Beyond Reasonable Doubt

It has become clear that the events surrounding 9/11 were in fact an inside job and the facts that have been presented in the alternative media would hold up in court ,beyond a reasonable doubt.

Alas the day in court will probably never come,the odds are firmly stacked against the truth movement who would need to navigate the dangerous and hostile waters of the controlled corporate media,the government,and the judiciary.
When one thinks about an outcome for this movement just removing the current administration from office would probably have no effect on the overall agenda of the big corporations ,big media and ruling elites.So really justice could only be served by rearranging the whole system of politics,business and law as the powers that be would just continue on their merry way unabated.
I feel that no matter how loud people scream for a new independent investigation into 9/11 no government liberal or conservative will do so ,if they eventually did I believe it would be another whitewash.
The deep rabbit holes that have been uncovered lead to even deeper ones,the government have already realized that the internet needs to be controlled so as to avoid another exposure of undercover operations and to stop people forming groups such as this ,which provide a place where people can cite their opposition to the current agenda.
Critical mass is close to being reached within the truth movement and nobody knows which way things will go from here.I believe in the movement and I believe in the concept of truth in government,but the whole system is built on lies.Maybe this movement will be the start of a new age of fairness and liberty for the peoples of the world,but the opposition is entrenched and strong and have control of all the money.
Just because the odds are against a victory does not mean we should give in ,it means that our efforts should be redoubled and our resolve hardened.

You are right

There probably won't be another investigation for the reasons you cite. We should continue to press for answers, however, because by tugging at individual threads you never know what might unravel.

I am...

Starting to believe that a real investigation may never take place here for the reasons you specified. I do think, however, that the call for a new investigation means more than just a request for a new investigation. It's a statement that says, "we know you lied, and the lies will not stand."

I hope (why, I don't know) that a new investigation will be forced in this country. If not, then I hope a foreign country will decide to investigate. I hope A LOT of foreign countries decide to investigate the attacks. Whichever countries that are directly threatened by American Imperialism. Venezuela by herself could be "spun" by the American media, but Venezuela, Africa, China, Iran, Syria, etc... together, wouldn't be so easily dismissed.

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

Richard Cheney - Chief Executive Of Halliburton

Jon is right...

The truth movement needs to go global. These are truly global issues that we are confronting.

I also believe that "they" seriously under-estimated the power of the internet in exposing their lies. None of us would even know the truth community existed without the internet. We are a COMMUNITY now and we cannot be silenced.

Lastly I believe the highly anticipated release of Loose Change: Final Cut will cause the tipping point from which they can no longer hide behind the lies.

A day of reckoning is coming. How long? Not long.
"Cogito ergo sum"

International intervention

It's sad how the US now needs some type of UN peace keeping force or interim government to allow for a fair investigation of 9-11 truth. If you think about it, the US has needed a thorough and impartial investigation of its military industrial complex and political elite for a long time. That investigation was never forthcoming from the US Gov't itself.

It is likely that the puppet masters controlling the US gov't has representatives in other countries as well. Tony Blair and John Howard certainly shouldn't be allowed involvement in any investigation.

Who is qualified and trusted to investigate 9-11? That is very hard to answer. Should they be voted on by US citizens? Should other countries provide the investigators? Should they come from the 9-11 truthers? No slam dunk answers.

On a positive note, it's a good thing that lots of 9-11 truthers are sprouting in different countries. Hopefully this will be a worldwide movement leading to transparency and accountability from all governments.

With all due respect, Jon,

I think the idea of a foreign country being allowed to investigate 9/11 is actually more unlikely than a re-investigation by the domestic government. For one thing, how would that work? Can foreign governments claim jurisdiction here? I doubt it.

Maybe more problematic is the potential proposal to the American people: "We have invited a foreign government to investigate the worst terrorist attack in our history, and the results of this investigation may count toward indictments of treason against government officials."

Sorry, but that won't happen. The neocons don't respect the International Criminal Court for a reason.

Privately, of course, most of the rest of the world already knows 9/11 was an inside job. Publicly, their leaders must pretend to be ignorant, because 9/11 makes globalization easier for the elites.

I still believe if we could convince Waxman, or Kucinich, or someone like that to put Sibel Edmonds on the stand, or investigate some aspect of narco-politics, we could unravel some thread that unravels the whole sick sweater.

Not foreign governments

If another investigation is to happen, it'll have to comprise of foreign citizens who are NOT government employees. Only impartial experts in their particular field who've studied their portion of the evidence should be involved in the investigative body and process. Folks like David Griffin and Steve Jones are two very solid examples of who can represent the U.S. "team". The point of any new investigation is that is has to be truly international (global) in makeup, and it needs to be "governed" by non-governmental employees.

I agree

When I think about the truth movement, I imagine a world in which societies are based on TRUTH. If you think that our government upholds the basic elements of truth, then every problem on the earth should have been solved long ago. So I conclude that anyone who believes in TRUTH should stand up against those who are trying to manipulate people by lying to them. Let us expand this movement to include any and all truths so that we may begin healing this world of all the damage that money, power, and control, has left and be strong knowing that we are not alone. We have the power to make a difference its up to you if you want to continue to give your freedoms up or demand that we get it back. I have faith and hope that the TRUTH shall truly set us free. A question I asked myself to try to make sense of all this is why did they do it? The obvious answer to that part of the question is OIL> which equals money. But then I ask myself why is it so important for them to get the oil? Well, that answer is more simple than the first one.... To continue the Status Quo, but times are changing and these greedy bastards want as much as they can get. They see a threat to their plan = CARS THAT RUN ON WATER? Sounds too good to be true, but it isn't. Go to google and search for: Stan Meyer.

Lets take it to the establishment by seeking alternatives. FREE ENERGY FOR ALL!!!

The Truth Never Lies

Good essay. A few comments:

Yes, 9/11 truth would never get a fair hearing in any government-controlled court of law. Our gov’t just isn’t going to allow that.

Removing the Bush regime from office probably would have no effect on the “overall agenda of the big corporations, big media and ruling elites” but it would be a token step in the right direction, IMO.

“Maybe this movement will be the start of a new age of fairness and liberty for the peoples of the world, but the opposition is entrenched and strong and have control of all the money.” You got that right!

I think a main goal of 9/11 truth should be to expose & stop our growing fascism, the merging of government with corporations, as defined by Mussolini himself.

Corporations have no heart, no soul, no conscience (just like Bush/Cheney), and have many motives & means to circumvent & break laws.

Corporations’ goal is to increase profits for shareholders, any way possible, and to hell with everyone else. As competition intensifies, the corporations must use increasingly cutthroat tactics to increase profits—a very dangerous scenario indeed. We must therefore return government to the people, a.s.a.p.

Noble struggle.

You are correct that it will be very difficult for the movement to change the power structure in the U.S. and globally, that sponsors these attacks, even if "critical mass" and beyond is reached.

But it is vital that as many people as possible know the truth to prevent other attacks, possibly on a larger scale from taking place in the future.

Due to the information revolution, the bad boys know that it will be increasingly difficult for them to get away with this kind of stuff in the future, and i'm sure will be working to restrict internet freedom for these reasons.

So, my view is, this is a noble struggle, good is on our side and usually in the end prevails, so lets push it as far as we can and see where it leads us.