Proof of Controlled Demolition with Richard Gage, part 3 Questions & Answers. April 20, 2007

Architect, Richard Gage explores the flawed conclusions of the 911 Commission report and the conclusions of NIST, in this new presentation on evidence supporting controlled demolition for World Trade 1, 2 and 7.

Newly produced architectural blueprints of the north tower augment Richard's analysis.

Produced by John Parulis of brightpathvideo

The presentation at Sonoma State University, Project Censored, is divided in 3 parts, this is part 3, question & answers


job on the video, John-- it looks great!

It was good to meet you there :)


Good to meet you too Yarrow and once again, tremendous thanks for the work you and Bonnie are doing at

I'm working on pumping out the video to numerous blogs, vblogs, podcasts. Will have a high quality mp3 for you soon.


Let me know if I can help upload anywhere. I have a superfast connection at work.

See below for my MP3's.

Higher resolution?

Thanks for making these availlable. Any chance of getting a little higher resolution that could be downloaded? For example, I can download an avi from that looks pretty good on a dvd, which I'd like to make one of and pass out to people who weren't able to attend. (I did, and was impressed. Like Griffin with more technical detail and Hoffman looking more formal and with a sound system that works.)

Fred W

Thanks for making these

Thanks for making these available.

I would also like a downloadable copy if available....

MP3 Audio Download

My recording came out well, for not being direct-mic'd.

Download 81MB 80kbps or 33MB 32kbps MP3 here:

thanks, ill add these as a

thanks, ill add these as a mirror on the initial post.


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I also FTP'd them to the FTP site. Is there a separate one for 911Podcasts?