Rodriguez Plays in Peoria -- Uncensored!

We wrapped up our Midwest Tour in Peoria yesterday and William got great local TV coverage in Eau Claire Friday. Madison's WISC-TV covered the talk at the University of Wisconsin Saturday (I haven't seen the coverage yet).

Sunday's talk in Peoria was front page news (local section):

We had great crowds and William brought audiences to tears with hisamazing account. I'll be discussing the tour with organizer and fellow GCN host Gary Franchi of today on Dynamic Duo, 3-5 pm CT, channel two. (Gary and friends organized William's Chicago appearance that kicked off the tour.)

A huge thank-you to everyone who made this fantastic tour possible!

Kevin Barrett

Wow! That's Great!




On the 11th day, of every month.

I hope that other papers pick up on this WONDERFUL story!



On the 11th day, of every month.

It was almost unbelievable... just being there.

To be sitting in a room full of people and listening to William Rodriguez tell his story was surreal. I can not put words to the powerful testimony and the feeling of being in his presence as he told his account of the events of the day. There is no doubt to be had when you look into his eyes and experience his conviction. William Rodriguez epitomizes the essence of Truth and speaks the voice of this movement.

His story is so compelling. Walking into the face of mortal danger without a single consideration of his own personal well being. Running headlong into an unknown hell after knowing full well that there were bombs planted in those buildings and that a plane had crashed into the upper structure causing a massive fire.

His only thought was about the hundreds of friends that were in far more peril than himself. All he knew was that he had to do all that he could do to try and save them. Never thinking that they could not be saved untill that building fell.

Falling on top of him as he somehow managed to save himself by diving under a fire truck parked less than 100 feet from the base of the collapsing tower.

The last man out!

His story of heroism on that day has to be one of the greatest of all time. I could listen to that presentation multiple times and never get tired of the story.

If you did not see this presentation, you should take the time and go to Google Video and search for "William Rodriguez" and watch his presentation at the L.A. Truth Symposium. I emplore you.

Together in Truth!

The Peoria Journal Star!

I never thought I would see it in a town swimming in Conservative Propaganda and idealogy.

I really never thought after I heard the name of the publishing company which just bought it..... "Gatehouse Publications"

Guess I was wrong.
Together in Truth!

I have posted this story thom the Journal Star several times on the above forum and had it erased every time with-in minutes
Together in Truth!

Thanks Kevin

Kevin Barrett is a great American


I whole-heartedly agree with your feelings towards William's story! After having the privilege to spend some quality one on one time with both William and Kevin twice during their tour, I can say they are both some of the most genuine and salt of the earth people I have met. There really is some kind of positive aura or something around William...the man just lightens up the room! Thank God for as William views it, his rebirth into the new truth-seeker William Rodriguez.

Kevin reminds me of that college professor that every inquisitive student truly wants to have as a mentor. Such a nice guy. William had some issues with DHS, no surprise - attempt to suppress his speaking abroad, but he says that he has been offered some help by foreign friends in high places, if things don't work out getting his passport back.

Kevin says that many smaller, family-owned media outlets are supportive of what they (we) are doing, but are skeptical of what that they (we) can accomplish. But like the two local outlets in Madison and the others that came out on the tour, they will cover the questions that are raised, they just need to see some more support to be convinced in truly getting behind the effort.

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You're not serious, are you?

'Jet Fuel down the elevator shaft, reported by multiple witnesses is the most likely cause for this explosion.'

Good one!! At first I thought you were a sincere would be 'debunker', but now I see that it's really all just a brilliant parody. It's well known that Rodriguez reports hearing an explosion prior to the collision of the plane into the North Tower. It would be sooooooo like an OCT-believing 'debunker' to allege that an explosion was caused by a substance that wasn't even present in the building (let alone in the elevator shaft) until after the explosion had already occurred. Your parody is dead-on!!

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Supersonic Jet Fuel

Amazing Supersonic Sentient Fuel-Air Thermobaric Bomb in the Basement Theory...

NOW... we have a stream of 'supersonic jet-fuel'!!!...

... which first exploded on the upper levels, lit 'everything' on those floors on fire... (and after that some of this fuel was slow to ignite so it just pooled on the floors, and then snaked it's way over to the 'freight elevator')...

...(but NOT the freight elevator that Mary Baldizzi was escaping in NOR the freight elevator that Arturo Griffith was in... as neither were burned by jet fuel fireballs which came down either of those freight elevator shafts)...

Yet STILL...

this AMAZING Sentient Jet Fuel decides to take a "THIRD" freight elevator (after choosing not to take the other two freight elevators)...and DECIDES NOT to ignite in the 'third' freight elevator...(otherwise risking blowing all the doors off all the way down to the basement) it 'waits' to ignite...

