WTC 7 High Res Zafar Pic

I got an e-mail from Aman Zafar and he said he re-scanned his pictures from 9/11 in the highest resolution. The pic is 15mb... so very good quality. it clearly shows that WTC 7 was not scooped out, as popular mechanics and NIST claims.

compare to the NIST pic:


I do see a gouge in the

I do see a gouge in the building at the top, middle, and bottom (where you can see through the smoke)

Not that it matters though. If there was such a gouge it only furthers the argument that the building would have collapsed asymmetrically (if such a collapse was even reasonable!) and not symmetrically as it did.

Nice scan though, thanks!

i see no gouge, scoop, shavings, or even chocolate sprinkles...

I see a building with little to no visible fires with smoke pouring out of it... The "scoop" picture is of such poor quality it makes you wonder what kind of camera was used--cell phone? If the pic were legit, I think there would be more than one and they would be higher res. Zafar's pic sure looks real, but it does not show a gouge, unless I suppose one uses some imagination. Further I don't see the need to dwell on such minutiae when the building was so obviously demolished with explosives.


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The scoop picture... clearly a photoshopped forgery. Using the windows that have "smoke marks" next to them as points of reference, you can match the pictures up, floor for floor. Examine both photos, the one with the scoop is a much better candidate to have been manipulated in pshop, as opposed the the bright hi res photo, where photoshopping would be easily detectable.

just more stuff to send to the morons at SLC.

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It may not have been photoshopped...

But it is misleading for sure...

They could have carefully selected a picture where smoke made it appear that the corner was missing, and used color enhancement to further mislead.

Either that or it was deliberately edited.

Whichever it is, NIST have portrayed that corner as missing and that is highly suggestive and misleading.

Naughty, naughty NIST !!!

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Several photos show a scoop

What about the two other pictures showing a scoop, linked from my blog at

Here is one:

WTC 7 disappearing into whiteness in that seems a bit odd as well, but... I don't know.


....the corner of the building all the way down.

Yep... The lowest floor visible in the Zafar picture is...

the 12th floor, with the corner fully intact (right portion of below image).

Yet on the NIST picture (left portion of below image) they have incorrectly and misleadingly portrayed the corner as missing from floor 18 down.

Image by miragememories (loose change forums) - Floor numbered 1 on image is the 28th floor, #17 = 12th floor WTC7.

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devil's advocate...

how do we answer people who might say that the photshopped picture was taken later after the damage became worse?


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We need to know when the NYPD / NIST photo was taken...

or get some sun shadow experts on it...

The Zafar photo was taken around 2pm, I would guess the NYPD helicopter one was around the same time (should be a record of timings available).

Other than that, I can't answer it.

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If the corner suffered

If the corner suffered exterior damage from the Towers' falling debris in the A.M. as officially recognized, how could more have been "eaten away" from the exterior as the day rolled on? Pac-Man?


all you need to know is if the north tower has already collapsed in both photos. I think its clear that it has. One photo has been faked, anyone wanna make a wager on which picture that was?

Physics/Science/Mathematics do not lie, only people do.
9/11 was an INSIDE JOB

Here's a new comparison pic using the new high res Zafar image..

Created by chrisfarb over at the Loose Change Forum (NIST / NYPD on left - Zafar on right)...

The first is panned out, the second is focused on the damaged area.


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