Apathy to 9-11 truth, is this due to lack of leadership?

A leader is needed - but just as important at this this time is a larger number of informed people being aware of what is happening in our world today. We must keep asking questions and challange every person we know of what they believe to have happened on 9/11 and direct them to at least look at what evidence is out their. I have only recently come across this vast amount of information and realised how much peopele do not know ( myself inlcuded until recently ).

I have also come in conflict with many people that do not want to understand why this may be. I find they will not converse in an equal conversation. I find this to be the hardest part of trying to inform people of what may or may not of happened on 9/11, but as I say to every one I talk too "don't listen to me - do your own investigation".

I believe though most people by now have an opinion of what happened on 9/11 and it was made in the first couple of weeks of what happened. Their opions were confirmed from the the answers given by the the media and then sealed by the official fairy tail. Because of the time that has past we find it hard to change minds that have not been challanged until recently on some very difficult questions, many of which we find the answers hard to accecpt.

To be able to make the masses aware, the pod casts on 911blogger.com have got to get out to the majority of understaning and educated people of the world. Along with peole that are prepared to converse with their mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and freinds and not be intimidated by pre set ideas.



there have been a few

there have been a few leaders of this movement - all of which were torn down and treated like witches - it has happened to anyone who has tried to be such a voice - and that is why i have never wanted to be a leader - nor am i.

i don't agree

We do have a Leader for this movement. It is more powerful than all the money, power, and the elites. We have a leader that doesn't lie, cheat, or steal to get ahead. This leader doesn't have to say much because the proof is in the pudding. The Leader of this movement doesn't discriminate, but sees every option and balances them out. Our leader doesn't back down and knows more than any "talking head", disinfo agents, or our government. This leader has infiltrated every person with a heart for freedom. This leader is always ready, always prepared, and always patient. We must not worry about fear, because our leader is operating on a higher frequency, LOVE! This leader is all we need to get through these tough times. We must have faith, compassion, and patients because our leader knows all. This leader that I speak of is more than a person. It is a part of every compassionate person that seeks to have a better life. A life free of fear and hate. If you are still wondering who this Leader is then I assure you that you already know who it is. The leader of this movement and a good example of how the world should work is none other than.......... THE TRUTH!

Stay strong my fellow truthers, because we have something that the enemy will never have, TRUTH!

The Truth Never Lies