How 9-11 truth will play out

This is a fictional account of what can happen in the future. This assumes the year is 2007 forward.

1. 9-11 truth is spreading too far for the conspiracists to contain. 9-11 was convenient when it was first executed, citizen rights were curtailed, media was controlled, occupation troops were deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq. At present however, 9-11 is becoming a liability. A big concern is that 9-11 truth, if pursued to its true benefactors would expose the plutocrats that really hold US wealth and power, exposure of the plutocrats is considered unacceptable at any cost.

2. The plutocrats determine that the Republican party cannot win the 2008 elections due to the Iraq war debacle. This is sad for the plutocrats. The Republicans were real go getters. 9-11 after all was executed under their watch.

3. The conspiracists determine that their other party, the Democrats will have to run things for a while. The Democrats are considered the slow driver to accomplish the plutocrats' objectives, the Republicans are like a race driver in comparison. In either case, both parties actually compete to get the blessings of the plutocrats to take the steering wheels of the US Govt.

4. Democrats receive funding and support from the plutocrats in order to win the next elections. Everything is fair game for the campaigns, Iraq War, WMD lies, Katrina disaster, everything except for 9-11 truth.

5. Democrats with the support of the left leaning journalists win the next elections. Left gatekeepers assume a high profile as champions of the Democratic party while keeping a lid on 9-11 truth.

6. The Democrats, having campaigned for Iraq War withdrawal, will pull the troops back from Iraq. If possible, the new administration will strive to maintain the agreements for developing and controlling Iraq oil, this is after all the objective of the war and 9-11, except that the neocons botched the job so badly. Actual conditions on the ground in Iraq will determine whether those unfair agreements will be honored.

7. Elation in the victory by the Democrats will give cover for the conspiracists to hide themselves and prevent further scrutiny. Further investigations of 9-11 will be shelved or else convenient scapegoats such as the Neocons will be blamed solely for the conspiracry and perhaps punished severely.

8. The 9-11 truth movement, having lost its relevance in the eyes of the public will dissolve.

9. 9-11 truthers who are too incorigible to be taken in by the farce are dealt with silently.

10. The conspirators plan their next action, RFID chips implanted in every citizen, personal IP addresses, a new generation internet to prevent any future truth movements.

This fiction is not meant to discourage truthers

I just wanted to express my fear that by not yet having pinpointed the true perps, the movement is vulnerable from being fed false victories, then subverted.

It is hard to watch the enemy if you do not know who he is and what he looks like.

I hope the movement as a whole is aware that the democrats are very possibly just pawns of the same group responsible for 9-11 as the current administration.

I do not know who that group is at this point although I have my theories. Do not be satisfied until the whole truth about 9-11 is brought to light.


I like your handle. Very spiritual. There is no one better than that guy, the original Juan de la Cruz, IMO.

Your dark piece reads true to me, but only if we fail to figure things out and act appropriately.

If it were to come about, this dark outcome is also doomed to short-lived success. Why? It will take the whole planet down with it, don't you suppose? We already have several crushing ecological problems looming down on us. This dark outcome would make all that far worse in every way.

I have plugged a specific book several times here, though I have not thought it on-topic enough to make a blog entry of it. I will plug it again.

Dave Korten's most recent book, The Great Turning, seems very good to me. He diagnosis what is happening incredibly well, IMO. He outlines our history in a revealing way, too, that helped me understand today's mess much better.

And he tells what's needed to avoid the outcome that you paint in this blog entry. It has to do with local control, and community self-sufficiency, and such. Also, changing our belief systems along better lines than what we have now. These beliefs -- about what governement should be and do, about what people can and should strive for in life, and more -- control how we build and maintain our own society.

The book is lots more interesting than my description of it is here. I hope that others here will take a look at it.


The Dave Korten web site reminds me of a book by John Perkins (JP), Confessions of an Economic Hit Man.

JP gives an alternative look at recent history (60's to 90's) with regards to US-3rd world interaction.

I am just disappointed that JP's book seems to end by dissociating itself from current society. Sort of advocating a clean break (isolationism) rather than trying to tackle reforming US politics and policies. It seems to have surrendered and conceded victory to whoever was manipulating US policy.

Anyhow, I hope Korten's book will be better.

I agree with you that if my fictional account does happen, the world is in for worse times. I am not sure about the environment, I actually think those new world order types care more about the environment than the people who live in it.


Interesting final statement by you: "I actually think those new world order types care more about the environment than the people who live in it."

Except themselves, of course. They seem to look out carefully for themselves. Give them credit for that at least.

themselves first

The environment is only of value for them because they will live in it. The rest of us are probably considered expendable.


hey juan, you failed to look at the more likely scenario with an understanding the world's power structure as a more volatile and less ideal network of rulers. Your dream here would depend solely on some supreme round table of rulers, a dozen or so men holding sway over billions of humans. have you ever read political history or even shakespear, if so, then you know of all the backstabbing which occurs in the halls of power. plus, just do the math, billions versus a dozen. for your dream to come true, you'd have to believe in absolute submissiveness by the billions. on this point, i have to say, your dream sucks and it's silly. the odds are astronomically against you.

i hope you are correct mr greenback

I hope the rest of the world is not blinded by CNN, Fox News and the same grand media scheme that seems to enforce a total news blackout on 9-11. Reuters is I think headquartered in France (correction, i later learned its in UK), yet it does not cover 9-11 truth as well.

