Rare 911 recording!! Reports of a remote controlled plane!!

Rare 911 recording!! Reports of a remote controlled plane!!

where did you get this? i

where did you get this? i clearly heard him say "one of those remote controlled planes filled with explosives". it would be huge if you could authenticate it.

alos interesting

The part where hes talking about a van with the mural of planes crashing into new york city on the side of a truck.
It sounds as if he says the guys in the van were being held and the van exploded.

heres an interesting blog on this oddity


I've heard

this before somewhere. I think they may just be talking about the mural of a RC plane painted on this vehicle. The question is, why have we not seen this vehicle if they were able to locate it?

I was sent this yesterday!

Someone sent it to me to put on my website. I dont know where it comes from but i was able to make up a transcript of it. From what we can tell it is REAL! Also I have another video that seems to go with this one. You can check it out below. It has Dan Rather making a statement on 911 about men caught in vans with explosives!


Many answers (& questions) about this video here...

Youtube Video Pops Up With Odd Recording from Firefighter Tapes

Has anyone tried contacting people who lived or worked in the area of this incident to get a statement from them about what actually happened?

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Infowars finally covered this topic...

Steve Watson published an easily digestible article on this subject yesterday on Infowars:
The Mystery Of The 9/11 Car Bombs

Even more details available in my original 6 part series here:

“10-5 the message about the remote controlled plane!”