," indicate that some buildings collapse on cue.

Debunkers never contest the toxic, iridium-filled dust cloud over Manhattan. Nor the speedy fall of the buildings themselves. They blame 911 Truthers for raising such questions. They say we dishonor the dead by raising painful questions.

Unfortunately, people like EPA director, Christine Todd Whitman, whose job it was to protect Americans in the days and weeks following 911, dishonored the living and made them into the living-dead, by falsely claiming the poisoned air was safe to breathe!

But, for some reason, the 911 debunkers have no problem with that crime. They rarely question the government, nor the highly-paid government officials whose job it was to protect Americans. Since debunkers believe the OCT, they naturally believe Whitman and the EPA made an honest mistake. Meanwhile hundreds more 911 first responders will die because of criminals like Christine Todd Whitman.

In the debunkers' world view, the government was negligent on 911 but benign, a victim of unfortunate circumstances. Never mind that not ONE single government official ever suffered for their negligence. Nor have I ever read of a known debunker--and most debunkers (unlike Truthers), prefer to remain "anonymous," demand that negligent officials suffer fines or imprisonment for the criminal negligence that resulted--and will result--in thousands of deaths.

Debunkers fail to comprehend the seriousness of their crimes. And it is a felony to be an accessory to a high crime, such as 911. By defending the official government version of 911 events, they have allowed all the culprits to escape punishment for their crimes.

Noted Lefty debunkers claim we Truthers enable government crimes by focusing on 911 as the event that lead to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. But it is 911 debunkers who provide a justification for the war criminals to conduct their illegal wars. By compounding the lies, by compounding the deception, by preventing a complete investigation of the 911 massacre, debunkers contribute to the ongoing war crimes.

Debunkers thus, are closely comparable to the so-called "Good Germans" who allowed the excesses of Hitler and the rise of Nazism. By waving away the suspicious anomalies of the inexplicable WTC collapse, comparable to the Reichstag Fire to anyone who looks at the two objectively, the debunkers---however civic minded they would like to pretend---serve the government well.

The negligent state, master criminals in the minds of Truthers, never need fear as long as millions of citizens blindly accept the flaw-ridden story of 911 as a terror plot by some obscure mastermind who was neither caught nor pursued.

Debunkers: Enablers of war criminals, frauds, liars, greedy profiteers, poisoners, fascists, fake scientists and fellow destroyers of the US Constitution.

American citizen of German ancestry, USAF veteran and outspoken critic of NORAD, Douglas Herman writes of Rense frequently on the evident fraud of 911. Email at douglasherman7(at)

Get the criminals into jail!

Bravo! Bravo! Douglas, well said.
It's funny while I was reading this I imagine someone blasting it all strait to that evil O'reilly's demon face. Strait on, one shot! Bing, bam boom!

You can't hide a lie for long. Truth shall come out.


I've been banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why "progressive" sites refuse to address 9/11. It turns out many of these magazines, sites, etc. receive funding from groups like the Rockefeller and Ford foundations which fund the right wing as well. It's like the Rothschilds funding both sides of wars.


Do you really think debunkers believe in anything?

For one:

they believe they'll get away with being accessories after the fact for mass murder.

interns < internets


Also, it's extremely encouraging that the 9/11 forums on the Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy message boards seem to be almost entirely 9/11 truth activists.

covered in the blood of the innocents

we are in the middle east ,currently conducting the ongoing slaughter of 600000 plus women ,children, combatants,gis,
demonizing americas name and earning her the pariah status of her last ally.
poisioning 1000`s of square miles with depleted uranium and other toxic metals , dooming millions to higher cancer and birth defect rates,and why? who benefits ?
lots of folks ; those who have tried to demonize arabs with false flag terror by murdering americans for the last 60 years , those who are domestic enemies of the usa and are trying , thru fear and lies to set up a paranoid police state in the united states by shredding laws, rights and constitutional protections and regulatary and environmental protections , and the war profiteers, orgasmically, happily bancrupting financially ,their country, bancrupted morally by their enabelers, and business partners
the love of the nation of their birth and loyalty to it are unknown to these sleepwalking ,money and blood drinking elite zombies, mesmerized by gold and privilage and their idiot pesant drones, getting their thinking pointsand topsy turvy worldview from rabid fascist pundits,who`ve sold out their country for money and celebrity

I have ordered an important book...

David Ray Griffin's "Debunking 9/11 Debunking"

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For whatever reason, my order is back-logged until late May or early June.

Do Griffin, 9/11 Truth, and Corporate Media the favor and order your copy a.s.a.p.


My copy was just shipped

Debunking Debunkers or Calling the Liars liars

Amazon informed me a couple weeks ago that it wouldn't ship until June but today I got a message saying it had been shipped.

Looking forward to reading it.

So is my dad.