...first it had to 'atomize' to just the right size particles and mix in just the right quantities with oxygen...(as it fell like a 'waterfall' down this third elevator)... thus creating the right mix within very narrow limits to create a 'Fuel-Air Thermobarbic EXPLOSION' which began BELOW rodriguez in B1 and Above Pecararo...

...and it performed all these magical tricks FASTER than the Speed of SOUND of the shockwave transmitted through the steel to where Rodriguez and the others were standing.

That fuel was like the Ever-ready bunny... it just keeps going... and going... and going... and...

biggrin.gif Toooo Funny! LMAO !!!

Simply AMAZING !!!

Now we have the 'Amazing Supersonic Sentient Fuel-Air Thermobaric Bomb in the Basement Theory...


ref, you are pretty much just spamming here.

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Even after being offered a

Even after being offered a political seat, money, and the world in an ice cream cone to shill for the administration's official story (like countless others with less integrity), Willie stuck to his.

He has always maintained that the intitial blasts in the basement were prior to the impact heard above.
You may be watching one of the slyly edited clips from his many interviews within the first week. Why don't you ask him directly instead of slandering him here? (You demonstrate keen interest in the issue and an abundance of time to devote to it.)

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Please. Are you suggesting

Please. Are you suggesting that in the rush to get as much on tape as possible within the first 24 hours, CNN played the entire interview on air without edit? Huh.

Using your logic, you would have to admit that the WTC was brought down via controlled demolition, because that's what most broadcasters on air and firefighters in immediate interviews on 9/11 said it looked like. (However, they never actually changed their stories later -- they just went silent.)

Let's get this straight. You are suggesting that Willie diabolically changed his own story to discredit the official story so that he could.......uh, face unemployment, homelessness, and shunning? Wow. Who knew people could be such sell-outs?

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Whoah. That last paragraph

Whoah. That last paragraph makes absolutely no sense in the context of this exchange. Circular logic can be both ugly (given the nature of 9/11) and amusing (watching the shilliest contortions).

Seriously -- eat well, get some rest, and try again tomorrow. I'm out.

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Jet fuel had no way of

Jet fuel had no way of making it down the "elevator shaft" because there were multiple elevator shafts through out the building to prevent exactly what you described. Rodriguez knew an explosion had occured because of a blast of flames that went by an office door he was in. Following this a Co-worker came into the doorway with skin hanging off.

Ref, let me give you some advice. Your posts are all over this site. If you're an honest person I recommend you stop posting and start reading resources. If you're a disinfo agent then it's time to get a new job. If you keep posting nonsense comments about well documented facts then it's clear you're disinfo AND/OR dishonest.

"... In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth the humble reasoning of a single individual." (Galileo Galilei, 1564 - 1642)

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And they say MY ego is big...

"I think I have knowledge of more resources you can even imagine."

Self-aggrandizment much?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

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And so it was only logical

And so it was only logical for YOU to claim knowledge beyond the realm of mortal ken.


BTW--what you have just read is "hyperbole". I mention this because some of your mates at JREF/Screw Loose seem to have a problem recognizing it. But if you really want to argue as if I meant it literally, go ahead---I need a laugh while I wait for this wanker.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

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Irony is wasted on you..

So I won't bother. Instead examin this :

"when people repeatedly base their claims on zero evidence"

ZERO evidence? You realize how unlikely that is? People can exagerate, not pay attention, fail to read thoroughly, missunderstand, make logical mistakes--but when you say they're basing claims on ZERO evidence, you may as well say they are creating claims whole cloth out of nothing. That would be akin to pathological lying.

Now you don't really believe that the majority of people who disagree with you about 9/11are just making shite up out of thin air? Is this how you conduct all your disagreements in your life, reguardless of subject?

"Honey, your claims about why the kiddies marks are low are based on zero evidence."

Do you see how your approach is inherently dishonest and subtly antagonistic?

God damn it, he's not showing tonight, is he?

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Show "Irony is wasted on this subject" by ref

"zero real evidence"?

You're taking the piss. By definition evidence is "real".

Or it's NOT evidence.

I'm going to track you now--see if you post in daylight, or whether you just post in the night like Vampire Mark Roberts.

Impeachment. Accountability. A better world.

Col. Sparks, I don't think he understands irony,

especially not molten irony.

(BTW - how do you define "dishy"? wink)

I hope that you and yours are well.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

Some people live in

Some people live in different time zones.

TV coverage

Can not get it to

Can not get it to work???

Together in Truth!


Now also on Youtube :)

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I'm on the news!!
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New England Speaking Engagements

If any of you are in the New England area, William Rodriguez is coming here from May 17th -19th. The first stop is Boston (Allston, really), then he goes up to New Hampshire then down to Western Mass before flying back out. Check out for details as they come out.

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