9/11 Truth Renaissance

A profound shift is taking place in consciousness and technology. Activists are hard pressed to keep up with the latest tools for video-blogging, podcasting, DVD duplication, and an array of new technologies facilitating communications between people that were geographically and economically prohibitive when I was a child. The new technologies have the potential of the printing press, photography, radio, and television to shake up the way people see the world and to shift the power structures in society. While traditional newspapers and magazines are struggling to maintain economic viability and credibility, creative new synergies are taking place in cyberspace and in the production of films and music designed to inform, enlighten, and inspire with messages thatwhich strongly challenge the mainstream media’s fabricated reality that is contrived to serve imperial corporate interests.

The 9/11 Truth Movement is central to the painful birth process that many are experiencing as they leave the womb of consensus reality and discover a harsher reality involving psychological operations, manufactured wars, and a government that threatens rather than protects them. This is a hard transition, eased mainly by the helping hands of a community that shares its knowledge, understanding, insight, and talents to raise consciousness and help humanity get off the war path and change course toward truth, genuine peace, liberty and justice for all. The sheer magnitude of the task has inspired extraordinary courage, creativity and synergies that span across the entire globe, offering a ray of hope despite the criminal attacks upon innocent people and our collective psyche.

I would like to issue an appeal for greater cooperation and synergy within the 9/11 Truth Movement, and this appeal is derived from personal experience and ideas that I’ve had recently.

I first became an activist back in 1992 after seeing a film, which prompted me to look deeply into the activities of the CIA. Frustrated by the fact that the information I discovered was not on television, radio, in the newspapers or more widely known, I became a media activist, promoting films such as “Manufacturing Consent- Noam Chomsky and the Media.” Having figured out that of all the media- radio was the most economical way to reach the largest number of people, a small group of us started the “International Media Project” which produced the weekly show, Making Contact, to “connect people, ideas and important information,” a show that is currently broadcasted on over 200 stations [http://www.radioproject.org/]. I devoted a lot of time to this project initially, but I was a bit more “radical” than others involved, and eventually redirected I channeled more of my energies towards more “taboo topics” such as the monetary system.

After organizinged the first march in January 2002 to demand a Congressional investigation into 9/11, I was rather shocked by the attacks upon me and the people raising questions about 9/11. The extreme censorship and condemnation convinced me of the need to publish the first Deception Dollars[http://www.deceptiondollar.com], and to participate in the early telephone conference calls of the budding 9/11 Truth Alliance. The first meetings of the 9/11 Truth Alliance took place in New York and San Francisco in December 2002, and the Deception Dollars helped fund the pioneer 9/11 Truth websites and events, including the San Francisco International Inquiry into 9/11 [http://www.communitycurrency.org/InquiryProgram.html], that was held in March 2004, from which [http://www.911Truth.org] was born.

All sorts of synergies developed when people came together for the early conferences and events. People shared research and traded books, videos, bumper stickers-- whatever we were producing to get our message out. The Deception Dollars inspired people to create new and better 9/11 Truth websites. At first we tabled videos, but then DVD technology improved, and eventually we stopped producing and carry videos. Posting videos online used to be prohibitively expensive, but now it can be done for free. We can make DVDs for less than a dollar each. People can download music and podcasts from a computer onto their iPods. The footage from various actions can be used and remixed by anyone with a computer, technological know-how and software. People are producing phenomenal music and video with webpages that have hyper-links to source material.

The question is no longer “What can I do?” but which means of communication or action, will be most effective, given the unlimited power of the new media to post our small actions on the Internet and see them ripple and magnify across the Internet ocean. There is almost “too much” for anyone to be able to absorb, process and disseminate. Luckily, the new technologies inspire greater and greater collaborations among many different activists, including media producers, and computer-literate people. We have [http://www.911 TV.org] sending 9/11 videos and DVDs to community access television stations across the country. We have 9/11 blogger, allowing 9/11 Truth activists to pool their findings, research, and actions and post them in a findable location. We have the new- “We The People Radio Network” [http://www.wtprn.com which boasts numerous 9/11 Truth activists as radio hosts (including me with my new show, Questioning War- Organizing Resistance [http://questioningwar-organizingresistance.blogspot.com/]).