Noble Resolve 07: April 23-27, nuclear terror drills in USA

Noble Resolve 07: April 23-27, nuclear terror drills in USA

With analysis by Dan Abrahamson of FalseFlagNews. On April 23-27, NORTHCOM, JTFCOM, J9, FEMA, DHS, and Virginia police have schedule multiple "simulated" terror drills across the US and Europe.

Herman says so much that I want to say...

Nice to see someone else fed up with debunkers. I also find them just as guilty of treason as the Perps. That is the message I plan on getting out to people next week at the CSU Chico event. You debunkers, media execs, "journalists"-Monbiot, Rothschild, etc.-I'm keeping a list of your names. You think that the American people are so stupid and timid that the Truth will never see the light of day.

There are thousands of you bastards, from the NY Times to the BBC, that I consider guilty of crimes against humanity by your coverup, disinfo, ridicule, are less than human by either your actions or inactions. I want the lot of you held accountable. Not to mention military and government agents of many countries, esp. from the U.S., U.K., and Israel.And how many of you slimy politicos know that 9/11 was an inside job? Hillary, Romney, Obama-tell us what you know! Giuliani, WE KNOW YOU KNEW!!!

Most of America is living in such a lie right now. But I'd guess about a third of us are awake. I expect a breakthrough by Sept. 11, 2007-then it will be payback for the debunkers and deniars.

Unless, of course, martial law is declared, people like me are rounded up and shot...

Wait and See.

Attn Professional Debunkers

Please keep records of who hired you and who's paying you. It is your best chance of receiving leniency when the Truth comes out.

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

911 Debunkers Defend War Criminals, Liars, Mass Murderers

Herman’s essay criticizing debunkers makes valuable points. I think most truthers will agree that if the cabal pulls off another false flag operation large enough to create an excuse to kill us all, the debunkers will share the blame. We could make a similar case against the rest of the ostrich-like citizenry. The way I put it is that history will judge whether or not this country deserves to be a free country.

My proposal is that we break down debunkers into categories Other people can propose names for the categories. They all have culpability, just as people too cowardly to say anything are also culpable. If we survive this, we’re hardly looking at punishing every coward in the country.

Both David Ray Griffin and Steven Jones report they began to look at evidence assuming they would not become truthers. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could find debunkers we can turn around. We regularly point out that our critics spend more time attacking us personally than addressing the evidence.

Left gatekeeper debunkers are sometimes different than others, though George Monbiot and Alex Cockburn are as nasty as anyone. I agree with Herman they should be challenged about their defacto support for the cabal. We should also note that Matt Rothschild and Chip Berlet agree a real investigation is needed. I believe that anyone who agrees that we need a real investigation helps so much that they should be considered in a different category that those who don’t. Noam Chomsky may not be a debunker, though his left gatekeeper status is so significant because of his role as the foremost critic of US foreign policy for more than three decades. He recently signed the Jersey girls petition. This deserves some acknowledgment.

I assert that anyone who will avoid personal attacks and address the real evidence is a good citizen. Considering how rare it is to find anyone who disagrees with us and will have extensive civil discussion, encouragement needs to be given to such citizens.

Right now I’m struggling to get a liberal wordsmith named Mary MacElveen to defend her pro-blowback theory post from March on RM-Counsel listserve. This listserve includes many truthers. If Mary had been willing or once becomes willing to discuss the issues SHE raised, she would not be fairly lumped in with the worst of the debunkers.


Do you have a url for the RM-Counsel listserve?

my draft categories and sample entries

1. Demonstrably professional debunkers/OCT disinfo specialist: Popular Mechanics (nominated by JDC), NIST (nominated by JDC), Fox News (nominated by JDC), YouTube - for unfair low ranking of 9-11 videos (nominated by JDC)

2. Misinformed Debunkers: The Nation (Nominated by JDC), BBC (Nominated by JDC)

3. Self Censoring Media (9-11 news blackout): CNN (Nominated by JDC)

4. Left Gatekeepers: Huff Po (Nominated by JDC), Daily Kos (Nominated by JDC)

5. OCT Skeptics: Rosie O (Nominated by JDC), Charlie Sheen (Nominated by JDC)

6. 9-11 Inside Job Advocates: Alex Jones (Nominated by JDC)

These are ideas for further refinement, I am most probably mistaken in my listing of individuals. In any case a future investigation of facts should reveal the true involvement or complicity of members in the first 4 categories. The list should carry links documenting statements by the individuals or institutions. Each member of the list should be allowed to respond to their inclusion in that category.

The purpose of the list is to deny the conspirators the use of the mass media as a disinfo tool for the OCT and to promote media accountability. In the spirit of accountability, the person nominating an individual or institution to the list should sign their name on as well.

I am torn about the list. It is on one hand positive in its utility for reestablishing accountability in mass media. At the same time it can be quite cruel in the sense of being a witch hunt that can unfairly torpedo the career of innocent individuals.

