Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, June 22 - 24th, 2007

Announcing the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference, June 22 - 24th, 2007


our conference details are now available, and our promotion and ticket sales are in full swing.

Official Conference webpage:

This will be a 9/11 event of special interest to Canadians, though certainly not exclusively. There will be lots of essential information for everyone and many internationally recognized speakers, and some new faces.

Our roster is pretty much set and very impressive, though some additional speakers / presenters may yet be added..

Certain issues such as the total hours of the conference, start times etc are not yet carved in stone. We are negotiating for extra time at the venue which we have booked. This of course affects our scheduling of speakers, so the schedule is not posted yet.

We also are negotiating with a local Holiday Inn for a special group rate for 'out of town' visitors.

Official Press Release:
As we have these details yet to be ironed out, we are holding back on the 'official press release' for a few more days. We will have it posted on our site later this week.

Web Banners:
We hope you can help us to make this event a big successful by displaying one of our banners with the new logo on your websites, and perhaps even in e-mail signatures. Downoad Here:

Feel free to tweak them to suit your site needs, but please leave the logo and other essential info as they are. Some of them do not have the dates. We hope to have that corrected very soon. A downloadable flyer which can print, copy and hand out will also be available in a few days.

Proceeds from this event:
Proceeds from this event will go to future public 9/11 events and other endeavours to raise public awareness in and around the Vancouver area; to support continued independent 9/11 research, as well as to support independent, alternative media which help to expose 9/11questions.

You can find more information about our group at

i really hope that lots of

i really hope that lots of people will make the trip for this event. the list of speakers is great!

So i would really encourage everyone to take a vacation to beautiful Vancouver. I'm part of the Vancouver 9/11 truth society so i've been sitting in on some of the planning for this event and it's comming along great! The group of people in the Vancouver 9/11 Truth Society are some of the nicest and most dedicated people to 9/11 truth and we are really hoping that people will make the trip for this weekend conference.

I would also like to offer my two couches and floor space if people need a place to stay and can't afford a hotel.

If you're unsure of whether you want to travel a long way for a weekend conference, i would suggest staying for a week or two so that you can go the conference and then have time to explore vancouver or maybe nearby Whistler. I work for myself so i'll be able to take time off around the conference to get together with truthers who made the trip and will be in the city before and after the conference. So even if you come alone, myself and other people in the Vancouver 9/11 truth society would be glad to get together and enjoy the beautiful vancouver summer. I'm a 23 year old UBC student, so i'll be going out and partying with friends, hanging out on the beaches, etc. and i would be happy to show anyone who made the trip a good time in the city!

so i hope lots of you will be able to make the trip this summer and i look forward to meeting some of you in person.


P.S. did i mention BC bud??? ;)

Looks like a very good line-up...

Wishing you much success...

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Good luck and best wishes