I am still learning basic skills about improving websites and databases, editing Internet documents, and using PowerPoint. I need to ask my kids and my husband for help constantly, as I struggle with all the technological demands and opportunities tossed my way. I am continually impressed and amazed by the brilliant videos, music, art, and actions that the 9/11 Truth movement is generating, and by how it continues to grow, spanning all socio-economic classes. However, we still have a long way to go to achieve our objectives. 911Truth.org is organizing a conference this summer for the media and 9/11 Truth activists to develop stronger synergies. In the meantime, we have a critical crisis/opportunity, coming up in the week ahead of us.

DL Abrahamson [http://www.falseflagnews.com/] has alerted us to “Noble Resolve 07, a four-day marathon of ‘simulated’ terror attacks across the US and Europe” including“a simulated detonation of a ‘loose’ ten-kiloton nuclear weapon inVirginia harbor, smuggled in by a ‘“foreign nation.’...Cheney has also been warning of the ‘very real’ threat of a nuclear attack on an American city.” At the same time we have been told that Kucinich is planning to introduce articles of impeachment against Cheney (on Wednesday [http://www.outsidethebeltway.com/archives/2007/04/kucinich_wants_to_impeach_cheney/]) and there are other major impeachment events taking place, including the national day of action on April 28th [http://www.a28.org].

Is this information commonly known beyond the 9/11 Truth and Impeachment Movements? I don’t think so. I wish that “We The People Radio Network” was available via satellite and could reach more people with this information. They only need another sponsor willing to kick in $1100 a month to make this happen. That’s a bit out of range for my organization (The Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance [http://www.sf911truth.org]), but I’ll bet that for the sake of the movement, we could maybe get pledges of $50- $100 a month towards helping strengthen our own media infrastructure and reaching a much larger audience with our message. While I don’t have the technological know- how to set up a place to pledge and raise such funds on a monthly basis, I’m sure it could be done on 911Blogger.com, and 911Blogger.com could be the umbrella sponsor with banners back to this site.

I do know that collectively we can do much more than we can as individuals. For example, last October when we were in the process of printing version #9 of the Deception Dollar, I received numerous outstanding suggestions from activists, particularly from those who were aware of the draft from the 911Blogger.com website. They dramatically improved our latest version of the Deception Dollar.

I am sure that some of these ideas I have suggested here could be improved upon, and perhaps I may not be aware of other places or technologies that could help the movement even more than the ones I am suggesting here. But it is important for us to pool our resources and do the best we can to take advantage of new technologies as they become available.

Please check out the “We The People Radio Network” if you haven’t yet done so. I will be producing my first 9/11 Truth show this Monday, April 23, 2007, from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m.(PST) with pioneering 9/11 Truth activists, Ken Jenkins, videographer, (co-founder of 911TV.org and the Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance) and Joyce Lynn, journalist [http://www.joycelynn.com/]. The show will also be a rehearsal for us for a presentation that we will are giving at UC Berkeley on Thursday, April 26th, 2007 to international students, most of whom have not questioned the official story. Hopefully it will be an effective program to introduce 9/11 Truth to highly intelligent people who have no idea that there could be anything wrong with the mainstream media. We have noticed that most people go through several stages before they come to the conclusion that 9/11 was an “Inside Job” and we are hoping to plant the seeds for this realization in the minds of our audience. We believe that individually and collectively this realization is essential to end of the culture of “war and terror” and bring about a genuine renaissance of human society-- the birth of a “peaceful, life honoring, cooperative” culture, which is the best hope for all of us. Thanks to whoever coined the phrase “9/11 Truth Ends War” That, I believe, is what we all are working towards.

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You always write something that inspires me to keep my 9/11 Truth wheels spinning!

Like that time you took on Philip Zelikow! That was great!

OK. Does somebody

know how to make this happen? I'll commit to $50/month, (at least until the new great depression befalls us ; 0 )

Who else will ante-up?