I'm sick of debunking,

I'm sick of debunking, debunkers, debunking debunkers, debunkers debunking debunkers, etc....

They don't touch Ahmad, wire transfer, Sibel Edmonds, prior warnings, blocked investigations, Robert Wright, etc....

Shouldn't we learn something from this?

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and I am sick of undercover OCT promoters

It has to be repeated again and again on all the so-called 9/11 truth forums:
Prior warnings are planted disinfo designed to make believe there was a genuine Al Qaeda treath which materialized in 9/11.

I see very little difference between that view and the official story so I would count those who promote it amoung the debunkers/enablers.

what? that we should

what? that we should completely ignore all controlled demolition hypothesis/activism because "they" use it against us?(i wonder how many people "they" inadvertently woke up while using it against us?) yeah, thats good, then we can be COMPLETELY ignored instead of just mostly. if all we had to go on was info that could be buried by the MSM(like the things that you listed) then we would be completely ignored. do you know how the media works DHS? do you honestly think that if we NEVER talked CD and NEVER pushed CD in the first place that the MSM would pick up on Ahmad,wire transfer,Sibel Edmonds, prior warnings, blocked investigations, Robert Wright, etc. as a result? are you serious? we have to use what we can to wake people up and the MSM cant ignore CD because we can see it with our own eyes and they cant bury it. they HAVE to attack it. they set the agenda and that is the reason you dont see the towers fall on tv anymore and why you never saw a REAL CD discussion in the first place. as usual i must add that im for ALL evidence being used. its not either or for me. but i will say that from within the movement i have to defend the CD advocates right to voice their opinions/views much more than i do the prior warning/blocked investigation/ISI advocates.

i think we should learn not

i think we should learn not to take the debunkers so seriously. they wouldnt be trying so hard if what we were doing wasnt working.

Debunker defending their egos

The debunkers are mainly defending themselves. They are defending their egos and their "positions" they have achieved in life. If it ever turned out they were wrong, they would seriously lose face *and* - they subconsciously know - that everything they have believed in and their entire life would go down the drain. Their patriotism, their party politics indeed their very paradigm upon which they have based they entire lives and everything their have worked so hard (to achieve their current position of power) would be gone.

"The debunkers are mainly

"The debunkers are mainly defending themselves"

I agree everything is on the line for many so their psychological resistance will not allow them to see the truth even if it pokes them in the eye.

But, many are in it for the money. They know the truth. They are the lowest of the low. They are complicit in the crimes and we can hope that one day (SOON!) will be prosecuted.

The "crimes" of the De-Bunkers

Excellent article by Douglas Herman.
These de-bunkers are harbouring the real terrorists, and are guilty by association of crimes against humanity.

They should be treated as such when this whole thing comes out and the trials begin.


Crime? Where's the legal brief?

Excellent article, but the presumption of guilt and excessive use of loaded words "criminal and incompetent government" will turn off many people sitting on the fence who might have listened to calmer language (I know we're way past that now... but still.)

What I am looking for to follow this up with some fence sitters is a concise legal summary that sets out the means, motive and opportunity. I know "Crossing the Rubicon" set this out in great detail, but for a debunker it was useless as it was the longest most boring read imaginable and debunkers have attention spans of gnats.

Can anyone point me to a concise list of the means motives and opportunities?

Debunkers fail to prove their case

Many thanks to Douglas for hitting the nail on the head. This article needs to be forwarded to all those fence sitters who don't wish to enter the debate. Everyone who stays on the outside of this discussion indirectly contributes to the perpetuation of the lie. Furthermore, Douglas touches on another necessity by implication. The debunkers must be held to account for verification of the OCT. Without evidence and substantiated proof of the crime committed, the OCT can't hold up. When the U.S. government provides the public with reconstructed airplanes proving that flights 77 and 93 landed where they say they did; when the photographs and videos which only a privelaged few have seen of the impact with the Pentagon can be made public; when the autopsy reports identifying the victims have been made public; when a government report has been issued which explains the collapse of WTC building 7; when the FBI can explain why Bin Laden is not wanted for the attacks of 9/11; when NORAD can explain why it has submitted 3 official accounts of its response on 9/11, then the debunkers and supporters of the OCT can claim to have a case closed argument to throw in the faces of the truthers. Until then, debunkers will have to continue with disparaging characterizations of truthers in lieu of actual evidence.


I presume after reading the posts that OCT = Official Conspiracy Theory.

As you mention fence-sitters, its not wise for the Truth movement to use abreviations and initials like this.
Alot of new people looking into the truth are detered by such code names.

I know that most of here on these type of sites understand the meaning of most of the abreviated terms, but the wisest thing to do is to take the time and type out the complete word or phrase. If we are to educate and wake people up by these posts and thoughts, then we need to make it as simple as possible for people to consume and digest the information presented here in these forums.


Puppets only do whatever their ‘masters’ have them do.