Fascist America, in 10 easy steps

Here is an excellent analysis of fascism in general compared to the situation in the US today.


But: Unfortunately Naomi stopped short of suggesting that 911 was false flag terror, even if she explains the exploitation of false flags throughout history and the concept of creating terror myths. Maybe it was because of the editor of the Guardian, a left gate keeper instance so far.

Here's the most important issue:


Creating a terrifying threat - hydra-like, secretive, evil - is an old trick. It can, like Hitler's invocation of a communist threat to the nation's security, be based on actual events (one Wisconsin academic has faced calls for his dismissal because he noted, among other things, that the alleged communist arson, the Reichstag fire of February 1933, was swiftly followed in Nazi Germany by passage of the Enabling Act, which replaced constitutional law with an open-ended state of emergency). Or the terrifying threat can be based, like the National Socialist evocation of the "global conspiracy of world Jewry", on myth.

It is not that global Islamist terrorism is not a severe danger; of course it is. I am arguing rather that the language used to convey the nature of the threat is different in a country such as Spain - which has also suffered violent terrorist attacks - than it is in America. Spanish citizens know that they face a grave security threat; what we as American citizens believe is that we are potentially threatened with the end of civilisation as we know it. Of course, this makes us more willing to accept restrictions on our freedoms.


Naomi, how do we know that Islamist terrorism is a severe danger? Because it is? Who told you so? The same guys that exploit the terror myth at every possible occasion?


Please read the full article:


It's a good article and

It's a good article and worth reading. However it contains the obligatory caveat -- immediately after the comparison of 911 to the Reichstag Fire -- that OF COURSE there's a highly dangerous "Islamist threat" looming over the United States. So while she points out that the "external threat" tactic invarialby used by dictatorships can be real or imagined she takes pains to pledge allegiance to the official fairy tale.

It's also interesting that while she mentions:

7. Target key individuals

Threaten civil servants, artists and academics with job loss if they don't toe the line. Mussolini went after the rectors of state universities who did not conform to the fascist line; so did Joseph Goebbels, who purged academics who were not pro-Nazi; so did Chile's Augusto Pinochet; so does the Chinese communist Politburo in punishing pro-democracy students and professors."

...She doesn't bother to mention academics and celebrities like Kevin Ryan, Kevin Barret, Dr. Jones or Rosie O'Donnel in this regard, the latter having been accused of treason and threatened with hanging over her views on national television.

I saw the same thing with Counterpunch in the wake of the Kevin Barret debacle. While Counterpunch wrote dozens of articles defending Ward Churchill and his right to free speech there was narry a peep about Barret.

Once again 911 is the elephant in the living room, and yet another progressive mentions everything under the Sun except the most important issue: the ONE ISSUE capable of putting an end to the encroaching fascism she so eloquently describes.

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