Christian Pastor’s Positive Review of David Ray Griffen’s Work

Exerpt from “Ministering to all kinds of disasters” by Rev. Alphonso Lyons, pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church of Peoria, Ill., in the Saturday, April 21, 2007 on-line edition of the Journal Star here.

"The New Pearl Harbor" was written by David Ray Griffin, a Christian and retired professor from Claremont Theological Seminary. Griffin embraces process theology, modernity and postmodernity. Briefly, Griffin suggests that the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist twin-tower destruction was in fact not a terrorist-led plot, but one engineered by American entities.

Griffin documents evidence that indicates that each of the hijacked airplanes did not have the force to cause enough temperature to melt the respective towers and an adjacent building. He claims New York firefighter witnesses say that a series of purposefully charged implosions beginning below the ground floors moving upward actually brought the buildings down.

The author suggests that a new Pearl Harbor was sought as a rallying force to unite the country.

Religious implication: Griffin requests that Christians reassess and reinvestigate this painfully tragic event. How valuable is human life when it comes to achieving our goals and objectives of which money and power are major?

[Referring to two other books which he reviewed along with this one by D.R. G., the author says...] I wrote none of these books. I just read them. Perhaps they are inflammatory fairy tales that have wrought much damage. Perhaps, they contain major threads of truth.

Nature itself causes enough natural disasters; man doesn't need to make them, just minister to them.

The Rev. ALPHONSO LYONS is pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church, 305 S. Madison Park Terrace, Peoria. You can write to him in care of the Journal Star, 1 News Plaza, Peoria, IL 61643, send a fax to 686-3296 or send e-mail to

[Final note by Student: This article shows that faith communities may be natural allies for 911 truth and justice. Thanks to alexjonesfan for bringing this article to our attention.]

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