Sibel Edmonds movie Panel discussion

On February 3, Kill The Messenger, a documentary about FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds' case, was shown in DC - followed by a panel discussing "the current state of the U.S. Main media, unconstitutional government secrecy, and national security whistleblowers."

Panel members were James Bamford, Robert Parry, Mathieu Verboud, Ben Wizner (ACLU), Stephen Kohn, (Chairman, National Whistleblower Center), Kristina Borjesson (journalist). All bios available here.

I finally have video footage of the event - presented here in two clips. Firstly, a nine minute introduction by Sibel and the directors, and a 9 minute video of selected snips from the panel.

The business of it all...

I have always said that it's a proven fact that corporations care more about the bottom dollar than the people they sell their products to. If our "elected officials" are interchangeable with their corporate counterparts, then why should their priorities be any different? They're not. Follow the money...

"So where is the oil going to come from?... The Middle East, with two-thirds of the world's oil and the lowest cost, is still where the prize ultimately lies."

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Kill the Messenger

Kill the Messenger (FULL)

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Is this the complete film?

Ive already downloaded it but it's only 52 minutes long, shouldn't it be 82 minutes?

australian version

you are probably looking at the shorter version which is made to fit into a one-hour slot on tv.

Australian version

Ah dammit. I just edited, distributed and seeded the same thing. It was on SBS a few weeks ago.

Question is, what did they leave out - and why?

- ah well, start again.

Chris Shaw
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i haven't compared the two versions in full

they needed a shorter version to fit the one-hour slot available on tv - that's why they removed stuff. i'm not sure what they removed.

Tyrants kill messengers

I am looking forward to seeing this film; anyone else thinks Sibel has a quirky type of beauty?
When an FBI whistleblower is fired and gagged for exposing ‘wrong-doings’ and nothing is done, say hello to the dictatorship.

Definitely agree on the "beauty"

But quirky? I think you'd have a few people disagree with you there.

I dunno, I dig girls with integrity. There are actually quite a few beautiful women in the truth movement.


I also think she's pretty; I guess "truth" is the newest aphrodisiac!


No, she's flat out hot. Her integrity multiplies her beauty. I'd definitely... uh... "date" her. LOL!! Sibel, have my child! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

But, will we ever see it in the U.S.

Maybe. Maybe not on TV. (maybe on Sundance, or IFC, or HBO)
Maybe at small, alternative theaters.
I wish they would put it out on google/youtube, altho maybe they are still hopeful that they will sell it.

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