I hope world leaders other than Venezuela's Chavez and Iran's Ahmadinejad would speak the obvious that 9-11 was an inside job. How long has the truth movement been around, the evidence pointing to WTC7 demolition has been out for years.

Each world leader has an intelligence agency that would have digged up the truth by now. Each world leader would probably have as much of the facts as we do here in 9-11blogger. Why hasn't any world leader stood up to say GWOT is one giant farce, it was all an inside job.

World leaders have their own agenda. They need to make nice with the despicable president in the White House even if they hate his guts. If I tell my president about 9-11, I have little doubt she would inform the US Embassy about it and pledge cooperation of our local police and our equivalent of the FBI.

I don't know how strong the truth movement is outside the US, but in every country it seems to face the same intollerance to dissemination of the truth as it does in the US. By the way, if US citizens are apathetic to 9-11 truth, just imagine how much more apathetic citizens of other nations would be.

I am not saying we should give up, pursuing the truth is always worth it, but I don't expect it to be an easy fight.

I am hoping that the truth movement would eventually organize, build strength and openly confront the conspiracists. A party of its own won't be so bad. But always be aware that you are confronting shameless killers, liars a powerfull group that has bought out your media and presidency. Always watch your backs.

Great post

Every truther has to take your potential scenario seriously.

It is clear that 9/11 truth issues have to be blown wide open, NOW. We can't wait any longer.

you are wrong... 911 cannot

you are wrong... 911 cannot go away, the seed for a good riddance of the plutocrats is sown.

LIES AND SECRECY is rapidly shown to be the people's enemy... hardly a new idea.

GLASNOST and PERESTROIKA is the answer, but you knew that!


in the USA everything is possible. People are just too dumb and cowardly.
Face it, the corruption and official crimes would have led to resignations if the USA had a media-system like Austria, Germany, Denmark, Sweden or even France.

Also... don't underestimate the PULL THE RUG effect of 911-truth.

As Kevin Barrett said:

- false flag attacks are easy,, because there is no opponent!!
- false flag attacks are NEVER punished. The perps ALWAYS get away with it.

But I think he is wrong, too.

911 is different. Lets make sure it is.


Now for something half-serious:

We have the blueprints,
we could rebuild the towers and
fly another two planes into them.

i hope to be wrong

I do hope that truth alone will be enough to confront and win over the power, wealth and organization of the 9-11 conspiracists.

The internet is relatively new, perhaps the conspiracists have not yet adjusted to it as a medium that provides info to the public. But a massive outage of the internet will be all it would take to pull the plug on the truth movement as it currently exists.

They are quite used to hiding big scandals from the public and seemingly erasing it from everyone's memory. The Oklahoma City bombing is a good example. There was credible and uncontested testimony in front of Congress by an Air Force bomb expert that the building was downed by controlled demolition. Where is the truth about it now? Has anyone besides the patsy McVeigh faced execution? Hundreds of innocent Americans dead and no justice still.

get the plutocrats/oligarchs

I have been pessismistic and somewhat down for a while because I had come to a similar point in musings but you state it much better than I could have. I would add that the transnational/multinational corporatist & financier interests are thought by many to be a principle component of the ptb.

It would be nice if there were available or could be created, a list of all plutocrats/oligarchs' names, positions and addresses (to the degree that they can be known)...... THEY should be targeted for protest all over the world.

"There are none so hoplessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free." (Goethe)

The above scenario could

The above scenario could indeed happen, although it would be severly unfortunate for ALL of us (meaning the whole world). The ultimate goal of this movement would be to expose those plutocrats who are responsible for the planning and funding of 9/11, and not just the people who made/helped it happen (i.e. cheney, others), b/c without that this thing would just pop up again in another couple of years. I believe though that we can intervene in this process, listening to Jason Bermas on lone lantern made a good point, something to the effect of "People need to understand that they have a real chance at changing HISTORY, not everyone gets that chance!" I think that if we all get up and start LEADING (Motivating & activating) I think be election time we WILL be an issue. Put together a "Paul / Kucinich" Hope ticket (this country is very tired of partisan politics) we could intervene in that way, just one of many. Although we need consistant and inspired action, esp on every 11th. Thats all for now, any thoughts?

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." ---- Mark Twain

The R. Paul/D. Kucinich ticket seems ok

Although in the back of my mind I have a feeling that puppet masters are responsible for allowing R. Paul and D. Kucinich to be mavericks in their respective parties.

I have a feeling that either they have been bought out already, or there are prepared ambushes (maybe some Monica L. type scandals) ready to shoot down the campaign of either politician should they really get anywhere with the electorate.

Why am I so pessimistic, if you can buy out all except one politician from either party, then why not go the whole hog and buy out or eliminate that last one as well. The only reason to not buy out that last one is you have a plan to keep him on a short leash, ready to stop him should he get anywhere he is not allowed to.

I could be wrong. If either will carry 9-11 truth, then people would have to protect them 24/7.