How Convenient (Alberto Gonzales, et al.)

How convenient that Alberto Gonzales told the "truth" (supposedly) at the congressional hearing AFTER he was put under oath.

It's pretty funny that "protesters" sang Steam's "Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye" at the end.

And 50+ "I do not recall"'s.

It doesn't get any better than this. (except Wolfowitz's B.S. — and all of the others, and the future events to come that haven't come out yet)

"Democracy Now" with Amy Goodman covered this very well. (as usual)

When my paranoia kicks in, I can't help but wonder if the Virginia Tech shooting incident was an attempt to pull the media away from this. But it didn't last long enough. Perhaps someone miscalculated. Or perhaps it truly has no relationship.

It is unfortunate that the anti-gun nuts and kooks have come out of the woodwork again, and are trying to use the unfortunate Virginia Tech incident as a political tool to further their "Gun Control" agenda. If anyone else did something like that, they would be pounced on and called terrible people and such. Irrational thought and behavior (by the Gun Controllers) like that (for the most part not backed up by any valid data, research or information) is unfortunate in its own right. My current response to them when I meet them is to say, "Booga, booga!" with accompanying facial expression and body language. For some reason that seems to irritate them.

I do wonder if Jon Stewart, from The Daily Show, will get in trouble for his comments the other night, where he "compared" the loss of life at Virginia Tech (~30) with 150 people dead in Iraq that day. (and so many others basically every day) That's almost as bad as what got Bill Maher fired from his show, although it's not right after 9/11, so that may make it less "egregious". (I haven't heard anyone mention it, either)

Something real fishy

Something real fishy about the timing of all the events in the last week
I guess April is historically a bad month. Colombine , OK city bombing, Hitlers Birthday and now the VT massacre all the same week in april over the years.

Alex jones is on top of the VT thing., he has posted some unbelievable pictures on his site.

Check out the last photo, pulled from wiki. Now the pic isnt there but real suspecious how he is in military drag.

VT Hokie memorial spirit fund ready to be taken advantage of

I finally received a response regarding my inqueries about a legal framework for this charity:

From: "Stringer, Jane"
Subject: RE: Hokie Memorial Spirit Fund

Mr. X,

I have not spoken with Tammy regarding this; and I'm truly sorry for the delay in responding to this e-mail. As you can imagine we have been overwhelmed with e-mails and telephone calls. Please forgive us for any inconvenience this has caused you.

The Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund has been established within the Virginia Tech Foundation for the purpose of providing, among other things, assistance to the victims and their families, grief counseling,
communication and comfort expenses, and funding for memorials.
Assistance to the victims' families is, of course, our first priority.
The specific use of funds beyond that right now is unknown, as we are still assessing our needs, and will be for quite some time.

I hope this addresses your concerns, but if you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Let me express our sincere appreciation for your kind support of
Virginia Tech during this challenging time.

Jane W. Stringer
Director of Gift Accounting
Virginia Tech
University Development (0336)
Blacksburg, VA 24061
540-231-2829; fax 540-231-8185

-----Original Message-----
Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2007 9:01 PM
Subject: Hokie Memorial Spirit Fund

I spoke with Tammy Crossen the Director of Development on the 17th.I had requested that someone send me information regarding the legal framework for how the donation money was to be used. I was told someone would contact me the following day. I still have not heard from anyone. As a Hokie Alumni I am disturbed that I have received two emails now discussing donating for this fund with out seeing the exact details of how this money is to be used. I do not
believe that the use of these funds would be abused; however, in light
of the Red Cross donation scandals related to the Tsunami disaster and the 9/11 tragedy it is clear that some form of legal framework is needed to avoid these issues. I am requesting for the second time documents related to the use of this money. Let's make sure that money collected for this memorial fund is properly utilized.

Thank you,

Class of 2001

There you have it. I'll be contacting the Roanoke Times and other papers about this issue. I don't have high expectations for them to publish this. I will now say that I am firmly disgusted with my Alma Mater for soliciting money while not having the proper legal framework set up. I refuse to believe that this is an innocent mistake. Virginia Tech has a Business College which SURELY would have set up the framework pro bono.

One more tragedy, one more opportunity for the parasites.

I have no doubt in my mind

I have no doubt in my mind that the VT massacre was a staged, government sponsored event. No doubt whatsoever.

So he was on psychotropic drugs.

Yes, something does stink. Cho was one HELL of a good shot for a civilian.

Take some time & watch this. It'll help clue you in to, what I believe, is the major problem. One way or another, our government IS responsible.

- The Drugging of our Children -

That video

That video is amazing Big_D,
Thanks. I sent a copy to my ex wife who put my daughter on those drugs.
The poisoning of our kids needs to stop..and right now!


I didn't get any pro gun control responses to respond to.

Since I am a psychotically radical extremist pacifist (or that's what some like to call me) and "into" non-violence in all of its forms, it often seriously freaks people out when they find out I am "pro 2nd Amendment". Even though I'm against hunting non-human animals (and most human animals), and I tend toward Ghandiesque Pacifism, I still believe in self-protection and the protection of others. And I does likes my guns. (for target shooting) And I like and support most of the Amendments to the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, as well.

One problem that I think we have here in America, and probably elsewhere, as well, is a decided lack of courage and bravery among our citizenry.

If someone would have simply jumped the guy, even if they waited for him to reload, maybe they would have been hurt or killed, or maybe they would have saved many lives.

Instead, what we see is people running, and frozen, curled up in fetal position balls pissing themselves, like frightened rabbits with their heads cut off.

I call this "The New Cowardice".

But maybe it's been around for a long time. However, I think it is in epidemic proportions these daze. Endemic and pervasive in our society.

I don't know what I would do in a situation like that, no one does until they are in a situation like that, but I would hope that I would act and react with some courage and bravery and self-respect and decency and some minimal heroism, rather than what we saw at VT, Columbine, and elsewhere, where things like this have occurred.

I feel safe in saying that, should something like that occur when I'm around, the perpetrator is not going to have a good day.

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